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Dance ‘till The World Ends: Martha Graham, A Modern Dance Queen

February 7, 2017 | BTSNYC
Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Nycdanceproject

Our dear friend, contributor and famous Brazilian Singer, Aline Muniz, shared an amazing story and an event for those that like to dance, dance, dance! Get inspired by the Modern Dance Queen called Martha Graham.

Culture Music Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Danceinsoul
Photo Credit: Danceinsoul

If you enjoy Pop Music you probably know: Michael Jackson. If you like F1 Racing, you know: Michael Schumacher.

And…if you like Modern Dance you need know another name that also starts with “M” and has revolutionized the craft of dancing.

She has made her mark in history, just like the two other “masters” I’ve mentioned above.

Her name is Martha Graham and, trust me, you really need to learn about her.

Born in 1894, in Allegheny, Pittsburgh, she became one of the most influential artists and choreographers of the 20th Century, and her work is a real beauty.

It doesn’t matter in what era we live in, it has been always of crucial importance for art mavens, like Martha, to make people access their feelings. Not only was Martha an expert in that, but she transformed modern dance, as well as disseminated it around the world.

Intensity, freedom, passion, anger…you can easily find it all in Graham’s movements and choreography. I guess that is the job of modern dance, right? To make the dancers and the audience focus on the core. The heart.

She urges us to refrain the shortness of breath and present the inner will to move freely using the breath in the same intensity and extension as a movement.

Contract and release”: two words that definitely rule her vocabulary.

Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Nycdanceproject
Photo Credit: Nycdanceproject

Since the launch of the “Martha Graham Dance Company” in 1926, they’ve been showcasing the best of the Contemporary Dance to world. From the classic masterworks to the new pieces from contemporary choreographers, the company brings to New York the “New York Season at The Joyce”, on February 14th – 26th and the “Graham Studio Series: Sacred/Profane Project”, on May 2nd and 3rd.

The Joyce theater will host it with the charm that only a specialized dance theater possesses.

In the heart of Chelsea, you’ll immerse yourself into the Modern Dance Queen’s World.

Culture Music Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham, the Joyce Theatre, by Grandlifehotels
Photo Credit: Grandlifehotels

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” ~ Martha Graham


New York Season at The Joyce
When: February 14th – 26th
Where: The Joyce NYC, 175 Eighth Avenue, Chelsea
Tickets: Starts at $10

Graham Studio Series: Sacred/Profane Project
When: May 2nd and 3rd
Where: Martha Graham Studio Theater – 55 Bethune Street, 11th Floor
Tickets: Starts at $25

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Culture Music Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Lois-Greenfield
Photo Credit: Lois-Greenfield

Photo Credits: Courtesy of danceinsoul, nycdanceproject, Lois-Greenfield and grandlifehotels
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