Avant Garden: Vegan Restaurant If You’re Skeptical About Vegan Cuisine

January 20, 2017 | BTSNYC
Dining Avant Garden Vegan Restaurant Interior

This East Village vegan restaurant called Avant Garden is a tiny fine dining spot, with delicious food, that you’ll surely fall in love with!

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We had always heard about how good this Vegan restaurant called Avant Garden, but not only by our Vegan friends! Our our non-Vegan friends loved it as well and this amazed us!

We love everything Vegan (food, fashion, beauty products, etc) and love sharing information on how true Vegan food can be delicious!!! It’s definitely a misconception that the food is “boring” or “tasteless.”.

That said, we didn’t take long to head to Avant Garden to try it out ourselves! The result: OMG! Hard to put into words how beautifully presented and delicious everything was. Plus, the restaurant itself is super small and charming, just like we love.

Their mission?

While it may not seem a revolutionary act to simply enjoy a meal in a restaurant, the elimination of animal flesh and animal byproducts in one’s diet not only eases or eliminates an animal’s suffering, it’s also the most effective way an average person can ease the unmitigated environmental disaster that we as a species are collectively creating.”

Chef Anthony Mongeluzzi, certainly does a great job recreating the Vegan cuisine and highlighting all the flavors of the ingredients he uses in his unique open kitchen.

With extremely original creations, the menu is divided into 3: Toasts, Cold and Hot….and offers salads, a great variety of very tasty vegetables, pastas and breads. The small, but curated wine list, balances out with their super generous serving.

We’re confident that anyone who feels skeptical about Vegan cuisine will experience a major shift in their convictions after one bite at Avant Garden, and we like to think that through this act of changing hearts and minds, we’re helping to make the world a little bit of a better place, one beautiful dish at a time.”

It’s surely a place to go for a different experience – from the food and ambiance, to this great lifestyle!

Plus, if you’re skeptic about Vegan restaurant, we are sure that this restaurant will break down all of your preconceived ideas!

This is what we’d recommend, but basically everything in the menu is great:

  • Avocado with carrot ginger dressing, crispy rice, miso glaze, blistered shishito
  • Artichoke toast with spinach artichoke puree, black truffle vinaigrette, jicama, cashew
  • Sunchoke toast with olive, pistachio, pickled pea
  • Hen of the Woods with mushroom puree, kohlrabi, pickled hon shimeji
  • Celery Root with shiitake veloute, mushroom gremolat
  • Paella with calasparra rice, merguez royal trumpet, almonds, red pepper cream

They have a few sister restaurants that you should also try!

Mother of Pearl is a Vegan Polynesian restaurant & tiki bar. They were chosen as one of the restaurants with the most Instagram-worthy cocktails. Exciting right? And, Lady Bird is just around the block with trendy vegetable tapas!

Yup, they are all Vegan restaurants, and truly delicious!

And lastly, we shot a super fun video named “Will a Meat Eater Survive In 3 Vegan Restaurants?“. Go check it out to see if he made it alive, lol!

Sunday – Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 5pm – 12am

Location: 130 East 7th Street, East Village


Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Venue
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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