Beco Bar: Where The Cool Brazilian Crowd Hangs In Brooklyn

September 28, 2016 | BTSNYC
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Henrique

We know that New York has it all when it comes to food! Beco Bar, the coolest Brazilian place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is one of our to-go spots year round!

Actually, we’re at Beco all the time! Some people say they are located in Williamsburg, while others say it’s already Greenpoint. Regardless of the right answer, this is truly a local’s pick!

We’ve been there early for breakfast, during their busy lunch hours, for an afternoon coffee, then for happy hour that lead to dinner and also for their late nights with live music or DJs!

Yup, we are totally addicted to them!

Their team is great and always smiling, with the best energy possible! Henrique, Ale, Anita, Andressa, Daiane, Steph, Luis…just to name a few! Plus, the guys in the kitchen really create miracle dishes from their “restricted space”, since it’s is pretty small.

It’s an intimate place (Just like we like it!), but they do have a few table outside when the sun is out. They do have the tables out even during colder times of the year, if you’re the hot blooded type.

The music is obviously very good Brazilian and Latin tunes and everyone there has a sincere happiness vibe that is surely contagious! Very Brazilian, of course!

For brunch, we had the eggs florentine that are to die for. We also tried the famous rabanada: french toast made w/baguette, cinnamon & sugar, mixed berries, & maple syrup, served w/choice of bacon, linguiça or turkey bacon. We asked for a vegetarian version that was immediately adapted.

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For lunch or dinner, one of our favorite picks is a very traditional Brazilian dish called P.F. (a.k.a. Prato Feito). You can order the ingredients you want like: white rice, an extraordinary side of beans – our Founder Fê Paronetto loves, a Brazilian type of very tasty kale, zucchini, farofa and sunny side up eggs!

To nibble on, you can try their pão de queijo – the famous Brazilian cheese bread – or the coxinha with chicken.

And, for dessert, we never forget the brigadeiro. It’s a type of chocolate truffle ball – a very typical sweet all locals love.

If you enjoy good strong coffee, you’ll surely love their options!

Oh! They have great live bands every Fridays night from 9pm – 11pm, Saturdays they have DJ’s from 4pm – 7pm and Sundays another great lineup of live bands from 5pm – 8pm!

One of the bands we love the most, plays a typical Brazilian music style called Choro de Samba, or Chorinho. It’s the “root” from where Samba came from, it’s mostly instrumental with practically no voice, and it’s called Choro because it’s as if the instruments are crying. Choro, means cry, in Portuguese.

Get ready to immerse into the Brazilian vibe…but be careful, it’s addictive! Beco Bar is cash only, but if you forget you money, they have an ATM inside.

If you want to explore the neighborhood of Greenpoint, take a look at our Greenpoint Self-Guided Tour and have fun!

Monday – Friday: 8am – 12am
Saturday: 10am – 12am
Sunday: 10am – 11pm

Location: 45 Richardson Street


Videography: Renata Meirelles
Photo Credits: Renata Meirelles, courtesy of the venue, and all the friends: asimonse, brethomas, cjlotz, coachtran, ian_man_dingo, soulkat, thebrothersbuoy

*Last Update on March/2020.*

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