McCarren Hotel & Pool: Feels Like An Urban Oasis In Brooklyn

April 24, 2016 | BTSNYC
McCarren Hotel Williamsburg Upper Elm Deck View

McCarren Hotel & Pool, located in the heart of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, is well known for it’s amazing pool and rooftop bar. It’s a place that feels like an urban oasis.

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The view? Breathtaking, of course! From there, you have an amazing view of Manhattan and of the East River. Oh! And be sure not to miss the priceless sunsets!

The hotel offers 64 modern rooms with every amenity you need to have an amazing experience while in town. However, the rooms are not so big, but we’re sure you won’t be spending to much time in them either.

It is perfect if you want to have a peaceful time away from Manhattan’s tireless energy!

This urban resort is the perfect location for meeting cool kids and relaxing in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. And still, you’ll have a chance to socialize with the local crowd that goes there to enjoy the hotel’s pleasures.

As we said, it feels like an urban oasis in the middle of Brooklyn!

Plus, the neighborhood is full of great small restaurants, cool bars, young people, great stores, peaceful walks and a breathtaking skyline view of the City.

The ones we recommend? Ah, there are so many, but you can try these spots:

McCarren Park – Literally  1 minute walk from the hotel. It’s one of the spots your Founder, Fê (read about her here) loves the most. She’s usually there over the weekends, laying in the grass and reading her books, followed by a fruit smoothie from a close by deli.

Beco – This super traditional Brazilian pub is one of the highlights of the neighborhood. Try a few Brazilian dishes like the PF (a.k.a. prato feito), the pão de queijo (a cheese bread), and finally their brigadeiro (a chocolate truffle sweet).

Output – If you’re a night owl that enjoys hard electronic music paired with the hypest gang in town, this is the place for you to go! Be sure to check their upcoming events, since they host big name DJs.

The Bedford – A neighborhood pub style restaurant that was a former garage with delicious and gorgeous American dishes. They have a cute outdoor area, opened throughout most of the year! Try their avocado toast!

Lastly, are you the type that enjoys doing Self-Guided Tours? Yes! See our Self-Guided Tour of Greenpoint! FYI: Greenpoint is one of the up and coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn!

Location: 160 North 12th Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of McCarren Hotel & Pool and

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