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The Reality Of A Social Galaxy Created By Cactus

September 28, 2016 | BTSNYC
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As soon as our friend Lucas Werthein told us about the project called Social Galaxy he had launched in partnership with Samsung, our Founder, Fê Paronetto went to check it out!

Lucas is one of the brains behind the recently launched installation inside 837 Samsung, in the Meatpacking District. It is a breathtaking installation experience by Cactus, called “Social Galaxy“!

The infinite mirrored tunnel gathers all the posts from public Instagram accounts. You connect it to your own feed, but you need to set it public, if it’s not. After connecting them, it projects it onto the countless screens. The system selects the texts and photos and, a robotic voice in the back, reads it all out loud.

The collage is amazing and unexplainable in words, projecting your entire social life in the tunnel. It takes you back to special moments and creates a nostalgic and emotional sensation!

Fernanda had a VIP run-through. The entire tunnel projected only our “Behind the Scenes NYC” feed!

“I was sitting at the corner of the tunnel, looking in awe and had goosebumps spread throughout my whole body.

It’s the feeling that your entire life, passions and memory have been extracted. Then, placed right in front of your eyes through an infinite image series.”

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Usually the tunnel divides into 3 parts so guests have only 1/3 of the screens. But, having it all for us, was an absolute experience!

When you leave the installation, Cactus created a huge wall in the store – The Mosaic. Built with over 90 TV screens it projects photos taken on sight by a photographer.

“As guests emerge from the tunnel, they approach the Social Galaxy photo mosaic. Here, visitors snap photos of themselves at a photo booth using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone. The watch as their portrait is displayed on a huge, three-story LED Screen.

Each portrait is made from thousands of small images taken from the collective pool of past visitors’ Instagram feeds. It’s a reflection of self as a culmination of experiences.”

The algorithm selects pictures with different color pallets to replicated the picture taken. Then it uses all the images the computer stored in the past 24hours, used in the tunnel!

Crazy, right?

Thank you to our dearest friend Lucas, Co-Founder of Cactus, for this journey into our Behind The Scenes NYC story! It was definitely a priceless experience to see our hard work exposed through an infinite image tunnel.

Go there to see what your social world looks like. You will have a great time!

Location: 837 Washington Street

**NOTE: Black Egg was rebranded and is now called Cactus! **

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