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Moving To New York City: You Can Change Your Life Anytime

August 31, 2016 | BTSNYC
About BTSNYC What The Press Says PR Suit Interview

Our founder, Fernanda Paronetto, was featured in a great interview on PRSuit. It was named “Moving to New York City: you can change your life anytime” and talked about her journey to NYC!

About BTSNYC What The Press Says PR Suit Interview

To start, below is an excerpt from the interview:

“Moving to New York City: From Vogue Magazine in Brazil to Instagramming the streets of the Big Apple.

I am Brazilian and have lived in Brazil my whole life but I’ve always had an indescribable passion and curiosity for New York. I have traveled there frequently, always uncovering and documenting the best hidden spots and events. The city is just so dynamic, alive, full of novelties, so multi-cultural, beautiful, with an intense energy… the list can go on forever.

Initially, I wanted to move to NYC right after college. I had plans to do so, but then you start working, having serious relationships… and suddenly BOOM!…you’re in your 30’s and still back home in Brazil. Bummer.

In addition, I desperately tried (and when I say this, I mean it to the extreme) to move to NYC in 2011. So, I spent an entire year sending emails, spending hours on LinkedIn, researching every single MBA and 1-year-course at multiple schools in the most diverse fields that I was interested in, conducting crazy hours of Skype interviews, reaching out for contacts through friends living in NYC, etc. It was c-r-a-z-y, and exhausting! But…

Conclusion: Nothing worked….”

Read More to continue reading the entire feature, if you also want to change your life! It’s fantastic!

Learn more about PRSuit:

“PRSUIT provides content that engages & inspires a new generation. WHAT IS YOUR PRSUIT?

The mission of PRSUIT is to inspire, motivate, and engage this generation. Experience lays at the heart of PRSUIT’s content; the stories of our contributors broaden our readers’ perspective on life, enhances their sense of style and inspires them to attain success in every aspect of their life. So, in true millennial form, our content is crafted and curated by members of this digital generation who are eager to share their experiences with their peers.

PRSUIT’s content speaks to the aspiring young professional who craves insight and purpose; having grown up online and plugged in, our generation demands credibility and is generally unforgiving of gimmicks or chicanery, especially regarding traffic generation or marketing. Furthermore, PRSUIT’s reader is no longer content with the triteness of the typical viral piece such as “Be Your Best Self Because you Deserve It”; he demands substance and merit from the content he consumes and shares.”

Plus, read about Case Kenny’s story, PRSuit’s Founder.

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