UnCovering NYC Dating Scene with a Love Guru

Lets talk about Dating?!

If you’ve just moved to this beautiful, tireless City, or if you’ve been in New York City long enough, you will notice two topics that will always (I mean, always!) come up during dinners or bar conversations: 

  1. RENT! It’s amazing how people are eager to know how much you pay for rent and all the amenities you have in your building to justify the high prices… Note: It does not matter if they just met you, they WILL boldly ask you… 
  2. DATING! The “Dating Scene” in New York is, without a doubt, unique and different from anywhere else on this Planet! It’s a battle to figure out all the do’s and don’ts, right? So, after you do, and everything seams to be flowing well…BOOM! The guy dumps you…

With the Dating topic in mind, our Contributor Ari Crane interviewed Antonia Greco, a NYC-based Dating and Relationship Expert for the New York Dating Coach - www.newyorkdatingcoach.com, and the co-author of "Who Lies More, Men or Women? 6 Ways to Succeed in Dating, Relationships, and Life”.

Sounds catchy?? Click here to find the book!

Over the past eight years, she's worked one-on-one with clients of all ages to help them meet partners, date successfully, and has had a helping hand in several marriages. In her spare time, she likes to run, fuss over cute dogs, play piano and bake pies. 

“A question I often get asked by singles is ‘Where can I go to meet people?’ -- Simply put, you can meet people anywhere you go. It’s just a matter of having the guts to open the dialogue and/or be approachable. That said, it’s beneficial to pick places that reflect something about your lifestyle, your passions, or something new you’d like to try.”

Here are Antonia’s top picks in the City! Do them them out…and who knows…maybe you’ll find your better half. 

1) Hu Kitchen: If working out and being healthy are your thing, then get ready to be excited by Hu Kitchen. Everything is delicious and wholesome sans ingredients that you can’t pronounce. And the clientele, well, they’re exceptionally good looking, in shape, and healthy. Not to mention, the layout of the tables is conducive to striking up a conversation very effortlessly. Rotate this place into your weekly lunch or dinner schedule and be sure to treat yourself to the house-made Almond Butter truffles! 

Location: 78 5th Avenue


2) B-Cup: Whether you’re “working remotely” or in the mood for a chill place to enjoy some coffee, look no further than B-Cup. This hip little haunt is tucked away in Alphabet City and is the “office” for many singles. With free, reliable wi-fi and iced coffees served in carafes, this friendly space is a mix of funky and accommodating. Bonus: Most people come here alone so it’s the perfect place to table share during the busier hours!

Location: 212 Avenue B


3) Printed Matter: This place is a metropolis for the creative minds. If you’re someone who has an appreciation for rare work and unusual finds, then this should be at the top of your “must visit” list. No need for pickup lines here, the sheer amount of conversation pieces alone will make banter inevitable.

Location: 231 11th Avenue


4) Cooper Hewitt: If you find museums to be boring, then maybe Cooper Hewitt will change your mind. The interactive environment - especially in the Immersion Room - is the perfect place to strike up conversation with others, all while interacting with art and design. When you’re done, grab a coffee from the cafe and head to the garden!

Location:  2 East 91st Street


5) Niketown Running Club: Running is a great way to unwind all while staying healthy! Regardless of your pace or athletic level, this is a good place to meet others - especially for those that are tired of the bar scene. Don’t be discouraged if the guy to girl ratio is not in your favor. One thing singles tend to forget is that ANY person you meet may have a single friend, relative or coworker that would be a fit for you!  

Location: 6 East 57th Street


6) L.A. Burdick: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And where there is chocolate, there are women! Don’t be fooled by the small space - this charming little chocolate shop pumps out some of the best hot chocolate in the city as well as adorable handmade treats. Hint: most people have a sweet tooth around 3pm so it’s a good place to stop in during that time!

Location: 5 East 20th Street



For further information about Antonia and her work, check our her Website and maybe even schedule a Free Consultation!



Photo Credits: Portait by Gary HeIwan Baan for Medibank, Courtesy of the Venues. If any pictures is yours, please claim them!