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MoveMent APP: Apartment Hunting In New York City

January 2, 2016 | BTSNYC
Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Manhattan Skyline Hudson River

Apartment hunting in New York City can be draining and overwhelming, but Movement APP will make the entire process seamless.

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Manhattan Skyline Hudson River


There is nothing more tiring than apartment hunting in New York City. Options are endless, amenities vary immensely and neighborhoods can be confusing. Plus, commuting is always an issue, prices can vary a lot within just a few streets and it seams like an endless process.

We feel exhausted just by writing about it! In this new technological world, it was about time that someone launched a good app to fulfill all these issues!

Movement APP was introduced to the market on May of 2014. It’s a great platform for apartment hunting through a mobile device.

Something that might eventually help to curb the misery of the apartment search experience.

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Technology Screens

When it launched, it listed just under 2,000 apartments in the city. But, there is definitely room to grow. The New York’s 5 boroughs are overflowing with options.

So, after you log into the app, you immediately see a wide range of available apartments!

You’ll be able to see the address, price and bedroom/bathroom count for each to start your research!

Movement is on the right track to becoming the premier search engine for apartment hunting in New York City.

And, we do hope they follow on strong!

Read a little more about them:

“Known as the app to finally put landlords, brokers and the public on equal ground. Explore (public) and post (brokers & landlords) live geotagged videos/photos of apartments for rent.

  • Browse quality listings on a beautiful, smart & simple feed;
  • The only Real Estate portal that gives you access to view real time videos;
  • Our database is comprised of only quality listings that are verified by geotagging and captured in real time through our app;
  • Manage your listings: brokers and landlords can syndicate to Zillow & Realtor.com their Movement Listings from the app.

Text and Photo Credit: Courtesy of Movement APP
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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