When it comes to art and culture, New York City is one of the richest cities in the world. And when you have an expert to guide you through, it can be even more incredible.

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They are natural storytellers that can explain the artist’s story, work, relating it to historical facts, explaining the hidden symbols, city secrets and more.

We offer beautiful and curated art tours around town, uncovering hidden and off the spotlight galleries, exploring the renowned art neighborhood of Chelsea, as well as short day trips to upstate NY to breathtaking open-air museums.

There is nothing better than visiting the most exquisite museums and galleries accompanied by experts in the field! We definitely do recommend!

In addition, if you are seeking historical tours, secret tours, foodie tours, booze tasting tours, upstate tours and any other tour you can imagine, we have it all!

Plus, if you are an experience seeker, we are able to cater the most unique ones for you and your family & friends.

Last, but not least, tickets to the best shows, concerts, games,dinner with Broadway cast members, backstage access and meet & greets and more! Phiuf!

Most tours are in English and specific art tours are offered in Portuguese.

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