Bushwick Book Club: Eat Book-Themed Food, Drink Book-Inspired Drink

January 18, 2016 | BTSNYC
Events Up Coming Kurt Vonnegut The Bushwick Book Club by Andre Carrilho

“Eat book-themed food. Drink book-inspired drinks. Wear book-related clothes.” Where? At the Bushwick Book Club that hosts monthly events!

Events Up Coming Kurt Vonnegut The Bushwick Book Club by Andre Carrilho
Illustration Credit: Andre Carrilho.

If you are into good, VERY good literature, plus you enjoy good, VERY good music, and yet…a drink (why not?!)…then this is the place to be!

When? On January 21st, 8pm!

The Bushwick Book Club hosts once a month great shows inspired in memorable books!

“Every year, we use a different Kurt Vonnegut book as inspiration for new songs, art, dance, food. It’s been our tradition since 2009 when Bushwick Book Club began at cafe/venue “Goodbye Blue Monday”. It is also the alternate title for  Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions”.

Oh, I’m particularly excited to be holding our first show of 2016 at Counter Evolution because the owner and founder is Jim Malone who is also a musician and songwriter and Vonnegut lover. Not only is his space acoustically warm and perfect, but he loves Vonnegut. Perfect gets more perfect,” says Susan Hwang.

The event is called GALAPAGOS by Kurt Vonnegut. Plus, several fine songwriters and choreographers will be filling the room with book-inspired sound and movement.

Entrance is by donation and you can also BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle!!! So, feel free to bring in any type of booze that makes your heart smile, lol.

FYI: Just for those who do not know – Counter Evolution sells stunning handcrafted furniture #MadeinBrooklyn from reclaimed bowling lanes.

See you all at the Bushwick Book Club!

If you enjoy these types of events, you might also consider reading about Bluestockings Bookstore. They are a community-driven bookstore that hosts fantastic events. They bring in some of the most brilliant minds to share experiences, teach and engage with all guests.

Location: 37 West 17th Street


Events Up Coming Kurt Vonnegut The Bushwick Book Club by Andre Carrilho

Illustration Credit: Andre Carrilho (illustration of Kurt Vonnegut).

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