McGuire Denim: The Perfect Hand Crafted Denim

February 10, 2016 | BTSNYC
Shop Ladies McGuire Denim New York City

Denim is one of the pieces that we have the hardest time to figure out what looks best when we’re out “on the hunt”! McGuire Denim will solve most of your denim issues!

Shop Ladies McGuire Denim New York City

“Style, substance, grace, humility and big dreams!”

We are definitely “denim lovers”, so we do have a considerable number of pieces in our closets. Our Founder could literally use them every-single-day-of-her-life.

Well, here is a great brand that can solve most of your denim issues!

McGuire Denim was founded by Marianne McDonald. The idea was conceptualized in New York City, and brought to life, in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, the goal was to create great jeans for great people with style, substance, grace, humility and big dreams.

The mixture of an urban style, with classic shapes and the softest fabric you’ll find, will make you feel amazing, and still comfortable.

Some of the most stylish girls in the planet are huge fans of the brands. Names like: Gigi Hadid, Arielle Noa Charnas (aka Something Navy), Jamie Chung, Kate Hudson and Jamie King are a few!

The jeans cost around $250 and they will make your legs look just like Gisele Bundchen’s, the Brazilian Über Model! Long legs and heals? Well, that’s the perfect math! But, then again, feeling comfortable and chic comes in first place, right?

Get ready to purchase amazing and ultra-chic styles, from boyish cropped to high-rise skinnies pairs! We love them all!

And still, they will launch their E-Commerce soon, so stay tuned! It might definitely become addictive one it gets so much easier to purchase, right?

In addition, find out more about our private Personal Shopping & Styling service and also the Wardrobe cleanse! They are fantastic services that will get you addicted! We have very loyal clients that book several times a month!

Shop at: Nordstrom and ShopBop

Photo Credit: Courtesy of McGuire Denim
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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