Foragers City Grocer: A Grocery, Restaurante And Wine Shop

December 19, 2015 | BTSNYC
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Foragers City Grocer is not only a grocer, but also a true farm-to-table restaurant and a wine shop. One of it’s locations in the super cool neighborhood of DUMBO, in Brooklyn!

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The Foragers City Grocer opened in 2005 in DUMBO and carries locally grown organic produce, pastured meats and fresh local dairy.

Foragers is your go-to destination for the best, carefully-selected, locally sourced, and artfully prepared food. The demand we saw for clean and ethical foods inspired us to open our market in Chelsea, which also includes a restaurant and wine shop.

All the products featured come from trusted producers, or hand picked from our own farm in Canaan, New York.

The clients like to know where their food is grown, processed and handled.

Plus, they are interested in learning about the entire process and being sure that they are consuming what there is best in the market!

So, as they explain:

“Our sourcing standards ensure that every product you find at our stores is made honestly with all natural ingredients, grown with integrity, and raised humanely.”

This type of market is right up our alley, so we love every single aspect of it, support them, and hope to spread the work to other like minded people.

In addition, the restaurant is called Table. It runs under the direction of Executive Chef, Nickolas Martinez, and is more than a farm-to-table restaurant. They also grow their own food! Therefore, besides a delicious dinner, you must try their brunch that happens on the weekends.

They have a store in Chelsea too. So, if you don’t want to commute all the way into Brooklyn, to shop, you have another great option!

And, if you want to explore other farm-to-table restaurants, we actually recommend heading upstate NY.

There are countless close by day trips that you can plan for a different weekend. For help organizing it all, contact our concierge experts. In sum, they can cater an exclusive and memorable experience for you!

For Corporate requests, contact us and let us know how we can assist.

Hours: Please visit website for store hours of each location.

Locations Market & Table:
56 Adams Street, DUMBO
300 West 22nd Street, Chelsea

Location Wines: 231 8th Avenue


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Foragers City Grocer
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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