Funky Beats With Tali Ratzon And Her Band, Tali & The Grind

The singer Tali Ratzon came to New York City in 2009 to live in Brooklyn. After a while, she started to work with different music professionals she met around town, and created Tali & The Grind.

Insider Interview Tali Ratzon Singer Tali and the Grind Performing

In no time, Tali Ratzon started rockin’ around the city!

She eventually found herself mingling with some of the most talented Berklee School of Music alumni, like Michel Nasrallah – vocalist and lead guitar of The Brazilian Johnsons.

Together, they started to put together a couple of pretty cool musics and started singing in multiple spots and cities across the US.

The band, called “Tali & The Grind“, is a mixture of Pop and Funk with a clear influence of Latin rhythms and reggae music! In other words…World Pop!

Tali’s voice is hypnotizing and the way she dances these latin, sexy rhythms, really makes you feel the song! Plus, they are always having the best time on stage. Nothing is more exciting during a show to see the band jamming off each other! And, these guys do exactly that!

We love all their musics, but “About to Pop” is our favorite one! The album is available at the iTunes Apple Store!

See of Official Video Clip, it’s amazing!

Plus, if you want to see more, take a look at their You Tube Page.

What she’s up to today? She says:

“I’m a part time musician and full time dreamer. Singing and writing songs is my passion. Bringing my music to millions of listeners all over the world is my ultimate career goal.

I aspire to get my music in commercials and movies, on the radio and travel the world playing it for people everywhere.

Today, I continue to write and develop my skills as I cross paths with musicians, producers, music supervisors, fellow dreamers and people in general.

I have released two albums and two music videos. I’m working on a third album. While I am embarking on a solo musical path, I am always open to collaborations.”

We’ll be sure to share any of her up coming shows, so do keep your eyes opened!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tali Ratzon
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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