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NYC’s Pest Kings – And How They’re Tackled

January 9, 2023 | BTSNYC
Rats NYCs Pest Kings Mert Guller Behind the Scenes NYC

It’s no surprise to talk NYC’s pest control and who are these little creature that terrify locals and visitors! Check it out!

Rats NYCs Pest Kings Mert Guller Behind the Scenes NYC

New York City is a huge and dense urban area. And, like all urban areas, it has some issues to tackle when it comes to pests.

Of course, New York City is no Portland, or, worse, Chicago, which leads the country when it comes to infestations, according to ABC7, but it’s always important to remember that it’s not just rats that come into the pest equation.

The good news is that common sense can prevail in tackling them and that hotel owners and city officials are taking a savvy approach to pest problems.

Plus, tourists can keep their eye out for certain factors to know they’re staying in pest-controlled lodgings.

So, who are these NYC’s pest Kings?! Check them out below:

The mighty cockroach

Cockroaches NYCs Pest Kings Picas Joe Behind the Scenes NYC

Rats are one of the most obvious and attention-drawing pests around – but in NYC, they’re not the most pervasive.

That title belongs to cockroaches, which are not necessarily a sign of uncleanliness – they’re simply part of the urban geography.

Indeed, these insects draw so much attention that a recent hearing at the nearby Albany City Court saw several hundred released, according to, in what was reputed to be a feat of social activism, designed to raise attention, but was decried by lawmakers as an over-the-top act.

Cockroaches are hard to remove entirely, as they are a naturally occurring insect. So, the onus is on property owners to ensure that they maintain a clean and well-sealed space to make their properties unattractive.

Foods such as peanut butter can be intoxicating to the insects, and proximity to restaurants and bars is asking for trouble.

In hotels and restaurants, top quality hygiene inspections and the proper annexing of rooms away from food preparation is a good start.

Bed bugs

Bed Bugs Pixabay NYCs Pest Kings Behind the Scenes NYC

Less easily identified but occasionally troublesome are bed bugs.

According to SI Live, NYC does rank highly for bed bug infestations owing mainly to the fact the city is so dense.

While bed bugs are commonly associated with homes in poverty, B&Bs and hostels are just as susceptible.

Bed bugs can have an immediate impact on health through bites, and in some unlucky victims, allergic reactions.

Hotels can clearly demonstrate their action against them through records of inspection. But, also through using light-colored linens – removing any ability to conceal the insects, and also deterring them – and through showing well-cleaned and maintained soft furnishings.

Out and about

Outside in nature you have the more existential but equally pressing issue of spotted lantern fly infestations.

As Time Out highlights, these insects look beautiful but can have a serious impact on local flora.

Locals are asked to kill them on sight and then report the sighting to the local park department of agriculture.

Something less pressing, perhaps, than the rats, bed bugs and cockroaches. But still, something to bear in mind when enjoying the experience of NYCs parks and other green areas.

Given its density and the huge number of resources traveling through it, NYC was always going to have problems with pests.

For tourists, it’s important to be aware of that risk and know what to look for.

The good news, though – the city and its businesses are taking plenty of steps to make it a safe place.

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