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Seasoned Vegan: A Harlem Restaurant That Will Change Your Life

Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Raw Lasagna Featured Pic

We love Harlem and everything about it! Seasoned Vegan is Harlem’s very 1st full-service Vegan restaurant and is truly a hidden gem in the neighborhood.

Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Raw Lasagna
Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Mac N Cheese
Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Stuffed Avocado
Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Dishes
Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Chicken Nuggets
Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Red Velvet Cupcake
Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Brenda and Aaron Beener
Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Kitchen
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The food you love, veganized.

A while ago, we were invited by a dear friend of ours, to go up to Harlem and try this amazing local vegan restaurant.

Our answer immediately was “Yes! Of course!”. Our Founder is vegetarian, going on vegan and we just love everything we can learn about this growing lifestyle.

We really enjoy Harlem and everything about that neighborhood, from the restaurants, to the vibe, to the shops and nightlife. Everything there has a special taste. The uniqueness is hard to describe.

Getting there was, of course, super easy and in no time, we dropped off 110 Street Station Central Park North, on the 2/3 (red line).

Just a 5-minute walk from there, we arrived at Seasoned Vegan, Harlem’s very 1st full-service Vegan restaurant.

We were very lucky to be hosted exclusively by the owner, Brenda and her son Aaron Beener.

Our restaurant specializes in preparing a very unique type of cuisine: gourmet vegan soul food. We use the term “soul food” loosely because we are not referring exclusively to the typical cuisine of the Southern region of the United States.

This sounds great and extremely normal, right? Now, imagine back in the 1980’s, when Brenda decided to go vegan with her family! The entire community judged them and didn’t really get what they were doing, nor why.

In the beginning of this journey, during Thanksgiving celebrations, no one would invite them over after this dietary decision. Brenda even mentioned that they literally felt as if they were aliens.

But, as time went by, little by little people from their community started to open up, tried her dishes and now, every-single-person wants to be invited to her Thanksgiving parties! Haha!

The restaurant was finally founded in 2014 and is quite spacious, with great natural light that certainly give it more life! You can see through inside the kitchen and peek in to see how everything is prepared.

The dishes are organic and 100% vegan! If you’re the carnivore type, we truly recommend you to give it a chance and stop by. We are certain they won’t disappoint you.

It’s incredible how all the dishes we’ve tried are extremely flavorful and clearly made with love.

So, you might want to try:

  • Lemon Crusted “Chicken” Nuggets: fermented soy chicken nuggets breaded and fries
  • Stuffed Avocado: one avocado sliced, pitted and filled with almond meat and topped with cashew “cheese” and pico de gallo. Seasonal and Gluten free
  • Raw Lasagna: raw zucchini sliced and cashew “cheese” layered into shredded spinach, topped with homemade raw marinara. Gluten free

In addition, for dessert we ate one of the best Red Velvet cupcake of our lives!

And still, if you’re not able to go there, or if you need to schedule a quick pick-up, you can do it all online, though their website. Also, take a look at an IGTV Video we did during one of our visits!

For the master chefs out there, stay tuned! Brenda has had plans of launching her own vegan cook book with yummy recipes. We hope it comes out soon!

Be sure to enjoy and explore the neighborhood before or after going to Seasoned Vegan!

So, if you’re also a fan of Harlem, you might enjoy some of the places that the beauty Africa Miranda shared with us!

Finally, to try some cooking at home and be sure how to stay fit and healthy, take a look at these bodybuilding meal plans for vegans. And try the handcrafted, dairy-free and SO delicious bite-size vegan cupcake flavors at Baked By Melissa!

Tuesday – Thursday: 5pm – 10pm
Friday: 5pm – 2am
Saturday: 11am – 2am
Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Location: 55 Saint Nicholas Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kim-Julie Hansen
*Last Updated on Feb/2020.*

Munchery: Afraid of Winter? Order a healthy food delivery!

Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery With Note

Hey New Yorkers – and visitors! If today is a lazy day, plus it pretty cold outside, it’s the perfect day to order a healthy food delivery! We had a great experience with Munchery yesterday night!

Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Noodles
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Eating
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Veggies
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Chicken
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Sushi
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Sandwich
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Salad
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Salad and Drink
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Hotdog
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Ingredients
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery With Note
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Cookies
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Dessert
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Door Steps
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Our Order
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If you follow our account for a while, you DO know that this type of post never shows up.

On the other hand, this is NOT a paid post, ok? The thing is, we were invited by a good friend to try out this food delivery service. So, since it’s quite cold outside and we were feeling very lazy to cook, we decided order in. Fair enough…

The service is called Munchery. They offer “nourishing, affordable, chef-cooked meals delivered right to your door”. We loved the concept at first sight!

The dishes are amazing, done by different chefs. You can filter the available dishes for the day selecting filters like: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Nut-Free. You can also select Entrées, Sides, Kids, Deserts, Breakfast and Drinks!

Now, after selecting it online and as soon as the payment was processed, they took literally less than 10 minutes to arrive! And, the food was super fresh and very tasty!!! WE really enjoyed the service, the food’s quality and presentation, since we do enjoy eating super healthy!

If you’d like to try it out, you have $20 off your first meal, since I’m inviting you through my personal profile! You might also want to directly to their website and type a Code when you get to the payment processing: T4KFB73F.

Before anyone mentions…YES, we do get credit for people who sign up. But, believe us, we’re are only doing this because we really enjoyed their food and service.

We bought a bunch of food through our friend’s Code and payed only the delivery. That to say, the food has a super fair price too!!!

Let us know your feedback after using this healthy food delivery service!

Lastly, if you’re brave enough to leave your home, and enjoy healthy food, go to Forager’s City Grocer. We love them and they have a fantastic selection of healthy, organic, locally source food.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Munchery
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Cherche Midi: “Just” Another Keith McNally Restaurant

Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Façade

If you know a bit about Gastronomy, this name will definitely ring a bell! So, we’re just being ironic by saying: “Just” another Keith McNally restaurant. Cherche Midi is Keith’s newest venture!

Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Façade
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Inside
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Pot de Fromage
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Chicken Paillard
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Tuna
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Frog Legs
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Lobster Ravioli
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Burger
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Steak
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Lemon Tart and Sherbet
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If you’re not so into names…probably Balthazar, Morandi, Pastis and Minetta Tavern will help! This list has some of the top restaurants in New York, so do keep them in mind – or on you’re to-go list!

Cherche Midi is another restaurant owned by the renowned restauranteur Keith McNally and again, he makes a perfect strike! The cuisine: obviously, French.

The staff is amazing, the decor is very welcoming, the courtesy with welcome cocktails is certainly unique, the food is delicious and beautifully presented. Don’t you just love an artistically designed dish? We do!

The team – with Chefs Daniel Parilla and Shane McBride – does make all the difference….and the guests? Well…you gotta go there to understand it!!!

A few plates you can try are the Prime Rib, the Lobster Ravioli, the roasted Chicken Breast, the Cherche Midi Burger, the Seared Salmon and the Angel Hair Pasta.

Oh! For dessert? Ahhh, the Chocolate Soufflé is our favorite, but you’ll be good with any other option too!

Plus, they offer delivery service for lunch and dinner, and still, if you’re looking for a restaurant to host your private event, they can accommodate all your guests.

Do you need help in organizing a fabulous private party? See how our Concierge Services can make this a memorable day!

Or are you a business needing help to organize a dinner for clients, or for your team? Contact us to see how we can assist.

Lunch: Monday – Friday: 12:00pm – 3:30pm
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am-3:30pm
Dinner: Monday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 11pm; Friday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 11pm; Sunday: 5:30pm – 10pm

Location: 282 Bowery (at Houston)

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Cherche Midi, Ryan Sutton and Amy Lee
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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