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Fernanda Paronetto

I’m Brazilian (yes! Not a New Yorker!). Which is actually better, believe me. Most New Yorkers I know, are not really interested in exploring their own city, and area always going to the same-exact-eternal-places-they’ve-always-gone. 

I always had this indescribable passion and curiosity for NY, so I was often here visiting, always UnCovering the best hidden spots and events. The city is just so dynamic, alive, full of novelties, so multi-cultural, beautiful, with an intense energy…the list can go on forever.

Initially I wanted to move right after college, I had a couple of ideas and plans, but then you start working and dating…then suddenly BOOM!…you’re over your 30’s and still back home. Bummer.

I tried desperately (and when I say this, I mean it to the extreme) to come to NYC back in 2011. I spent an entire year shooting emails, staying late hours on LinkedIn, researching every single MBA or 1-year-course in multiple schools in the most diverse fields that I was interested in, having crazy hours of Skype interviews, etc. It was c-r-a-z-y, and exhausting! 

Conclusion: Nothing worked. Something  wasn’t quite right during the interviews - I missed the course applications dates for a few days (so would have to wait another year to apply), LinkedIn contacts simply faded away… I was devastated. 

Everyone was always moving to NYC, and WHYYYY couldn’t I move too???


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Joey Zauzig

Joey's professional experience is amazing. He's an Influencer in New York City but also a Publicist at a major Fashion PR Firm. He has been featured on many websites such as:,, and 

He recently started his Fashion & Lifestyle Instagram page and it has gotten a huge exposure over the past 6 months!

Joey works with us not only in collecting and sharing the best information related to men’s fashion, health and lifestyle, but also contributing in the various sections of our website that includes the best well kept secrets related to travel, events, culture & music, etc! 

We are sure that you will all enjoy “uncovering” New York with him!

Keep your eyes opened for his weekly post.

We're happy to have you, Joey, as part of our Behind the Scenes NYC world!


Instagram: @joeyzigzag