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Thom Browne Debates The Concept Of Individuality At Cooper Hewitt Museum

May 3, 2016 | BTSNYC
Culture Music Thom Browne Selects Cooper Hewitt

The men’s wear designer, Thom Browne, was the guest curator of #ThomBrowneSelects hosted inside Cooper Hewitt Museum. His work was certainly intriguing and discussed the concept of individuality.

Culture Music Thom Browne Selects Cooper Hewitt

“If you’re going into design, you should be in it only because you want to design things that are provocative and new. Be true to yourself and have the confidence to design according to what you think and not what other people are trying to tell you.” – Thom Browne

In a world where we see everyone copying everyone else and that individuality and being unique is so rare, Thom Browne challenges this topic in a recent project.

Hosted inside the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, his installation gathered over 50 contemporary mirrors and frames that are part of they museum’s historic collection.

He explored the “ideas of reflection and individuality”. On the other hand of being the same, he shows the beauty and simplicity of working with a beautiful design.

Ok? You didn’t get it? He explains:

“Uniformity in the fashion world is almost a four-letter word, especially for women, who don’t want to wear the same thing every day. In actuality, it would be so refreshing and simplify things. If it’s beautifully made and fits really well, there’s nothing boring about that. It’s just beautiful.”

In an ongoing series, Thom Browne is the 13th exhibition where over 210,000 objects from Cooper Hewitt’s collection is used and interpreted by different outstanding designers, architects and artists.

The exhibition on view through October 23, 2016 at the Cooper Hewitt – The Smithsonian Design Museum. It’s located in landmark Carnegie Mansion.

Simply gorgeous! But, do keep posted on their upcoming exhibitions. They are always fantastic!

You can walk down 5th Avenue at stop at the both, super famous Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Or, just enjoy all the museums and galleries down the Museum Mile. It starts at the famous The MET Museum and goes all the way up to 105th Street.

Location: 2 East 91st Street (with 5th Avenue)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cooper Hewitt
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