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A Speakeasy bar in New York named Bathtub Gin

November 24, 2015 | BTSNYC
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Hidden in the back of a cafe in Chelsea, is Bathtub Gin a super cool Speakeasy bar in New York. It has a great menu and an even better cocktail selection.

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The bar’s name is an homage to Gin – the drink – that during the Prohibition Era in the United States, became very popular.

If you don’t really know what the Prohibition Era was, it’s ok. In short, it was a 13 year period between 1920 – 1933, where the production, commercialization, distribution and importation of alcoholic beverages was completely banned.

The name – Bathtub Gin – portrays the bad quality of the drink that was available back then in the Country. That was the name given to homemade Gin, of mostly of poor quality – as many of the other alcoholic drinks at the time.

Besides the homemade drinks, some people decided to open secret places not known to the vast public, that was used to service alcohol. They were usually hidden in basements and back rooms of businesses like laundry shops, groceries and cafés.

Today, New York City is the home of countless speakeasy bars.

Obviously, they are all legal today, but the thrill of keeping it a speakeasy remains and many people still do not know of their existence.

Bathtub Gin in Chelsea is one of these spots!

The décor is great with dim lights and a “vintagy” aspect to it. You can order small plates to share, that is a great option to taste a bit of everything you order. They also serve some great artisanal cheese and charcuterie. Last, if you have a sweet tooth, they have some dessert options, like the “toast your own s’mores”! Yum!

Our suggestion would be to try a reservation to avoid the crowded doors.

Plus, you can get lucky enough to see one of the burlesque shows that happen during the night.

If you loved this speakeasy bar in New York and want to explore a few other speakeasy options, you will certainly have fun and wont’ be disappointed.

Oh! If you find out new spots, share them in the comments below with us!

Sunday: 4pm – 2am
Monday – Wednesday: 5pm – 2am
Thursday: 5pm – 3am
Friday: 5pm – 4am
Saturday: 4pm – 4am
Sunday Brunch: 1pm – 4pm

Location: 132 9th Avenue

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bathtub Gin
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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