The Secret Japanese Restaurants

We contributed during 1 year for Glamour Brazil. Here is one of our posts about 3 secret Japanese restaurants in town:

The English Version below:

The gastronomic scene in NYC is simply the best! New restaurants are always opening, renowned chefs are always daring and experimenting in their menus and novelties are always popping up in existing restaurants! Here, we tell you three secrets for those who simply adore the Japanese cuisine!

The coolest places in New York are certainly the most hidden ones. For anyone who is in love with Japanese cuisine, here are tips 3 amazing restaurants, kept away from the eyes of the city's tourists!

The Japanese restaurant, Zenkichi, is located in the neighborhood of Williamsburg (which we love!). It opened its doors nearly one decade ago and continues part of the short list of the most secret restaurants in town. The entrance is discrete, with a wooden door and a small number “77" near the entrance. With a typical oriental decor and low lighting, the tables are divided into small cabins where your privacy is preserved, with a charming bamboo curtain blocking the view of people passing by the table. Each table has a button to call the waiter, who promptly arrives to help you. The restaurant offers an a la carte menu and a special chef's tasting menu with 8 dishes, the "eight-course omakase". This tasting menu is the apex of the place and changes every five weeks!
Address: 77 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

For connoisseurs of sake and lovers of traditional Japanese cuisine, the Sakagura is "the place to go" because he was elected is one of the top restaurants in New York. Founded in 1996, it is considered one of the best authentic Japanese cuisine with prataos champions elected by large gastronomic critics. It is also among the top bars of sakes the United States and the world, with more than 200 labels for tasting! And that tasting, huh !? Ah, the menu, the dishes have suggestions on the side to indicate the best combination of sake. The restaurant is in the basement of an office building so do not be surprised if trombarem with men in suits in the building.
Address: 211 East 43rd Street, Midtown
Located in the back of a Japanese butcher in NoHo, Bohemian is perhaps one of the most coveted hidden restaurants in the city. How it works? Well, first the phone number for reservations is not disclosed. The way to get a reservation is to try to find someone who has been to the restaurant to give you the phone and thus be able to call and schedule your reservation! Cool, right? Everything there is a-m-a-z-i-n-g… from simple food (with inspiration in the American and French cuisines) to the decor and background music - playing Japanese music and even jazz and bossa nova! The tasting menu is a great price and nothing out of the ordinary…it goes for $ 55, with 6 dishes.
Address: 57 Great Jones Street, NoHo