Jane’s Carousel at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

A Nostalgic moment everyone should experience!

I believe that everyone, at least once, has ridden a carousel! Kids, teenagers, adults and even the most experienced ones would probably want to try a 2nd, 3rd and even 4th time!

One of the most amazing carousels you'll ever see is called Jane's Carousel and is located inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park!

It's a huge, beautifully restored piece of art with 48 amazingly carved horses. This classic 3 row beauty was built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and is opened year-round.

It's definitely something to experience!

Address: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dock Street

Jane's Carousel - vincentmounier.jpg
Jane's Carousel - Credit zenandtheartoftravel.jpg
Jane's Carousel - Mila Kunis.jpg

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Jane's Carousel, Vincent Mounier, zenandtheartoftravel and behappynyc