A Duo that is Rockin' the Influencer World in NYC

We recently interviewed a super talented duo that is changing and rockin’ the influencer world in New York City! 

Amra Beganovich, a former Economist and Elma Beganovich, a former Lawyer decided to dive into the Social Media universe and today are considered two of the top Digital Influencers in NY, with a successful influencer led marketing agency.

“After toiling away as an economist on World Bank projects for a few years, my sister and I realized that our calling lied elsewhere – like many of our millennial peers, we started dabbling in the digital space. We began blogging in late 2012 on our website Club Fashionista and that quickly grew into our own brand Amra & Elma, which now is the only influencer lead digital marketing agency. With our own 2.3M following and a network of over 300,000 consumer influencers, we specialize in making brands explode in the digital space. Our services include photo production, no-fee blogger program, social media management and media outreach. We have also contributed to some of the most prominent publications such as ELLE, InStyle, Marie Claire, Business Insider, and Bloomberg. Some of our high-profile clients include: Uber, SmartWater, Johnson & Johnson, Avon, Make Up For Ever, E S P R I T, and Dr. Marten’s. I currently reside in New York City but make an effort to escape and travel as often as I can as I find a great deal of creative inspiration in all corners of the world.”

~ Amra Beganovich

 “When my career in law seemed to spiral into a rut and started looking like a dead-end job, I took a leap of faith (in myself mostly) and joined my sister Amra, who was working on her blog and digging deep in the social media and digital space. Blogging soon grew into our careers as digital influencers, which then turned into our own namesake brand Amra & Elma – the only influencer founded digital media agency. We focus on social media and digital influencer marketing. We are proud of our own 2.3M following on social, and boast a network of over 300,000 consumer influencers, many of whom are our personal friends and colleagues. As mentioned above, our goal is to help brands catch fire in the digital space, and our services include photo production with professional models and/or influencers, no-fee blogger program, social media management, and media outreach. We have also contributed to some of the most prominent publications. I currently reside in New York City but enjoy traveling whenever possible in order to break free of the everyday and nurture my creativity.” 

~ Elma Beganovich

Take a look at their Top 7 Favorite Spots in NYC:

We all know about the massive Ralph Lauren flagship store located in the heart of 5th Avenue, but not many people know about a tiny coffee shop inside it. It’s certainly a great space to escape the Manhattan chaos! Their coffee ‘is certified organic, ethically and sustainably sourced’, which does make all the difference!

“This is one of our favorite spots during NYFW as influencers all across the world gather here between shows to sip on their favorite coffee and tasty (and healthy) treats. The café is tucked away on the second floor of the store allowing one to catch a break during a busy day.”

Location: 711 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor

Manhattan is not only the center of fashion, but also a center for beauty! With so many amazing spots, it’s definitely hard to pick one!

One of the leading hair stylist in NYC, Serge Normant, partnered up with John Frieda, famous for his signature Hair Care Line and founded Serge Normant at John Frieda.

“We love the entire team in this salon – from the colorists to the hairstylists, they really know hair and can make a girl feel “oh so fabulous”. The setting is cozy – they serve you tea right as you come in – and upstairs, there is a beautiful deck allowing one to go out and catch a breath of fresh air in this busy city.”

Locations: 30 East 76th Street (Upper East Side), and 336 West 23rd Street (Chelsea)


Via Quadronno is a traditional Italian restaurant, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, was founded in 1999 and is also known for being a paninoteca, serving truffled paninis and delicious homemade pastries paired with irresistible cappuccinos.

As they explain: Mankind trained dogs and pigs to sniff for white truffles, assisting in the quest for this heavenly treat. Wild boars don’t need training: they instinctively know how to locate truffles, for they have been enjoying them for millennia. It is the boar’s nose for truffles that helped fuel his reputation as the undisputed gourmet of the animal kingdom.

“In this tucked away café/restaurant, one can find the best cappuccino and tiramisu (made in house) in town! This gem is located a few blocks from the MET Museum, which makes it a perfect spot to stop and have lunch and dessert with your girlfriends after an afternoon in the regal museum.”

Location: 25 East 73th Street and 1228 Madison Avenue (both Upper East Side)


Exhale is known for being an ‘award-winning flagship spa and boutique fitness studios with expertly created Barre, Yoga, Cardio + HIIT classes’. Besides these classes, you can schedule treatments like: Facials, Massages, Acu-Healing, Scrubs, Manicure, Waxing and several other amazing services.

“One of our favorites to frequent because of the barre classes and the studio’s relaxing ambiance. One can also make it an all around experience by opting for a spa treatment after a rigorous exercise.”

Location: 150 Central Park South


We’re just posted about Storm King Art Center (here)! They open in a few days and we can’t wait to go there again! You’ll find more than 100 gorgeous installations, spread throughout over 500 hectares of green landscape! Art pieces by names like Roy Lichtenstein, Calder, Zhang Huan and Louis Bourgois are just the start!

“This place almost seems magical with its outdoor sculptures, which are the best to experience during the spring and summer months. It’s a perfect place to observe art and absorb the refreshing outdoors scenery away from the concrete and the hectic energy of Manhattan."

Location: 1 Museum Road, Mountainville


We all know that New York City hosts some of the richest and most important museums in the world! The Frick Collection is surely one of these and it showcases one of the most important collections of Western fine art today.

“This place is like a little oasis secluded from the business of Manhattan with its marvelous art and majestic garden spaces and sculptures. I would suggest going here to catch a break and for a little time travel into the early 1900s.”

Location: 1 East 70th Street (Upper East Side)


The West Village is surely one of the top 3 restaurants we most love in Manhattan and we are always there exploring new spots or just roaming around the beautiful streets. It’s predominately a residential neighborhood, but the small shops, coffees and restaurants give it a lively vibe!

Bleecker Street is not only what it appears in blockbuster movies, like the Time Machine and Doctor Strange, it’s that much more! I love this promenade for its shops and cafes. The street is located in West Village and its beauty is striking with the brown bricks, cobblestones and cozy shops.”

Location: Bleecker Street in the West Village

We love what the guys at The West Village Life doing to share the neighborhood’s beauty (picture are all theirs) - www.thewestvillagelife.com


Here are two fun questions we asked them:

What does NYC mean to both of you?

“I believe New York City means opportunity – opportunity to feed off of the bustling energy and to learn from some of the most talented people in the world. It is a city where trends are started and dreams made. At the same time, one must stay weary and escape now and then and to catch a piece of mind and put it all into a perspective. I think it is important to stay grounded and humbled and not to let so many of the temptations this city has to offer distract and interfere with one’s core values. Whatever the end-goal – why you came to this city – don’t even forget to take one day per week to yourself and just let loose and have fun.”

What would you girls tell a 1st timer in NY?

“I would share with a 1st timer in New York to take it all in one step at a time and to be more observant in order to learn rather than dive readily into action. Also, I would tell him/her to enjoy the variety the city has to offer – from different districts to spectacular sites, like the views from the top of the Rockefeller Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Finally, as mentioned above, don’t forget to go away now and then to catch your breath and let it all sink in to gain a better perspective on life and to prosper personally and in your career.”


Thank you Amra and Elma for being part of our NYC Hush Hush Tips and sharing your favorite spots in NY!


Photo Credits: Courtesy of A&E, the venues and TheWestVillageLife.com