Julls: The 1st Brazilian Fine Jewelry Trunk Show

We attended this week a phenomenal event called Julls

Julls is a Jewelry Trunk Show that showcased 12 unique high end Brazilian Brands on October 25th and 26th, in a gorgeous Penthouse in Chelsea!

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Brands like Havaianas, Little Treats, Foxtail Collection, Bandetee and Tease Tea partnered up to create beautiful Gift Bags!

Here are a few images of the event:


Take a look below at the great list of designs present at the 1st NYC Edition:


The Hueb woman is guided by her innate sense of style, cultural savvy, and self-assured nature. Independent and confident, she has a unique outlook on life.

Her style is timeless yet modern...classically beautiful, yet eclectic and multifaceted. The Hueb woman is anything but ostentatious, yet she never goes unnoticed.

Hueb’s story began when Fádua Hueb set out to make the sort of jewelry that her friends wanted, but couldn’t find. What she created was a collection of gemstones with golden accents inspired by the color, energy, and natural beauty of Brazil. Each piece was designed to complement a woman’s personal style, rather than define it.

Today, Hueb spans three generations. since the very beginning, skilled artistry and quality craftsmanship have come together to create an exclusive collection of fine jewelry for the modern woman, inspired by a uniquely Brazilian sense of joie de vivre.

Hueb Jewelry is handcrafted by skilled in-house artisans. Quality materials such as high-grade diamonds and gemstones from Brazil are set in 18k gold. Each piece is designed with precise attention to detail. 

The many varied collections strike a subtle balance of art and innovation, both classic and contemporary. Everything that Hueb creates is inspired by the creativity, elegance and confidence of the Hueb woman.


Priscila Wolff Féres:

Priscila Wolff Féres has been known for bringing together classic and contemporary notes in her creations, marked by a deep understanding of beauty and a fresh take on the purpose of the pieces. “I like to think of jewelry not only as a given accessory for special occasions, but especially as a piece capable of adding value to daily looks, with a geometric, sophisticated and romantic touch”. 

Priscila’s creative process is also largely embedded in everyday life, her greatest inspiration being the very nature of the raw material used, offering an original – and oftentimes, organic – flare to her production.

Priscila is actively involved in the entire process behind producing a piece of jewelry, from creative conception to the final touches. She has a passion for the art of mixing gold with diamonds, emeralds, tourmalines and pearls, having designed original pieces and worked on tailor-made jewelry alike – including by remodeling jewelry, when a new piece is conceived based on a vintage piece brought in by her clients.


Andrea Conti: 

As a little girl, Andrea Conti used to create abstract art and paint. During her teenage years, her passion for jewelry was influenced by her art talents and lead her to create pieces for her family.

In 2014, Andrea launched a jewelry brand with a partner and after a year decided to continue on her own. “I felt the need to be free to create items with my own identity”.

“I wanted to escape the traditional jewelry design, that is why I designed a collection that is cool and sophisticated at the same time. Thrilling, intense and full of emotion are the perfect description of the phase of my life in which my brand was developed.”

Carol Bassi Jewelry:

Brazilian born jewelry designer, Carol Bassi is an architect, but the passion for design and jewelry spoke louder in her artistic career. Carol studied at Marangoni Institute in Milan and attended jewelry classes that gave her sharp eyes and a careful finishing in all creations.

A woman's strength, natural confidence can be noticed in her design that are mostly inspired by architectural shapes and with traces of Deco lines jewelry. With an antique perfume her designs are also imbued with fresh and a contemporary shine.

The counterpoint between old and fresh offers modern design and unique pieces. Her references come from her passion for art and achitecture of her home country. She takes inspiration from the works of Helio Oticica, Burle Marx, Rino Levi, Lygia Pape and Lina Bo Bardi. 

Carol Bassi's trademark is clean style with a geometric propose based on tradicional high jewelry techniques. A minimalist trace is mixed with rich details which makes her design full of intensity and concision significance.


Fiszman Jewel:

Richard Fiszman, a jewelry designer since 2006 created the brand, Fiszman Jewel. The brand creates jewelry with refined and tailored design, developed according to the occasion and desire of each client.

The coveted and refined gems like ruby, emerald, sapphire, south sea pearl and high quality diamonds, make each piece unique and eternal. Prospected around the world, you can find the rarest and most precious of them assembled in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Authorial design, movement and pieces with personality are part of the DNA of the label. The stones are the protagonists of each produced jewelry and gold smithery process following concepts of artisanal and traditional jewelry, with high accuracy and quality finish.

Richard respects the characteristics of the gems to create in an authentic and bold way - the best development and model to make each jewel unique and special.

The jewels are sold in the jeweler’s studio in São Paulo, by appointment only, and with exclusive service by Richard himself.


Born in 1996 and after two decades in the jewelry segment, Grifith remains as a reference in personalized services by offering refined jewelry made with the best raw materials in the market.

The line is based on values of high quality, exclusivity and sophistication.

Inside their workshop, goldsmiths, gem-setters and finishers create artisanal jewelries - real works of art, divided in two categories: DNA and Casual.

Grifith’s DNA consists of classic models – ideal for brides, bridesmaids & parties – and timeless, passed from one generation to the next. they are sophisticated accessories made with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, tourmalines, tanzanite, sapphires and rubies.

Casual is the brand’s fashion side, which follows fashion trends and dare to mix stones to create pieces made with unique materials. Delicate options ideal to wear on a daily basis, are also part of the Casual line and are called GFt line.

Also in its portfolio, Griffith represents the most prestigious

international luxury brands’ watches, like Graham London, Cartier, IwC, Corum, tw steel, Baume e Mercier, Piaget, Breitling, hublot, Panerai and Chopard, which are exclusively sold at Grifith.

Julia Blini:

Julia Blini is a master in giving classic lines a contemporary feel. With her sophisticated look, pearls and diamond are transformed into collector’s pieces of beauty which transcends mere luxury. Whether more robust or more delicate, her rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings reflect her passion for design.

Before working with jewels, Julia worked as a shoe designer at Jimmy Choo in London, and Alexandre Birman in São Paulo. After graduating from the Studio Berçot in Paris, one of the world’s top fashion schools, and Faculdade santa Marcelina in São Paulo, she specialized in gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), in New York.


Mary Esses:

Brazilian designer Mary Esses creates breathtaking fine jewelry designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. As a bench jeweler and with her background in painting and ceramics, she brings her very own artisanal quality to each piece, creating stunning masterpieces that are wearable works-of-art.

Mary’s signature work is to reproduce fabric textures, like silk and lace. She uses silver and 18k gold in tones specially developed by the designer and mixed with white, grey, champagne and chocolate diamonds, leather straps and brass chains. All pieces have a modern and clean look with a dash of luxury.

During Couture 2013 in Las Vegas – the main jewelry event in the us – Mary Esses was the runner-up in Gold category with her Lace Bracelet in gold and diamonds. 

Among her clients is the First Lady of the united states, Michelle Obama, who chose Mary Esses jewelry in 4 different official occasions.

Mary Esses designs and makes her jewelry in New York City, where she resides.


Miriam Mamber:

Graduate in Art History, Journalism and Archelogy, Miriam Mamber is engaged in artistic jewelry creation since 1973. In the year 2000 she won, in Paris, the Tahitian Pearl Trophy International and, in 2002, she presented her pieces at the Mitsukochi and Uchihara, in Tokyo, Japan.

Her jewelry evoke and ennoble the Brazilian diversity of colours and forms. She also crafts ancient objects and pre historic fossils into contemporary elements with artistry. In this respect, old coins and ceramics are assembled on gold, silver and a wide range of metals forming new connections with the past and with the person wearing it. 

The mineral variety allows the artist to show raw gemstones cut in their natural state revealing nature’s greatest generosity.


Patricia MB Gotthilf:

The art has always been part of Patricia MB Gotthilf’s life, through out painting, engraving, micro sculpture, since childhood. A small box with precious stones eventually turned into serious work. She graduated in Industrial Design and began her working with jewelry in 1998. 

The jewelry collections gather materials such as precious stones, gold, silver, precious woods, ivory, seeds, roots, in order to show the richness and greatness of the Brazilian nature to the world. Internationally awarded, her pieces are unique and highlight the uniqueness of mixtures, shapes and different colors in the Flora. 

To create her pieces, Patricia photographs much of this nature and transforms all the details in beautiful pieces, along with precious stones, without changing them. Her collections are inspired on various themes that refer to men’s connection to the land.

The artist creates earrings mix, bracelets, rings and necklaces in various organic shapes, from stones like onyx, coral, diamonds, quartz, crisoprácio, agate, among others.


Roberta do Rio:

The detailed and sophisticated, yet artisanal work of Roberta do Rio has taken the Brazilian jewelry designer to be considered a dream-maker. Her passion for gold smithy took her across the world for mastering different techniques and expanding her knowledge about gemology.

The designer creates mostly one of a kind pieces, rich in textures and forms, showcasing personally with selected stones from her trips around the world. These high quality stones, combined with her unique design, bring into life timeless pieces with a modern twist.

Much of this interesting mix is an inspiration from the time the designer lived in London which certainly shaped the blend of sophistication and classic, with the rocker influence from areas as Nothing Hill or Camden - where many different cultural trends coexists. Needless to say, the result of this has called the attention of some of the coolest Brazilian celebrities.

Roberta likes to think about the anatomy of the pieces she designs to ensure the perfect ergonomics, so they look beautiful and comfortable. At the same time, she seeks continued innovation and exclusivity to fully personalize her clients experience.

Having started with a small workshop at home, today Roberta do Rio has now expanded to a boutique, beautifully located in the charming and cool neighborhood of Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro.


Victoria Sayeg:

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Victoria Sayeg graduated in Business Administration and after some time working in strategy consultancy, decided to explore a creative entrepreneur journey. The brand started after Victoria specialized in 3D modeling, which became one of her biggest passions: “3D modeling is a therapy, it's like transforming dreams into reality”. 

Victoria’s jewels are created for the modern women, no exaggerations and many subtleties. They are great pieces to use on the everyday life. The Constellation and Comet Collections uses pearls in abundance, with bold interferences of yellow gold drops, rubies and blue sapphires. All pieces are clean and super feminine.

Her private collection uses anatomical forms to embrace the ear, neck and fingers. The newest collections are: Bouquet and Artsy. 

Bouquet is inspired in delicate and organic references with a colorful touch. Artsy explores the creations of artists such as Yayoi Kusama with her shiny spheres and Dali with his melting forms. "I love exploring in each collection a new concept, but always maintaining the novelty and the easy chic mood everywhere”. 


Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Designers