Our Experts

Renata Meirelles

Renata started shooting weddings and social events as a hobby, at the early age of 14. Soon after, she fell in love with the art of filming, photography direction and the universe of cinema.

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Over time, she gained experience and had great opportunities. She’s always been very dedicated and focused on her goals, and believes that our work will always keep evolving.

So, every day she’s studying and learning more. Within these past 12 years in her career, she’s had the privilege of directing music videos, Dvd’s, short films, publicity videos, and many other freelance projects for great companies.

Renata currently lives in New York City, owns her own production company, working with photography and videography in NY and around the globe.

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Ana Carolina Giuga

Ana Carolina has over 12 years of experience in public affairs, government relations and communications in the United States and Latin America. She’s known BTSNYC’s Founder for over 3 decades! Pause for shock.

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Married to a native New Yorker, she wants you to get past the cacophonic nature of this city and meet the real New York. She loves its multiple “personalities.” It is the home of Woody Allen and the NY Public Library, as well as the home of Saturday Night Live and the Greek coffee cup. It’s a place where old money (Vanderbilt, Gould, Whitney, Rockefeller) live side by side with the “new” New Yorkers of Carrie Bradshaw and Jay Z. Where else can you find the United Nations headquarters sitting next to the financial mecca, while neighboring the heart of art and fashion?

She brings to the BTSNYC team a strong record of identifying business opportunities and establishing long-term relationships.

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Joey Zauzig

Joey’s professional experience is amazing. He’s an influencer in New York City and also is currently works as PR for Tommy Hilfiger Men. He has been featured on many websites such as: Guest of a Guest, GQ, Harpers Bazaar, and Hamptons Magazine.

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He runs his own fashion & lifestyle Instagram page that it has gotten a huge exposure around here.

Joey works with us not only in collecting and sharing the best information related to men’s fashion, health and lifestyle, but also contributing in the various sections of our website that includes the best well kept secrets related to travel and events.

We are sure that you will all enjoy “uncovering” New York with him!

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Nirosha Methananda

An avid life-adventurer, Rosh moved to NYC  from Australia in late 2015. Upon arrival she was lucky enough to stay at our Founder, Fernanda’s place in Brooklyn. From this first moment she fell in love with Brooklyn and… a fast friendship formed!

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Rosh is often found out and about in her home, Williamsburg. In her endless pursuit of the ‘perfect expresso martini’, Rosh also loves visiting NYC’s many cocktail bars.

To support this pursuit, Rosh leads marketing for Intent data startup Bombora. Her background spans marketing, PR and journalism with PwC Australia, Officeworks and Experian Hitwise.

For BTSNYC, Rosh shares what she describes as her ‘love affair with NYC’ – its food, its fun and its frivolity!

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