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Dana Barry: Coffee Shops In Brooklyn Can Be An Adventure

August 11, 2016 | Fê Paronetto
Curiosities City Secrets Dana Barry Illustration Brooklyn

The beauty of working out of coffee shops in Brooklyn is the possibility of meeting random strangers. It is most definitely an experience everyone should have one day! I recently met Dana Barry, a very talented illustrator!

Curiosities City Secrets Dana Barry Illustration Brooklyn

Today, I was working from one of the coffee shops in Williamsburg that I love spending the day! After grabbing a smoothie and approaching back to my place, a breathtaking sketchbook lying on top of my “neighbor’s” table caught my attention.

I couldn’t help myself and started talking to her! Well, you know me! I’m great at starting random conversations with stranger, and usually leave with a new friend.

Her name is Dana Barry. She was born in New York,  but lived in Cali for a while where she studied at an Art College. After some time there, she decided to come back to the East Coast. She explained that New York was more of her style, and is now living in Brooklyn.

Dana’s work is amazing and very powerful. She sketches images of people that pass through the New York subways! Sometimes, she has just a few minutes before the person jumps off at another station. So, she draws the main lines and compliments is later with her memory and creativity!

Her idea is to eventually put together this beautiful book with her sketches, showing the diversity of this crazy City. Dana explains:

“It’s a way to break all the preconceptions we have when we judge someone before even talking to them. Sometimes, a guy that might look like a hardcore drug dealer, is actually thinking good thoughts, or what he’ll be cooking his kids for dinner tonight. While a gorgeous woman wearing an expensive fur coat can be pondering on the possibility of suicide…”

We never know what goes through people’s heads, but humans are judgmental beings at a first glance, for sure.

Her work is really something! Her energy is definitely great and she’s one of these beautiful souls you just happen to stumble upon.

I’m always glad when I start these random conversation throughout my week, in the most diverse spots.

What a pleasure it was to meet her!

Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC
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