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The Water Tower Bar: Hidden NYC Cocktail Bar High Up In The Sky

Nightlife Bars The Water Tower Williamsburg Hotel NYC Cocktail Bar

There are so many speakeasy bars in New York, but today we came to talk about a NYC Cocktail Bar called The Water Tower Bar. These guys are hidden high up in the sky!

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New Yorkers are all about creativity and searching for unique things to do in the city. We all know that summertime in New York is the best time of the year where businesses get creative to attract you into their “homes”.

In addition, we also know how quick summer can pass by, so you should definitely take advantage of everything that’s going on: from unique experiences like jet skiing in the Hudson River, the best rooftop screenings and open door helicopter tours to get pictures of NY from above!

All of that is truly amazing, but today we want to talk about New York’s nightlife! We aren’t the biggest party peeps around, I have to confess, but we do enjoy exploring some of the best hidden cocktail bars in New York.

You’ll find great bars in so many different parts of New York but, have you ever been to a hidden cocktail bar high up in the sky? Yup, that’s exactly what you read!

The Water Tower Bar, located on the very top of The Williamsburg Hotel has one of the coolest bars you can visit. Why? Well, they literally built an intimate space inside a water tower with probably one of the most amazing skylines views of Manhattan!

Just to start off, it’s a pretty interesting walk up! You have to climb quite a few steps…up and up and up, until you get there.

The bar is not a big, making every night an opportunity to actually meet new people and interact with everyone there. The super high ceiling gives us air to breath, combined with the huge floor-to-ceiling windows offering the priceless view I spoke about!

Rael Petit, the expert mixologist of the house, has done some serious work on these cocktails. And, we can say, he really knows what he’s doing! So, lucky us to have found this spot! Actually, lucky everyone!

We decided to try 3 of their most famous drinks to share with you our thoughts! And, bottom line, they were all AMAZING! Plus, the names are all pretty cool too!

This is what we had:

  • Message in the Bottle: Bacardi 4yr, Clarified Milk Punch, Chinese Cinnamon Cordial, Blue Majik Pineapple Juice and Lemon
  • Big Poppa: Hendricks, St. Germain, Thyme Corial, Egg White, Lemon Juice and Angostura Bitters
  • Blue Jeans: Empress Gin, Salers, Velvet Falernum and Dolin Blanc

And, if we could, we’d just continue on tasting the entire cocktail menu!

We just ordered a small dish with mozzarella cheese to eat before. They do have a few options if you get a bit hungry.

The night we visited was on a Thursday. We had the pleasure of listening to a great reggae Brooklyn-based band that got everyone on the dance floor. The band is called Sundub and the singer is called Joanna Teters. Her voice is really fantastic!! Other nights, they have some of the top DJs in town doing some serious music too!

So, now it your turn to go there, try their cocktails and dance a bit! Don’t forget to get some priceless pictures of Manhattan’s skyline!

If you enjoy these posts and finding the next best NYC Cocktail Bar, take a look at some speakeasies we love.

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 6pm – 4am

Location: 96 Wythe Avenue


Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Top Halloween Parties 2018 In New York City

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Blood Manor

I can’t believe that Halloween is just around the corner, again! How crazy fast did this year go by, right? Take a look at the top Halloween parties 2018 in New York City!

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Blood Manor
Blood Manor

I can’t believe that Halloween is just around the corner, again! How crazy fast did this year go by, right?

We ALL know that Halloween is the best time of the year with some of the most amazing parties spread throughout the entire city, or country! People travel from all over the globe and come to New York to enjoy this special weekend and go home with endless stories to tell!

Well, like last year, we decided to share with you which will be some of the top parties in the city.

Where am I going? I’m also still not sure for one simple reason: the type of music I enjoy is totally different from the music my friends enjoy! I love psychedelic trans (minus the drugs, lol) and my friends just h-a-t-e it! Ha! The past 2 years, I went to Circo Loco, that is also listed below and loved it!

Tickets are running out and getting super expensive, so be sure to figure out where you’re going and guarantee your ticket(s)!

Oh! And besides the parties, I listed a few costume and make up stores to get you ready for the party!

McKittrick Hotel

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 McKittrick Hotel

You’ve probably heard of Sleep No More, right? If not, it’s the city’s top theatrical experience inside the McKittrick Hotel, where they recreated a non-chronological show portraying the famous Macbeth, written by Shakespeare. Everyone’s face has a mask, preserving all identities and making everyone anonymous.

This is one of the top parties in Manhattan for one simple reason: these guys know how to put a party together!

As they say: “Guests are strongly encouraged to arrive dressed in expressive creations that give regard to the residences tradition of deviant witchcraft – be it a witch, sorcerer, enchanter, vampire, beast, or monster. Alternatively, you could come in dress inspired by the occult, in all black.”

Location: 530 West 27th Street

Buy your ticket!

Circo Loco

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Circo Loco

Ah!! This is the party I told you in the intro that I love and I’ve been to the past two years! If you’re into electronic music – the type that makes your bones shake – then, this is certainly the place for you!

They always organize it in one of those huge Brooklyn warehouses far from everything! The organization is great, the DJ’s lineup is always fantastic with international names and the costumes are truly creative.

Party starts pretty late, but I usually arrive early because lines get crazy. But, if you’re a night owl, you’ll love it!

Buy your ticket!

House of Yes

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 House of Yes Credit Kenny Rodriguez

The team behind the House of Yes are also experts in: party! They are known for throwing some of the best events in the entire New York and their creativity sure amazes everyone!

Do you like neon make up, colorful costumes, live artistic presentations, beautiful circus acts, community vibe, great music, DJs, and feeling like you’re part of something bigger? Then this is for you!

You’ll be able to enjoy 4 different parties they’ve organized for Halloween, so see which one if your favorite!

Location: 2 Wyckoff Avenue 

Buy your ticket!


Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Babel

The party this year is called “Garden of Eden with Black Coffee” and the team behind the party said that it will be a dream journey leading us back to our lost paradise.

“This year’s celebration is dedicated to our beautiful and beloved planet, Gaia. We may come together to protect it so we can retrieve our lost paradise.”

And, the party will happened at a beautiful place called Duggal Greenhouse, in Brooklyn. 

Location: 63 Flushing Avenue, Building 268

Buy your ticket!

Titanic Masquerade – Pier Pressure NYC Halloween Yacht Party

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Titanic Masquerade Yacht

Do you like boats? Ok…let me rephrase. Do you like beautiful yachts, with gorgeous people, good music and a priceless view of Manhattan’s skyline?

Well, if your answer was yes, then continue reading! The Titanic Masquerade party will take place in a yacht that will float down the famous Hudson River for 3 unforgettable hours!

You’ll be able to see not only the breathtaking Freedom Tower at the One World and our Lady Liberty, but also other memorable sights.

Plus, everything paired with the music of some of the top DJs!

Buy your ticket!

Twilight Tour no Green-Wood Cemetery

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Green Wood Cemetery

Last Halloween, I attended another party that also happened inside the renowned Green-Wood Cemetery, in Brooklyn. And, I literally loved it!

The party I went to was later at night, but this year they are doing a pre-event from 5pm – 7pm, when the sun starts setting. We all know that this is the time where cemeteries start getting fun, right? Lol!

If you are like me, you will LOVE this experience! I really thought it was unforgettable and still, you’ll be able to head to another party after it!

Oh! And just thought you’d like to know: the experience ends in a place completely off bounds to the common public: inside one of their catacombs.

Location: 500 25th Street

Buy your ticket!

Blood Manor

In general, haunted houses usually corny and not really scary, but I can guarantee that after you walk inside Blook Manor, you’ll have quite a hard time going to bed at night.

This is one of the most famous haunted houses in New York and surely, the bloodiest one you’ll ever see. The production behind it all is surreal and will get your bones shaking!

Take a look at the video below and let’s see if you’ll have the courage to enter it.

Good luck!

Location: 359 Broadway

Buy your ticket!

Village Halloween Parade

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Village Halloween Parade

Like every single year, on October 31st, the famous Village Halloween Parade takes over the streets of the West Village.

The parade starts at 7pm and will finish around 10:30pm. The costumes are truly amazing, the dancers and artists are extremely talented and the union of this all makes it one of the most iconic moments of the year in New York.

If you’d like to be part of it, check out their website to see how it works!


Cipriani 42nd Street

If you’re looking for a super high-end party, with some of the most gorgeous gals and guys in town, Cipriani 42nd Street is known of hosting this type of party!

Party starts at 10pm and even though this 31st will be on a Wednesday, do expect a full house!

For VIP table, email them through the link below.

Location: 110 East 42nd Street

Buy your ticket!

Dances of Vice

Events Up Coming NYC Halloween Parties 2018 Dance of Vice

This is another party that sells out super quickly, so be sure to guarantee your ticket asap, if you’d like to attend it.

This year, the name of the party is “Cabaret de L’Enfer: Heaven & Hell Halloween Ball”. As they explain: “This year’s legendary Halloween stomp sin-spired by the notorious Heaven and Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris.

Experience supernatural visions of paradise and the underworld at the iconic Capitale, a majestic multi-level, multi-room 19th century vault, to the sordid sounds of angel horns and devil trombones—you are invited!” 

Location: 428 Broadway

Buy your ticket!

And, if you’re also not sure what you’ll be wearing and where to find all the amazing make up people use, I listed a few spots for you to check out!

Have fun in these top Halloween parties 2018 in New York City!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of all the parties and Kenny Rodriguez for the House of Yes

Pianos: From Punk & Alternative Rock to New Wave and DJs

Nightlife Bars Pianos Manhattan Façade

A friend of mine told me about Pianos and how diverse are the bands playing there. Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, New Wave… but also a Dj playing Pop/Dance musics! You’ll love it!

Nightlife Bars Pianos Manhattan Façade

Pianos is the perfect combination of bar food and live music in the trendy Lower East Side nabe.

Pianos is a Bar/Club that features live music, Djs and also offers a variety of cocktails and tasty standard bar food. It’s spread in 2 floors, with a back room on the main floor and an upstairs lounge. From the outside you don’t realize how awesome the place is.

As soon as you step inside you feel like you’re in a basement, because of the brick walls and wooden ceiling beams. Come on, that’s pretty cool. It’s so NYC! And, you’ll find a pretty trendy, modern crowd there.

Now, let talk about the name. Is it a piano bar? Does it actually have a piano? The answer is: nope. Pianos used to be a store that sold pianos, and the new owners decided to keep the name and the old sign: New & Used, Bought & Sold. No doubts it keeps the place more mysterious and interesting.

A friend of mine told me about the venue and how diverse the bands that play there were. Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, New Wave… but also a Dj playing Pop/Dance musics.

Well, I love New Wave! So, I checked out their website and chose the date that suited me best. I chose a day that a Punk Rock/New Wave band would be performing and invited a group of friends. We were all excited for the upcoming adventure!

The day to visit Pianos finally arrived. Hooray!

Nightlife Bars Pianos Manhattan Side Saddle

We arrived at Pianos in time to have some food. The staff was great. The bar menu was nice, with options of salads, burgers, fries… and we ordered different appetizers so we would share everything among ourselves. We were able to taste several dishes and everything was delicious.

What can I say about those mozzarella sticks? They were damn good! I don’t drink alcohol, but my friends ordered some beautiful cocktails. According to them, they were really good too. We had a great time eating and chatting, but we were ready for more. We bought tickets for the main room, in the back of the bar.

There was a stage in the room, and I was thrilled! The room was not too big and not too small. It had enough space to bring everybody together to enjoy the good vibes. We danced and laughed for hours. The band was amazing! It was like a journey into the 70’, 80’ and 90’s.

For a couple of hours I felt like I was an old school New Yorker. The one I grew up watching in movies. Ahhh, music is ageless, isn’t it?

Time to check out the second floor. The upstairs lounge was free!

Nightlife Bars Pianos Manhattan High Waisted

The DJ was spinning eclectic dance music. We hit the dance floor one more time. If I could describe the experience in one word, I would repeat it 3 times: Fun, fun, fun! What a night!

If you are not into Punk Rock like I am, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect rhythm for you. You can always check their website and see the calendar of upcoming shows and DJs. Tickets are affordable and the bands are truly talented. Most of them of national expression.

I just caught myself humming a song by Billy Idol I had the pleasure to listen to that night:

“…Dancing with myself, oh oh dancing with myself…”.

So why don’t you go there and dance with yourself as well, and with a group of friends? Make sure to arrive early, otherwise you might have to wait outside, in a long line.

Don’t forget your ID and go hit the dance floor. Don’t forget to share your photos with us, we’d love to see them!

If you enjoy these types of spots, you’ll also love Rockwood Music Hall that is just a few blocks from Pianos, as well as Brooklyn Steel for bigger shows and last, Sofar Sounds, if you’re into private music gigs in secret spots around town!

Hours: Open daily 2pm – 4am

Location: 158 Ludlow Street


Text by our Contributor: Rafaela Azevedo
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pianos NYC
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Donna: A refined spot for the Dirty Kids in Brooklyn

Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Bar Seating Area

Located just south of the Williamsburg Bridge, Donna was founded in 2012 by Leif Huckman and designed by the brothers Evan and Oliver Haslegrave. As the owner themselves say, this is for the dirty kids in Brooklyn.

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Huckman described his dream of Donna, to the Gothamist by saying:

“I felt there was a lack of late-night places on the Southside to grab a bite to eat and drink. I wanted to create a place for ‘dirty kids.’ I love places with a dilapidated elegance, that look like they’ve been lived in, that aren’t too pristine.”

By “dirty kids”, he meant that there are tons of cool people that enjoy really good stuff, but aren’t into dressing up that much. We definitely can relate! Plus, many of our reading love a cool spot, but this a laid back vibe.

The building chosen to house the place, dates back to 1850. Inside is definitely something! A domed ceiling, an ArtDeco bar that is gorgeous, reclaimed-pine floors, a unique lightning project, wooden tables and chairs! Ah…and the vintage mood. Love it!

The cuisine is Central American style where you’ll find fantastic tacos. Most of the menus on the item are gluten-free!

We recommend, for vegetarians, the Roasted Root Veg with beets, yams, carrots, guacamole, pico de gallo and cilantro. For the meat eaters, the Slow-Roasted Pork with salsa verde, pickled cabbage, pickled onion, cotija, chicharron and tajin.

They still have several small dishes to share, so you might want to order a few, to taste them all. We like the ceviche and the guacamole.

Don’t skip dessert! Their Churros with cinnamon, sugar and salted chipotle honey are worth every calorie. They also serve Van Leuween Ice Cream with vegan flavors. 

Their cocktail list is great with interesting options for all taste buds. They still have wine, beer, draft and other options, so you’ll find your perfect match.

As they say: “Donna is the mini-vacation you can take any day of the week.

It’s a great spot to host private events and even corporate gatherings. The place is relatively big, so don’t worry about “over-inviting” people. You’ll be fine!

There are other great spots around that you might be interested. Sunday in Brooklyn for one of the coolest weekend brunches. For a afternoon lunch, coffee or an exciting night out, go to Freehold. And last, if you’re a massive meat eater, Peter Luger Steakhouse is a place you might want to visit.

Sunday: 4pm – 12am (last call)
Monday – Thursday: 5pm–1am (last call)
Friday: 5pm – 3am (last call)
Saturday: 4pm – 3am (last call)

Location: 27 Broadway, South Williamsburg


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Alexander Thompson
*Last Update on March/2020.*

NYC Valentine’s Day Masquerade Party at the McKittrick Hotel

Events Up Coming Valentine's Day 2017 McKittrick Hotel

Valentines Day can be a great celebration not only for couples, but also for singles. Experience a a NYC Valentine’s Day Masquerade Party at the McKittrick Hotel.

Events Up Coming Valentine's Day 2017 McKittrick Hotel
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the venue

Valentines Day can be a great celebration not only for couples, but also for singles. After all, who said that singles can’t celebrate love too? Plus, New York City is the perfect city for this!

We adore the events that The McKittrick Hotel hosts, and this one is surely a great party to go to on Valentines. The Heath restaurant will celebrate One Night of Decadent Costumed Revelry!

We all know how mysterious and sexy a NYC Valentine’s Day can be, but nothing will beat a Masquerade party in one of the most coveted hotels!

More about the event:

“We are pleased to announce an all new party series within the McKittrick Hotel. Join us as we celebrate Valentine’s Day with The McKittrick Masquerade.

This masked soiree will feature dancing and specially created one-night-only performances. As well as, a full open bar, boundless live entertainment and special guest DJs.

Experience the mysteries of the hotel. Uncover the secrets of its residents as never before with drinking, dancing and costumed revelry.”

What to expect?

Open Bar, Live Performances & Guest DJs, plus great drinks, a stunning crowd, lots of suspense and mystery since it’s a masquerade party…and endless fun!

If you were thinking about celebrating in a more private scenario and would like to surprise your guy or gal, contact our experts to help! We know that we are always on the go, but doing something memorable on this date, will definitely spice up your relationship. So, let us make some magic!

This NYC Valentine’s Day will be unforgettable!

Location: 542 West 27th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Venue

Output Brooklyn: Day Parties in the Williamsburg “sky”

Events Up Coming Output Club Williamsburg Photo Credit Brooklynbased

New York City is known for it’s never ending nightlife, but day parties are also on the top of the list. One of our favorite places is called Output, in Williamsburg.

Events Up Coming Output Club Williamsburg Photo Credit Brooklynbased
Photo Credit: Brooklynbased

Our Contributor, Marcela Brasil tells us about a party at Output that will happen this upcoming Saturday!

New York City is the city that never sleeps, and it’s probably because New Yorkers are either working hard or partying harder. The Big Apple is definitely a synonym of amazing parties, and it doesn’t matter which day of the week it is, several parties will be happening simultaneously within the five boroughs.

Partying is always a good idea, but when it’s combined with good music and a stunning full view of New York City’s skyline, I’ll definitely be there!

I am a big fan of going out in the Meatpacking District, but sometimes I like to enjoy a day party. It’s always fantastic to loose myself in thoughts staring at the city’s skyline and, of course, an Instagram-worthy sunset.

Output is often my go-to place in the Summer. Why? Well, not only because of its location – in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but also for its hipster, welcoming environment. Plus, their unbeatable music!

So, are you feeling like drinking and dancing in this hot New York City Summer weather?

The Roof at Output is the place to go on Saturday, July 16th. Once again Tiki Disco and friends will be playing and no one should miss this day!

Tiki Disco is a NYC-based event that focus on “music for people who like music for people”, as they explain. The DJs playing on Saturday are Lloydski, Andy Pry, Max Pask and DJ Bruce.

The party starts at 2pm and tickets can be found for $10.

I’m sure you won’t regret! See you all there!

For other day parties in Williamsburg, you might want to check out Freehold. We love this place too!

Location: 74 Wythe Avenue

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brooklynbased
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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