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Africa Miranda: A Multi-Talented Beautypreneur From Harlem

December 28, 2017 | BTSNYC
Curiosities Insider Interviews Africa Miranda NYC Streets

Africa Miranda, a multi-talented beautypreneur born in Harlem, shared with us her journey and her favorite secret 7 NYC spots! Be sure to add them to your list!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Africa Miranda Street Style

Today we share a fantastic interview with a beautiful woman called Africa Miranda! Many of you probably know her already, but if you don’t, you should!

What are her talents? Countless! As she briefly states on her Instagram: “Beautypreneur. Performer. Travel Maven. Speaker. Host. Black Girl Magician.”

We love it!

Read below her journey and countless accomplishments throughout her career, as well as her 7 best secret places in New York!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Africa Miranda Morning Sun

“Africa Miranda is a dynamic speaker, host and spokesmodel, with distinctive style and quick wit, that won the hearts of many across the US, and around the globe, as the breakout star of Bravo TV’s ‘The New Atlanta’.

Her unique personal style, sparkling personality, and glorious, attention-grabbing mane, have made Africa an in-demand beauty expert and event host.

Whether she is visiting exotic locales – #AfricasAdventures – representing major brands, or sharing her take on hair trends and celebrity style, Africa brings her brand of accessible glamour to any setting.

A sought after travel and lifestyle influencer, Africa was recently featured in Vanity Fair as one of the VF500 tastemakers to watch and has also been part of major campaigns for Macy’s, Coca-Cola, Revlon, and Kia Motors.

A rising star in the digital media world, she was a Shorty Award Finalist for “Periscoper of the Year,” host of the inaugural Periscope Summit, a keynote speaker at Summit Live, and is a regular podcast guest and panelist for various entertainment and tech platforms, marrying her knowledge of pop culture with her considerable tech savvy. Phiuf!

Africa can now add “beautypreneur” to her list of growing accomplishments.

Her newly launched beauty and lifestyle brand “Beauty by Africa Miranda” , marries her love of travel and her extensive beauty industry experience.

Her first two offerings, the Facial Elixir and Luminous Body Mist, have garnered rave reviews and are fast becoming cult beauty favorites.

“The first offering, the Facial Elixir, is born of Africa’s special connection to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Lovingly called “Brazil in a bottle,” the Facial Elixir helps to recapture the vacation “glow” using Brazilian ingredients Maraca Oil and Cupuaçu Butter.”

Curiosities Insider Interviews Africa Miranda Facial Elixir
Facial Elixir from Beauty by Africa Miranda.

Some highlights:

“A trip last year to the south of France with Kia Motors was the inspiration for my latest product the Luminous Body Mist. Plus, I hosted a travel show pilot in Curacao called “From Soil to Shore.”

Curiosities Insider Interviews Africa Miranda Kia Stinger
Africa Miranda at the Kia Motors America #StingerRunway.

In addition, my company ‘Beauty by Africa Miranda’ has been featured on Yahoo Beauty, Ebony, Bet, MadameNoire and”

Current & Upcoming projects:

Just shot a campaign for Coca-Cola that will be in US, Mexico and Canada – I’m also a commercial model & actress.

I’m the co-host and co-executive producer of the digital series “Beautifully Driven” powered by Kia Motors and Harman Kardon.

This new interview series highlights “Women You Should Know” in the world of art, science, and entertainment.

Finally, I will host of Parlour Magazine’s Travel Fly Solo Weekend to Greece (June 2018).

And, I will be the host of Parlour Magazine’s annual solo trip – hosting over 50 women on an epic bucket list adventure to Mykonos.

Here are my secret 7 favorite NYC spots:

The Edge

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“The Edge is my go to spot in Harlem for brunch, lunch, and everything in between! I was turned onto this great little spot by a friend and fell in love. A great blend of Jamaican and American dishes.”

Located in Hamilton Heights, in Harlem, The Edge is a great spot to visit. Their kitchen opens Mondays through Fridays at 10am, and as they say, they serve “flavors of Jamaica and England, with a little New York attitude”.

Their menu is also divided by these locations. So, you can expect everything from Jamaican jerk chicken, to English grilled cheese sandwich and New Yorker bagels with smoked salmon.

Monday – Wednesday: 9am – 10pm
Thursday & Friday: 9am – 11pm
Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Sunday: 11am – 10pm

Location: 101 Edgecombe Avenue

The Back Room

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“The Back Room is speakeasy that takes you back to “old New York.” Once you get past walking underground and through a tunnel you will find this hidden gem. Perfect for a late night drink or a get together with friends. My favorite touch is that all of the drinks are served in teacups!”

Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, this speakeasy is certainly a secret spot we love. It’s known to be one of the only two speakeasies in New York City that actually operated during Prohibition Era, in the 1920’s, and is still in existence today.

You’re wondering “Why teacups?” Well, back in the Prohibition Era, that was how alcohol was served, so no one suspected and people could enjoy their drinks.

Monday’s are known to host great live Jazz music, while during weekends, they bring in DJs to entertain the night.

Mondays – Thursday: 7:30pm – 3am
Friday & Saturday: 7:30 – 4am
Sunday: 7:30pm – 3am

Location: 102 Norfolk Street

Champs Diner

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“Champs Diner is off the beaten path in Brooklyn, but if you make the trek you will get some of the best Vegan comfort food ever! My faves: The Cubano, The Soltero Bowl, and the Girl Scout Milkshake.”

Oh! We l-o-v-e this place. It’s located at the very tip of East Williamsburg, and it’s always pretty packed. They definitely serve some of the best and tastiest vegan American comfort food in New York, hence the huge success.

We recommend not arriving there too hungry, since the waiting time can be crazy.

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 12am

Location: 197 Meserole Street

The Crabby Shack

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“My go to for a seafood fix is The Crabby Shack. This family owned business serves up some of the best crab dishes I’ve ever had. The stand out – the crab roll (of course!) and the crab grilled cheese. The IG-worthy decor is a plus.”

Located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, this is one of the to-go spots if you enjoy seafood. They are well-known for their tacos, rolls and sliders, besides, of course, their different crab dishes.

Don’t forget to try their dessert of the day!

Monday: 3pm – 10pm
Wednesday – Thursday: 3pm – 10pm
Friday: 3pm – 11pm
Saturday: 1pm – 11pm
Sunday: 1pm – 9pm

Location: 613 Franklin Avenue

The Groove

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“Long standing live music spot: The Groove. Great place to get turned on to new soul and jazz artists. Fun fact – my first NYC live performance was here!”

Have you ever wanted a place that played live R&B, Funk and Soul music 7 nights a week? Well, this is the place! Located in the Greenwich Village, in Manhattan, The Groove started back in the 1990’s and showcases some of the best musicians and performers in the city.

They serve a few appetizers like nachos, quesadillas, mozzarella cheese sticks. Plus, you’ll also find buffalo chicken wings, salads & veggies, sandwiches, a few side dishes like French fries and onion rings. And still, bigger entrées like the chicken kebab and the steak frites.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the hot fudge brownie sundae or their vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Perfect place to splurge on your diet-day-off!

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 4pm – 3am

Location: 125 Macdougal Street

Vin Sur Vingt

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“Very cozy. Very Romantic. V-e-r-y French. Order escargot and champagne and fall in love with Vin Sur Vingt.”

Africa’s preferred location is the one in the West Village, in Manhattan, but they have other 3 spots around the city, besides having a place inside The Plaza Hotel’s famous Food Hall.

Vin Sur Vingt is a classy, French bistro bar perfect for all wine lovers that live or come visit New York City. Their wine list is pretty extensive and the ambience will take you to Paris in a blink of an eye!

Monday – Friday: 4pm – 1am
Saturday & Sunday: 4pm – 2am

Locations: 201 West 11th Street
They have other 4 locations – Nomad District, Upper West Side, TriBeCa and inside The Plaza Hotel Food Hall. See website for locations and hours.

Sugar Hill Market

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“The Sugar Hill Market is a great monthly market that showcases local designers and artisans. I live in Harlem and it is a great way to learn about and support my fellow local entrepreneurs.”

We also love exploring local markets around the city and seeing what local vendors are selling.

You are able to find some of the most unique and one-of-a-kind items at these spots, so be sure to go there will enough time.

Hours: 12pm – 5pm

Location: 259 West 132nd Street

Thank you, Africa, for sharing with us your fantastic journey and your 7 favorite NYC spots! Cheers!

If you enjoyed this interview, you might want to check out some other spots in Harlem, recommended by Kevin Herson, founder of the absinthe, Doc Hersons!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of all the venues.
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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