Top 3 Vintage Stores in Brooklyn

Our very good friend, and now top Contributor, Vicky Toni, listed the 3 top vintage store in Brooklyn!

Note: She is one of the best stylists and fashion experts we know, so we definitely trust her tips! 


Are you a vintage hunter? Always trying to find beautifully curated pieces with a good value equation? If the answer is yes, then you have to check out these 3 vintage gems in Brooklyn!

The other day I was walking around Williamsburg and ran into Fê (read about her here), BTSNYC’s Founder! We spent a lovely afternoon together hunting cool pieces at Narnia Vintage. She couldn’t believe that little door on Driggs Avenue would offer such an amazing selection of Boho garments and accessories. 

On the racks you can find designer labels like Oscar de la Renta, YSL, Moschino, Celine, Missoni, Stella and much more. You are probably thinking, but what about prices? The majority of items will fall into the $75 to $250 range. 

Fê actually bought a gorgeous black leather skirt for $95! The brand? Oscar de la Renta!!! To die for!

Go for it! 

Location: 672 Driggs Avenue (between Fillmore Place and North 1st Street), Williamsburg

I only had awesome experiences at this Australian-born vintage store.

Novelty is the key word to best describe Awoke Vintage, since new and unique pieces arrive every day from different countries around the globe. 

With 2 locations - one in Williamsburg and the other one in Greenpoint - they have an extensive collection in good conditions. Here you can find gently used floral dresses, cute button-downs, cool coats and jackets. 

It’s the real deal, guys! 

Location: 132 North 5th Street (between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue), Williamsburg; and  688 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

If you dig vintage styles from the 70’s and 80’s this store is a must go.

Located in Williamsburg, 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas has a wide range of well-curated vintage items from tees and denim to design labels. 

The only watch out is you really have to be patient to peruse your take-away piece(s) through the store, ‘cause they have a lot to offer. 

Next door you can also shop antiques and stunning homeware at Stella Dallas Living store. 

Location: 285 North 6th Street (between Metropolitan Avenue and Havemeyer Street)


Photo Credit: Vicky Toni and Courtesy of the venues