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Dziupla, Our Special Polish Restaurant In Williamsburg

Dining Dziupla Restaurant Counter Table

If you read the full story about our Founder’s journey to NYC, you will remember about the huge role and historic moment she had at this traditional Polish restaurant in Williamsburg, called Dziupla.

Dining Dziupla Restaurant Outdoor Façade
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Inside
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Counter Table
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Pierogies
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Sandwich and Beer
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Hamburger
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Full Table
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Mac and Cheese Pierogies
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Chocolate Dessert
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Pancakes
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Cocktails
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Fernanda Paronetto Lunch 2014
Dining Dziupla Restaurant Fernanda Paronetto Dessert
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Making a long story short and putting into perspective for those who haven’t yet read our Founder, Fê’s story, this restaurant has a fundamental significance in her life. It was the place she was having lunch on April 20th, 2014 and actually had the 1st strong insight saying to her sister that she’d be living in NYC in 1 year.

(The last two pictures in the gallery above were taken on this exact day in 2014!)

So…exactly 365 days later, on April 20th, 2015 she arrived in NYC! It wasn’t till 2016, through Facebook memories that she say the entire date “coincidences”.

This Polish restaurant in Williamsburg, called Dziupla (pronounced jou-pla), opened mid March of 2014. It was just a few weeks before our Fê discovered it and decided to sit down for a lunch that would change the course of her life…

That day, Fê ordered Duck Crepe with caramelized apples, smoked polish cheese, cranberry chipotle relish, made out of gluten-free flour and a side salad. OBS: She had still not gone Vegetarian!

Her sister had the the Grass Fed Beef Burger with tomatoes, grilled onion, lettuce, spicy mayo, fries and salsa, served with hand cut french fries and greens.

For dessert they did not spare calories! Hahaha! They ordered the classic Polish Pychotka with chocolate ice cream! Yum!

A few of the dishes you should also try are:

  • Potato pancake with goulash stuffed with grass feed beef goulash and sauerkraut
  • Stuffed cabbage lunch with tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and beets salad
  • Hunter stew and mashed potatoes
  • Any of the Pierogies – a super typical Polish dish

Yup, as we said, they really are a traditional Polish restaurant in Williamsburg!

The interesting part their menu is that the hanger steak is grass fed, the boar is wild and the chicken is “Amish farm raised.”

They have a great outdoor seating area right on the famous Bedford Street, so try and sit outside and experience a bit of “people-watching”. Certainly interesting in this neighborhood!

Now that the Summer is officially here, it’s definitely a cool place to go!

They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, so you’ll surely find the right occasion to go there!

We’ve organized extraordinary tours and experiences around the Willyb, so if you want to experience the hood in style, be sure to take a look at our Concierge Services.

On the other hand, we’ve hosted huge groups of executives organizing fantastic weekend itineraries and interesting study tours. See our different Corporate Services and how we can enhance your team’s skills in NYC.

Monday – Wednesday: 7:30am – 11pm
Thursday – Friday: 7:30am – 12am
Saturday: 9am – 12am
Sunday: 9am – 11pm

Location: 194 Bedford Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dziupla and Fê’s lunch pics the day she said, she’d move to NYC in 1 year!

We Love The Organic Beans-to-Bar Chocolate By Cacao Prieto

Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Store

Sourced from the Dominican Republic, Cacao Prieto is an organic beans-to-bar chocolate factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. See what their chocolate and spirits are all about!

Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Store
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Theobroma Cacao Tree
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Dominican Republic Sourcing
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Beans
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Cacao Beans
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Mandarine
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Dominican Spice Hot Chocolate
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Dark Chocolate
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate and Widow Jane Collection at EBIS OHTSU Gallery Japan
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate Criollo and Bark Collection
Shop Specialties Cacao Prieto Chocolate at ABC Carpet and Home Tasting
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“100% organic, 100% passionately made in house from pods to beans.”

Cacao Prieto was founded by Daniel Prieto Preston, whose family has been farming organic cacao in the Dominican Republic for more than 100 years.

The farm, named Coralina Farms, which supplies all the cacao for Cacao Prieto’s chocolates and spirits, is also the center for long-ranging experiments in self-sustainable and organic farming methods.

In fact, everything is 100% organic and  100% passionately made in house from pods to beans. From bars to bonbons, from hard science to the ethereal joy of tasting high quality chocolate. So, Cacao Prieto aims to link the best of the New and Old Worlds to re-define the manufacture, processing and, of course, the pleasures of chocolate and chocolate based liqueurs and rums.

In addition, they offer some pretty cool Chocolate Factory & Distilling Tours!

Here they explain a bit more in depth what the tour is all about:

“Cacao Prieto tours last 1 hour and include an in-depth look at the history of cacao in the Dominican Republic. Plus, see the beans to bar process, the machinery used for processing and science that makes chocolate the unique product it is.

From turn of the century antiques to patented machines invented in house, see how a raw fermented cacao bean moves from farm-to-bar through roasting, cracking, winnowing, milling, tempering, molding, and packaging. In addition, following chocolate is a look at distilling rums, liqueurs, and whiskey from grain-to-barrel-to-bottle.

Tasting flights of chocolate and spirits included.”

Lastly, if you don’t want to wait to go to their chocolate factory in Red Hook, you can buy online at their store. These organic beans-to-bar chocolates will definitely be a unique and pleasing experience for your palate!

And, you can find them in stores, here.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Public Tour Hours:
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm
Private Tours are available by appointment.

Location: 218 Conover Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cacao Prieto

Guitarist Andre Vasconcelos is Shaking Up New York City

Insider Interviews Andre Vasconcelos Guitar

Today we are here with one of New York City’s best guitarists Andre Vasconcelos. Hailing from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Andre has been living in the United States for quite some time now, playing with several different bands in stages throughout the world.

Insider Interviews Andre Vasconcelos Guitar
Photo Credit: Andrea Vodickova

We’ve written in the past about one of the bands he’s played in, so we’ve been hearing about guitarist Andre Vasconcelos’ amazing musical talent for some time. Since we hear and see his name constantly showing up on band’s concerts line ups and posters around NYC, we decided to attend a show this past June 3rd, at Rough Trade. There, we were able to witness his performance first-hand. Our immediate reaction? We were in awe, and speechless!

Andre was performing as the lead guitarist for the band “Victor & the Peculiars”, who were interestingly acting as the openers for Andre’s main band, the RANN. We were blown away by the performances. Victor’s songs are catchy and energetic and the band that backs him up are made with some of the most incredibly players we have seen live.

Andre took some time to answer a couple of questions for Behind the Scenes NYC. We are thrilled to hear a little about his journey as a musician.

Insider Interviews Andre Vasconcelos RANN on Stage
Photo Credit: Rescalla Cury

1. When did you start playing music? And what was the moment you decided that this would be your professional path in life?

“I started playing music when I was around 13 years old. My brother was having guitar lessons so, when my mom offered me to start doing those too, I accepted just so I could be better than him (laughs).

Having done that, I moved on to developing a true relationship of love and devotion to the instrument. I started on nylon string guitar, but quickly changed to electric after coming back from the massive Rock in Rio Festival, in Brazil, where I witnessed Guns n’ Roses melt my face.

I don’t think I have ever decided that this would be my path, but also never really saw myself doing anything else. Then, I attended Business School for a while, just to find myself skipping classes to practice and/or learn new material.”

2. When did you move to New York City? What is the day-to-day life of such an in-demand musician living here?

“I moved to New York City around a year after I graduated from the renowned Berklee College of Music, in Boston. Many of my peers and collaborators were making the move to the big apple so the timing felt right. I had been playing in New York City for many years before I moved here, which is how it eventually works anyway.

The city requires you to be smart about your planning, scheduling and all of the logistic aspects of the profession. You need to understand immediately how big the city is, how long it takes to get from one place to the other and how costly it is to do so.

My day-to-day varies immensely as I have a Music House (Ghidrah Music) in my home studio, in Bushwick. There, I am a writer and producer for my own original rock band, called RANN, where we are always working on new materials. My jazz/rock band, called Racha Fora, does yearly tours in Japan, several other projects and side gigs that keeps our schedule very busy and diverse.

To answer your question, it is basically a combination of studio production sessions in the morning, followed by pretty intense rehearsals or performances at night.”

3. Talking a bit about RANN, how did this amazing project come to life? You guys went on 3 tours, what were they like? Plus, when can we expect new material?

“RANN is the main project I work with. There are four of us: Apoena Frota is the lead singer and also my partner at Ghidrah Music. We have our drummer, Joe Ullmer and Rafael Russi is our secret weapon playing guitars, synths and bass. I play guitar and sing harmonies.

We all met in Boston, but we only formed the band around January of 2015 when we rented a cabin upstate NY and wrote our entire full length record “Yellowgun” during that trip.

Quickly after finishing the album and seeing our shows get more and more hype, we went on our first US Tour. The, we won the Deli Magazine award of “Best Indie Pop Band of 2015”, had our song placed in a massive movie in Brazil and performed extensively.

In 2016 we crossed the country twice playing shows in over 45 different cities, driving from Cape Cod to Seattle and back.

New material should be released soon! We are very excited about it.”

4. After seeing your show with Vic, at Rough Trade, we decided to invite him to be part of the Sofar Sounds event we organized at the Greenpoint Gallery a few days ago. The show was a tremendous success and we were sold out! I heard you’ve played at several of these Sofar events with countless different artists. Can you tell us a bit about the event and what it feels like to see it from different artists’ perspectives?

“Absolutely! Sofar is always a fun experience. The name stands for “Songs from a Room”, which is a great concept. I’ve played Sofar shows with Brazilian artists singing in Portuguese, with Brazilian artists singing in English, with RANN, with heavy rock bands, but also with very soft and subtle singers…and pretty much everything in between.

Sofar Sounds shows are usually ‘stripped down’ versions of the original musics. So, adapting some music to that setting is both challenging and really fun. The show I did with “Victor & the Peculiars” was a particularly interesting one. The band is usually a full blast rock band, taking no prisoners. For our Sofar show last weekend, we managed to rock out, keep the energy up there, but still play the room. It was awesome!

I usually have around 10 guitar pedals with me, but for this show I only had 4. After the show I saw so many posts and comments from people complimenting the guitar sounds. It is always very rewarding. I have the Strymon pedals to thank for that – they are truly incredible pieces of gear.

One of my favorite Sofar concerts I did was with Racha Fora, the powerful and fiery jazz/rock ensemble, led by Hiroaki Honshuku. The music composed and performed by Hiro, myself (guitar), Rika Ikeda (violin) and Sebastian Chiriboga (percussion), pushed the envelope so much that the crowd’s reaction was stunning. Everybody really loved the concert. Being able to share our international touring experiences was another highlight.”

Insider Interviews Andre Vasconcelos RANN
Photo Credit: Alyss Tyler

Andre, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, at Behind the Scenes NYC! We are very excited to share this inspiring feature on you and continue rockin’!

“Thank YOU so much! This has been so much fun. Hope to catch you at our show soon!”

If you want to learn more about RANN, take a look at their website: To listen to their music, enjoy their You Tube Page with countless clips!

We’ve chosen two, to share below. One was filmed at a place we love, with some of the coolest people in town, called Pianos.

Lastly, if you’re dying to see the guitarist Andre Vasconcelos play, his next show with “Vic & the Peculiars” will be for the July 4th celebration at El Derty’s rooftop in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

See you all there, for we are definitely going!


Bear Mountain: For the Adventure Seekers in New York

Day Trips and Travels Bear Mountain by Virtual Tourist

If you’re part of the adventure seekers in New York that loves outdoor sports, Bear Mountain is the place to go! Plan a day trip up there, or enjoy weekend hideout.

Day Trips and Travels Bear Mountain by Virtual Tourist
Bear Mountain State Park. Photo Credit: Virtual Tourist

Located only 1.5 hours from Manhattan, Bear Mountain State Park is located on the west side of the Hudson River. It’s actually divided into two different New York counties: Orange and Rockland county.

The park has over 5,200 acres and countless things to do!

You’ll find outdoor adventure activities from biking and swimming, to hiking, boating and even snowmobiling in the winter!

The park also features a zoo, trailside museums and the Perkins Memorial Tower with an amazing view of the park. You will also find picnic areas, playgrounds, nature trails and several other amazing amenities and activities.

We know that golf is a national passion and if you’re a pro, or an enthusiast, you can book a game at the Bear Mountain Golf Course. It’s located right at the base of the mountain.

You can get season passes, sign up for leagues & tournaments, book classes and play in their driving range. They also have a shop, in case you forgot any equipment or accessory.

Are you the radical sports person? Well, they also offer cross country skiing during the winter season!

Plus, if you decide to stay for the whole weekend, a good option is the Bear Mountain Inn built in 1915. It passed through a massive renovation and is now up and running!

It’s surely a perfect place for the adventure seekers in New York!

Lastly, for those that look for adventure in New York, you might want to try the Brooklyn Boulders and their new technology.

If you’re coming to New York and need a hand booking a trip to Bear Mountain, our experts can find you the best options that suites your budget. For corporate groups in search of annual retreat locations, team building experiences and other activities, let our team assist you.

Location: Palisades Parkway or Route 9W North Bear Mountain, NY

Day Trips and Travels Bear Mountain Inn
Bear Mountain Inn after reconstruction. Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Wikipedia and Virtual Tourist

Tijuana Picnic: One of the top Mexican restaurants in NYC

Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Corn

If you’re a native New Yorker and enjoy Mexican cuisine, you’ve probably been to Tijuana Picnic, one of the top Mexican restaurants in NYC!

Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Inside Area
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Guests
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Corner Tables
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Prochetta
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Three Tacos
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Chicken
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Chicken Skewers
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Tacos
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Snapper Ceviche
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Full Table
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Meat
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Corn
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Meat And Churros
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Sides
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Churros
Dining Tijuana Picnic Restaurant Cocktails
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The restaurant is considered by locals, one of the top Mexican restaurants in NYC and presentes a clear fusion with Asian cuisine. This surely gives the dishes an interesting finish.

To start, the place is gorgeous and gets pretty full! You’ll see in the center of the restaurant, larger tables for big parties, but they also work as communal tables. The full bar is at the back and they know how to create some of the most outstanding cocktails.

In the menu, you’ll find delicious “mash-ups” and exotic dishes like: duck empanadas, shredded duck, scallions, foie gras, cognac ($8), pork chop marinated in coconut milk and served with a thai spice chimichurri sauce ($24), mezcal marinated shrimp, red cabbage and crisp purple potatoes ($11) and other amazing creations!

We also love the mushroom tacos with goat cheese and jalapeño tortilla, the avocado toast, the chicken skewers, the ezquites and one of our favorites: the elote asado that is a delicious grilled corn on a stick!

Ah! And the churros desserts?! They are to die for! Try the five spice, yuzu, dulce de leche. This is not the place to spare the calories, ok!?

Need help in New York City?

If you are in town for only a few days, and you’re not really sure how to best optimize your schedule to do everything you want, contact us to see how our Travel Planning Services can help! Also, take a look at everything our expert do through our Concierge Services.

Sunday – Tuesday: 6pm – Midnight
Wednesday – Saturday 6pm – 1am
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 4pm
Bar Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 6pm – 3am
Happy Hour: 1/2 off Margaritas: 7 days till 7pm

Location: 151 Essex Street (between Stanton and Rivington)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tijuana Picnic

An Artful Luxury Boutique Hotel Called The Renwick

Renwick Hotel Boutique Entrance

New York is overflowing with countless hotels for every style and every budget. If you’re looking for an Artful Luxury Boutique Hotel, you might want to try, The Renwick.

Renwick Hotel Boutique Lobby
Renwick Hotel Boutique Reception Desk
Renwick Hotel Boutique Lobby Decor
Renwick Hotel Boutique Lobby Art
Renwick Hotel Lobby Wall Art
Renwick Hotel Boutique Bedroom Double Room
Renwick Hotel Boutique Two Beds Bedroom
Renwick Hotel Boutique Bedroom Windows
Renwick Hotel Boutique Single Bedroom
Renwick Hotel Boutique Bedroom Desk
Renwick Hotel Boutique Single Bedroom
Renwick Hotel Boutique Bedroom Bathroom
Renwick Hotel Boutique 2 Bed Bedroom
Renwick Hotel Boutique Art Suite Living Room
Renwick Hotel Boutique Art Suite Bedroom
Renwick Hotel Boutique Shower
Renwick Hotel Boutique Shower Details
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“Like many travelers, I look for a place that is quiet, clean, and has free Wi-Fi. Furthermore, location is key: it could mean the difference between spending a $30 cab ride to get across the city and being right where the action is (and I’ve done both).

With the vast selection of hospitality companies offering standard and specialty accommodations there is no need to visit anyone place twice. Until now! Say “Hello!” to The Renwick, an intimate 173-room boutique hotel, and full of big city dreams. This brick and mortar classic is packed with stories from the early 20th century.

Built in 1928, the hotel is named after its architect, James Renwick, Jr., who is best known for his design of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Although not a formally-trained architect like his father, Renwick Jr. studied engineering and was influenced by his world explorations.

Originally, the building was comprised of oversized artist’s studios and lofts that were eventually turned into a long-stay hotel.

This was home to many creative types and prominent literary figures, such as John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Mann.

Plus, it’s charming to pause at the doorway of The Renwick, to soak in the inspiration of the streets of Midtown New York. Just like the title character in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Eventually reimagined into an “artful luxury hotel”, the Renwick offers inviting guest rooms designed as its own ’artist studio’, equipped with ’blank canvas’ white walls. The TV stand is fashioned to look like a painter’s easel.

In addition, for window shades, local artist Ben Cowan produced unique renderings of the New York skyline for each room, using a dry brush technique on painter’s drop cloth. From Erin Lass’ wall quotes to the ceramic pen cup by Yuka Uchida of OVO Ceramics, each guest room has a unique curation that begs to be noted.

However, the art theme does not end there. The stairwell leading to the fitness center has drawings by Heather Heckel as motivation. Moreover, even the housekeeping staff dons outfits that replicate an artist’s smock!

To conclude, there is much at The Renwick to acknowledged and admired. The design is in the details, and the details are everywhere. I look forward to my upcoming stay, so that I can continue to revel in the history and draw on creativity for my future endeavors.”

It’s surely and artful luxury boutique hotel in Manhattan!

“People don’t take trips. Trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

Are you busy that an extra pair of hands to help you with your trip would be simply a gift? Take a look at our Concierge Services and let us know what we can do!

Are you a company, organizing the agenda and activities for your executives? Or, do you need a local production team for an event, meeting, seminar or a dinner? Learn about our Corporate Services and contact us to be your local team.

Location: 118 East 40th Street


Guest writer: Elena Murzello
Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Renwick Hotel

The Secret Restaurant Luksus At Tørst, In Greenpoint

Dining Luksus at Tørst Tasting Menu

This is one of the several hidden restaurants in Brooklyn! The secret restaurant Luksus at Tørst is located in one of our favorite neighborhood: Greenpoint!

Dining Luksus at Tørst Interior
Dining Luksus at Tørst Chef Daniel Burns
Dining Luksus at Tørst Thee Dessert
Dining Luksus at Tørst Tasting Menu
Dining Luksus at Tørst Beef Tartare
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This is exactly the type of spot we love exploring when we’re on our hunt for new spots in New York! Just the thrill of finding a hidden place, that not many people know about, is exciting.

The fact that there are no crowds of tourists, is even better! You agree?

To start off, the entrance is quite “camouflaged” if you’re not paying attention as you walk by.

At the back of the Danish craft beer bar named Tørst, you enter a small Nordic eatery in Greenpoint – Luksus. It’s actually right on Manhattan Avenue that is the dividing line between Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Chef Daniel Burn – ex-Momofuku, ex-Noma and ex-Fat Duck – is the talent behind the artistic dishes you will order. His prior experience? Pretty awesome resumé, right?

Also, if you enjoy tasting menus, they offer a unique seasonal tasting menu that go for $125/person and you can add drink pairing for an additional $55.

Wondering about Tørst? This beer bar is a great option to experiment different beer styles. Even if you’re not very fond of beer, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits your palate.

Oh! They offer some small bites, sandwiches and other dishes to share!

In conclusion, it’s certainly a haute Brooklyn dining experience in the 26 seat restaurant.

Plus, since you’re already around the neighborhood, be sure to explore more of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. You can take a look at our Self-Guided Tour of Greenpoint too! Want to stop for a drink, go to the super low-key spots locals love around the neighborhood.

Hours for Tørst:
Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 12am
Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 2am

Location: 615 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Luksus, @jmoranmoya, The Infatuation

A Cozy, Neighborhood Spot In Brooklyn Called St. Anselm

Dining St Anselm Restaurant Bar

St. Anselm first opened in 2010 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and closed a while after to be reinvented as cozy, neighborhood spot to go for simple cooking.

Dining St Anselm Restaurant Bar
Dining St Anselm Restaurant Inside Area
Dining St Anselm Restaurant Beer Taps
Dining St Anselm Restaurant Dish
Dining St Anselm Restaurant Grilled Lamb
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Their cuisine is American traditional / Steakhouse, so it’s a perfect place for the meat eaters! If you’re vegetarian or vegan, so is our Founder, Fê. She ordered a pasta when she visited the place, so you’ll be able to accompany your friends.

With a rock’n’roll soundtrack in the back, you can order a few of the top dishes by Chef Yvon de Tassigny like their grilled sardines, iceberg salad, grilled eggplants, grilled steaks, pork chop, lamb saddle, mackerel, scallops, grilled potatoes, long beans and shishito peppers.

As we said above, they have a great menu for the meat eaters. If you’re Vegetarian or Vegan, options are limited, so be prepared.

They have a gorgeous full bar, with a fantastic decoration! We love the heavy wooden counter and their super cool beer taps!

Furthermore, this is a great place to come with a big group of friends, since they are able to simply join a few tables that will accommodate you all! They noise can get a little loud, but that is just the vibe of the place.

Be sure to add this neighborhood place, St Anselm, to your list!

If you need help finding your way around Williamsburg, contact us to see all of our Concierge Services from tours and cool local guides to a BTSNYC expert advising you with a customized travel planning service.

Brooklyn can be overwhelming, specially if you’ve never been in the largest Borough in New York. But, it’s surely one of our favorite parts of NYC to explore.

Lunch Hours:
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am – 3:00pm

Dinner Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 5pm – Midnight
Sunday: 5pm – 11pm

Location: 355 Metropolitan Avenue (Havemeyer Street)


Photo Credit: Melissa Hom, Virginia Rollison, David Penner, Mariko Makino

Baron’s Cove: Getting ready for the Summer in Sag Harbor

Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Pool View

Located in a village, in the town of East Hampton and Southampton, Baron’s Cove is an amazing place to visit if you’re looking at options for this upcoming summer in Sag Harbor.

Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Distant View
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Façade
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Boats
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Porch
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Long Porch View
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Restaurant
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Fireplace
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Living Room
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor King Village
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Duplex
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Pool and Tenis Court
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Pool
Barons Cove Hotel Sag Harbor Pool and Yard
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Founded in the 1960’s Baron’s Cove frequently hosted big names like Truman Capote, Jackson Pollock and Paul Newman. The hotel recently passed through a 2 year renovation and is at full speed ready for the Summer Season!

To start, it’s located around 100 miles from Manhattan. In a few hours, you’ll get there to have a fantastic time!

They offer 67 super charming rooms and villas, a heated salt water pool, tennis court, fitness studio and spa services. What else? Complimentary beach service with transportation.

Also, their dining options and experiences are fantastic. They have an all-American restaurant where you can enjoy your meals and take advantage of the gorgeous view from their porch. There is nothing like an outdoor meal, right? Chef Matty Boudreau uses fresh and local ingredients to prepare his delicious dishes.

In addition, the Lobby Lounge is great for drinks, while the outdoor terrace is perfect for enjoying some small bites to hold off ’till dinner!

The hotel offers everything for a perfect Summer at Sag Harbor. From an outdoor pool, spa and fitness center, to the beach just steps away, they have it all! If you forgot something at home, they have a small store to purchase anything you might need.

“On foot, stroll up and down Main Street to discover singular boutiques, galleries, and local museums, or dine at the most widely-acclaimed restaurants in the Hamptons.

By boat, explore the stunning local waterways, coves, and marinas. Or drive just minutes to the freshest local farm stands and some of the finest ocean beaches on the East Coast.”

In short, do visit them during this upcoming summer in Sag Harbor.

It’s surely one of the best times of the year to enjoy all the outdoor activities. And also, watch a gorgeous sunset, explore the North Fork lavender fields (Yup! We have lavender in New York!), and experience tastings in the local wineries.

Location: 31 West Water Street, Sag Harbor

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Baron’s Cove

Learn How To Get The Best NYC Shots With Dani Diamond

Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Dani Smiling

New York City is a paradise for photographers, but getting the best NYC shots is not always easy! Dani Diamond, a professional photographer gives us a few tips to make it right!

At 27 years old, Dani Diamond, born in Ohio, but currently based in Connecticut, is more of the introvert type, so photography focused on Weddings & Events was definitely not up his alley, since he’d need to worry about countless details and bigger groups of people interacting with him.

He started working in Fashion / Comercial photography, at the age of 23, because he always wanted to be able to take amazing photos and, as we know, models do know their way in front of a camera (with a bit of orientation from the photographer, of course). So Dani, being a confessed introvert, found his way in.

His photography style is based on natural lighting and it’s surely what makes him stand out in relation to other photographers today. His technique also helped him built strong social media presence which, only on Instagram, is over 114k.

How he started? “I started on my own, figured out how things worked looking at Youtube videos. I studied in Business School and even though I didn’t follow that path, I can definitely apply what I learned to my own business.

As he says: “I wasn’t born talented, I was born ambitious.” Awesome, right?

He now has clients not only in the US like New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Texas, but also over seas in England and other countries around the Globe.

For this Insider Interviews, we decided to shift a bit the focus. So, this time instead of “Top 7 Secret Tips in NY”, Dani will give us his “Top 7 tips for Photographers that want to shoot in NYC”.

Read and learn, Guys!

#1 – I love Shooting in NYC mainly because I can work outdoors at anytime of the day and get that soft golden hour light.

The tall skyscrapers of Manhattan block the direct harsh sunlight from hitting the streets, so this really softens the light as its bounces off the buildings.

This does come with a price to pay though. Contrary to popular believe, shooting during Sunset hours in NY is not good because of this. The same way harsh sunlight is softened before it reaches the street during daylight hours, it also eliminates the much weaker sunset light.

Without much light at the golden hour it makes taking photographs very difficult. In the end, I’d take 10 hours of soft light over 1 hour of sunset light on any day.

#2 – Stay away from touristy areas, like Midtown, of course. I prefer mainly places in quieter areas. Areas like the Financial District on a Sunday where you’ll find absolutely no tourists nor business man walking around. You’ll have 10 blocks of beautiful emptiness.

In Brooklyn, Dumbo is favorite area. Even though you can find lots of people walking around, there are several streets that people just don’t pass by and that have a very unique cobble street look. You can also find great alleys, gorgeous store fronts, plus you have a breathtaking background with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. You can find the Brooklyn Bridge Park with a great view of Manhattan’s skyline, all within a 5 minute walk, versus Manhattan, that doesn’t have all that in a small radius.

#3 The West Side Highway is great to shoot. The best time is to shoot during the first half of the day, before the sun reaches that area. The first half of the day, the sun is on the FDR side (East).

Plus, you also have nice docks with boats in the back, giving it a cool background.

#4 If it’s a rainy day, go to Soho. You’ll find tons of bars. You can shoot in the empty bars before 4-5pm, since people start showing up only after work for the endless Happy Hours. They all have different looks and personalities. Just feel free to walk in and politely ask to take pictures, not more than 5-6, though. SoHo has only a “10 block radius” and each bar speaks in a different way.

#5 The famous Highline! Try shooting early in the morning, before people come around. It does get quite crazy during the day. This area will give you a unique nature type of vibe and lots of green.

#6 Hit-up bridges in NY to shoot. Shoot at Sunset because you’re out in the open. The Brooklyn Bridge is #1, for sure, but it has the most number people too. The Williamsburg Bridge is great, but keep in mind it is very ‘red’, so remember this detail when styling the wardrobe. My favorite bridge is the 59th Street Bridge that crosses Roosevelt Island – there are no tourists and only a few people biking to work or from work.

#7 The best place to buy your equipment is B&H. They have any piece of gear you’ll probably need. And, the best is they are not forcing any things down your throat since they don’t get paid commission to sell. The store has robots hanging from the ceiling that take care of your shopping cart. Therefore, you don’t need to carry anything around while shopping!

Here are a few other tips:

What is a hidden spot in NYC with a stunning view of the City?
As I said, Dumbo is great, and I also really like Hoboken, in Hudson County, New Jersey.

What piece of advise would you give someone that just moved to NYC?
Do not stay in the City. Get a place in Brooklyn or New Jersey, this way you’ll actually see the City’s beautiful skyline. It’s also cheeper and you’ll experience more things around it. If you stay in the City, you will likely stay o-n-l-y in the City. Plus, the ferries are cheep and pretty fun!


Oh! Dani told us that he uses a Nikon D800 and buys semi new cameras. His tip for buying a used camera is to check the shutter count to see how old it is. If it’s under 20k, it’s ok! Cameras are rated up to 200k.

Click on the images above to see further details of the camera and the lens! It will surely help you get the best NYC shots.

His YouTube page has great stuff and tells a bit more about his career and photography tips! Enjoy!

Take a look as some of his beautiful work:

Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Shooting
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Blue Dress
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Light Treatment
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Sitting Street
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Behind the Scenes
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Casual Shot
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Before and After
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Boat
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography 5 Kids
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Kids
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And, a few portraits:

Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Winter Beanie
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Snow
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Window
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Stairs
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Close Up
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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Dani Diamond

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