Uncovering Narrowsburg (and surroundings) in Upstate NY

The State of New York is so beautiful and most visitors and even New Yorkers don’t know about the amazing people and places they can find.

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, fell in love with Maison Bergogne, an antique, decor and design services shop in Narrowsburg, NY, and decided to interview Juliette Hermant, the owner, for our NY Hush Hush Tips section!

Take a look HERE for all the tips, if you're planning to escape the City and want a unique place to go to for a day trip, or a long weekend! She talks about places like Narrowsburg, Barryville, Honesdale in Pennsylvania, and more!

Not sure where Narrowsburg is located? Take a look at the map below:




Photo Credits: Gentl & Hyers, Julie Holder Powell and Courtesy of all the Venues.