Who’s having a Brooklyn Beer?

September 28, 2015 | BTSNYC
Dining Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Production

Beer tasting can not only be delicious and refreshing, but it can be a fantastic experience when you can see how it’s all actually produced! So, who’s having a Brooklyn Beer?

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Brooklyn Brewery makes beer. Good beer.” Yup, as they already say, their beer is pretty good, hence the success of their tastings, specially during the weekends.

This spot located, in Williamsburg, is not so much a “behind the scenes” place anymore, since the word got out and now they attract big crowds. But, it’s surely still worth writing about!

“Not only does it taste good and make your meal better but we like to think that since its founding in 1988, Brooklyn Brewery has brewed flavorful beers that enrich the life, tradition and culture of the communities it serves.”

As we know, in the beginning of the 19th century, New York became home to hundreds of immigrants. Many came from countries like Ireland and Germany – that are well know for their beer-culture. So, these immigrants brought their knowledge of brewing to Brooklyn, that soon became a hub for fantastic beer!

We’ve all heard about the Prohibition Era that made countless alcoholic-driven businesses collapse, and in the beer industry, it wasn’t different.

Years later, Steve Hindy and Tom Potter joined forced to bring Brooklyn Brewery to life. They brought on board the graphic designer, Milton Glaser, that gave life to the brand.

Its award-winning roster of year-round, seasonal and specialty beers have gained the Brewery notoriety as one of the top craft beer producers in the world.

See below the hours, but it’s basically a first come, first serve line, so you may bump into a reasonable line over the weekends.

After the tour and the tasting, you might want to check out a few places in Greenpoint, just a few blocks North.

We’ve created a fantastic Self-Guided Tour of the neighborhood, so download here and have fun! Oh! This tour can be split into multiple days, so don’t get overwhelmed with the number of places we refer!

If you want help to organize a visit/tour, contact our experts through our Concierge Services. We’ve also done tours with corporate groups that have tremendously enjoyed the experience, so see our Corporate Services for more information.

Monday – Thursday (reservation only): 5pm – 7pm – for small batch tours
Friday: 6pm – 11pm; free tours are also available only at 7pm and 8pm
Saturday: 12pm – 8pm for tours & tastings
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm for tours & tastings

Location: 79 North 11th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brooklyn Beer and Nathan Adams
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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