WGSN's Trend Forecaster & Editor Take-Over our IG

We were ecstatic and ultra delighted when Sarah Owen, Trend Forecaster and Editor at WGSN, suggested an Instagram take-over. Here are a few of the unique tips she gave us:

Down in Brooklyn's Dumbo overlooking Manhattan and Tom Fruin's colorful stained glass tower.

It's freezing cold in NYC at the moment and this guy is surviving on the roof of Marlborough Chelsea Gallery - luckily he's just a piece of art. At 545 West 25th Street and 331 Broome Street.

My favorite coffee shop, Devoción USA serves up the best soy latte and an interior worth instagramming. At 69 Grande Street, Williamsburg.

Printed Matter Inc. is a great spot to get lost in and discover some pretty original and peculiar zines. At 231 11th Avenue.

Brooklyn made chocolate at Williamsburg's Mast Brothers store. At 111 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg.

Inside the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue. The architecture is breathtaking and the fun is in exploring all the secret rooms like this one. On 5th Avenue at 42nd Street.

Thank you Sarah, for reaching out and sharing some of your favorites places in town!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sarah Owen