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First Time Out: A Variety Show With Emerging Artists

October 5, 2016 | BTSNYC
Nightlife Bars First Time Out Sisters Bklyn Musicians

This is a post if you’re into singing or if you enjoy upcoming talents! We’ve written about Sisters Bklyn a while ago and we really enjoy everything that they do! First Time Out is a variety show with emerging artists and talents!

Nightlife Bars First Time Out Sisters Bklyn Musicians

Sisters Bklyn is not only known for their craft beer, cocktails, but also for nice wine.

Most important, they are well known throughout the cool artists/singer community. Why? They encourage these artists by hosting events where they perform and show their talent to the world.

What this event series, called First Time Out, all about?

“We’re going back to our roots with genuine first timers and first time performances (is that you?). This is one for the books so come give your love, meet new friends, and support budding artists.”

This great idea came to life a few years back in 2014. The idea was to help emerging actors, singers and talents in different industries that have never performed and shown their art to the world, to share it!

Today, with over 100 different performances, they recruit and organize events where these talents present themselves to curious crowds.

Also, the guests are some of the coolest and most cultural-oriented people out there. They appreciate different forms of art, they celebrate diversity and they are supporters by heart to these brave souls that put themselves out there.

Therefore, we do have to agree, they do have to be courageous to open up to a “strange” audience. Our Founder, , loves engaging with these artists. For one, she is a fantastic networker and can talk forever with you, but has opened up about her fear of public speaking.

Anyway, getting back on track, be sure to see their upcoming shows. This one, will be hosted at Pete’s Candy Store.

Tickets: $6.27 – $11.54

Location: Sisters – 900 Fulton Street | Pete’s Candy Store – 709 Lorimer Street

Nightlife Bars First Time Out Sisters Bklyn Guests

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sisters Bklyn
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