Little Treats NYC: Tradicional Brazilian Brigadeiros In Town

February 23, 2016 | BTSNYC
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If you’ve been to Brazil, you have probably tried one of their amazing tradicional chocolate sweets named Brigadeiro. To our happiness, Little Treats NYC offers some very exclusive flavors!

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What are brigadeiros? They are basically a small, handcrafted truffle-sized sweet ball made with condensed milk, chocolate and butter.

Sounds simply delicious, we know! And they are! This is the #1 Brazilian traditional sweet that is part of the amazing culture. Probably, one of the reasons Brazilians are so happy! Ha!

Well, the sweet itself seams relatively simple to make. Moreover, it’s actually hard to compare to anything we know around here, since it’s looks like a truffle, but the taste is completely different! So much better, we have to confess!

Well, the chocolate flavored are the original ones. In time, due to the sweet’s huge popularity – being the top “sweetheart sweet” in the country – there are today infinite variations and flavors. Plus, even sizes! We find some very tiny ones and, on the other hand, some massive ones! To be honest, we just think the normal sized ones are perfect for any type of craving.

In addition, if they are smaller, the action of eating more of the small ones, for some weird reason, is so much more fun! Go figure…

Now, if you’ve never been to Brazil or tried one of these beauties, you can try them here in New York City!!!

A few years ago, Cinthia and Andreza – two super polite and dear Brazilians girls we met – opened they own Brigadeiro company called Little Treats NYC! Every time we ordered with them, or bumped into their kiosk at a market place, the sweets were amazingly fresh! They always seamed to be super recently baked.

Little Treats NYC has a few special flavors like: capuccino, coconut, Oreo, lemon and pistachio.

You can buy the online, which is great, and they also offer catering services for every type of event. After all, Brigadeiros are the perfect sweet for any occasion!

Lastly, if you want to adventure yourself and bake them, search online for the recipe and follow it precisely. The BEST part of it all is: scraping the pan at the end, with that chocolate leftovers still hot! OMG…

Enjoy and save some of us!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Little Treats

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