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Getaways from NYC: The Best Road Trips within 3 Hours of NYC

October 17, 2021 | BTSNYC
Getaways from NYC The Best Road Trips within 3 Hours of NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Check out the best road trips within 3 hours of NYC and plan an exciting and relaxing weekend away from all the city’s buzz!

Getaways from NYC The Best Road Trips within 3 Hours of NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Long work hours and busy schedules can be a huge cause of stress. So, today we will share some getaways from NYC that can be the best road trips to have fun away from the city!

study conducted in 2020 by the World Health Organization determined that these long work hours can be unhealthy and taking a vacation or going away on a road trip can do wonders for both physical and mental health.

But what are some good getaways within a three-hour drive from New York City?

The Catskills (2 Hours by Car)

The Catskills are a mountain range in southeastern New York. It is most known for its nature preserve, wildlife, hiking trails, ski resorts, and more. It is a perfect place to get some fresh air outside of the city.

Even though it’s only 2 hours away, because it’s a rocky terrain, choosing a truck over a city car would be a smart step; after all, pickup trucks can handle dirt roads better. In the summer months, there are incredible trails to hike or bike on with beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes.

Such spots as Kaaterskill Falls and Sunset Rock are very popular spots due to their natural beauty. There are also a lot of incredible places in the Catskills for swimming with a number of lakes, ponds, creeks, and swimming holes in the area that attract tourists.

The winter months have just as much to offer. In the Catskills, you will find some popular resorts for skiing and snowboarding. There are also opportunities to go snowshoeing through the snowy mountains and woods for some truly incredible and unique views.

Atlantic City (2 Hours by Car)

Atlantic City is a resort city that sits right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey.

What was once a seedy place that most would avoid at all cost, this city has slowly improved itself over the years and is now a glamorous, must-visit on the east coast.

Because the city is still trying to shake off its old, questionable reputation, everything is relatively affordable. Within the city, you will be able to find many different delicious restaurants, incredible spas, lavish hotels, and entertaining casinos.

All at prices that won’t end up breaking the bank. The city also has the world’s oldest boardwalk, which can make for a lovely place for a walk.

Hudson Valley (90 Minutes)

Hudson Valley is a region in New York State that is full of farms, orchards, and wineries. Yes, within 90 minutes of New York City there are over twenty different wineries just waiting to be visited.

Outside of the wineries, the area has a lot of notable restaurants, historic landmarks, gorgeous Estates to enjoy  for down time, art museums, beautiful state parks and nature reserves, world-class farmers markets, and orchards where you can pick your own fruit.

Whatever it is that a person might like to do on a weekend getaway, the Hudson Valley area probably has it.

Take a day trip there, up from the city or stay in one of the area’s fantastic hotels for a whole long weekend and experience all that this beautiful part of New York has to offer.

It can be very beneficial to go on a vacation or getaway, but it can be hard to know where to go and what to do.

Whether you want to take a day trip, go for a long weekend, or a whole week, there is a lot you can do within driving distance of New York City that will help you relax and unwind.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Harry Gillen

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