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Meet & Greet and Dine With The Stars Of Broadway Shows in NYC

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Broadway Meet and Greet The Lion King Fernanda Paronetto

How about having dinner and experiencing a special Meet & Greet backstage with the talents that are part of the top selling Broadway shows in NYC?!


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We’ve all seen the huge success of Hamilton, right? Tickets can skyrocket to $1,500 and places are always sold out! It can take months for you to actually find an available date to attend the show! Unbelievable, right!?

Now, imagine having the possibility of experiencing a Pre-Show Dinner with these fantastic talents. They are part of the most coveted Broadway shows in NYC.

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Broadway Meet and Greet The Lion King Fernanda Paronetto
Our Founder, Fê, after The Lion King’s show, with Simba and Nala!

But wait!

You’ll also be sitting at the best seats in the house. And still, after the show, the talents meet you once again! This time, for an exclusive, intimate opportunity to go backstage Meet & Greet with the entire cast members!

A thousand times “WOW!”

And we’re not done with the good news!

Which of the Broadway shows is your favorite? From Hamilton, Harry PotterAladdin, Chicago, to Kinky Boots, The Lion King (See our Founder, Fê Paronetto, in the picture above with Simba and Nala!), The Book of Mormons and so many other shows!

Plus, if you enjoy The Phantom of the Opera, take a look at the video (above) where Fernanda interview the 3 main actors – The Phantom, Christine Daaé and Raoul!

Contact us below for further information and prices!

Get ready to rock and have your Social Media go viral, with an experience that will blow people’s mind! It will certainly be one of the most memorable behind the scenes experiences you’ll ever have in New York City.

Oh! Take a look to see the private Meet & Greet experience we crafted for a gorgeous group of renowned Brazilian influencers, during this last New York Fashion Week.

If you are interested in organizing a corporate experience for your team or clients you need to entertain, let our experts help you out! There are a few fantastic experiences we can organize with post-cocktail parties, bringing together these Broadway stars!

Lastly, if you’re a huge fan of Meet & Greet experiences, we still have them for some of the biggest shows on the planet, like Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour, Camila Cabello’s Romance Tour and so many others!

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Videographer: Renata Meirelles
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*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Maggie Norris Couture: Life In Couture

Shop Ladies Maggie Norris Couture Atelier Photo by Jan Klier

Maggie Norris is a legendary New York designer that lives a life in couture. Her exquisite work has been feature in the most renowned publication, and her work is coveted by the most fashionable women on the planet!

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Maggie Norris was born in New Orleans, but quickly moved to New York City to study Fashion at Parsons School of Design.

She became a legendary New York designer that started her career as Ralph Lauren’s Creative Designer. In no time, she quickly assumed the post as Senior Design Director in charge of the Women’s Collection during 13 years.

After leaving Ralph Lauren, she spent a few years in Europe. She returned to New York City in 2000 to launch her own custom-made couture line. Maggie also because part of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

“I have an affinity to the Haute Couture craftsmanship because of its unyielding perfection.” ~ Maggie Norris

Now, imagine a glorious studio in the Garment District, with fascinating couture samples spread throughout the space. And yet, amazing beadwork all around, fantastics colors and fabrics sheltering plane spaces. Simply breathtaking and certainly a unique experience! This is what Maggie Norris Couture is all about.

A few names that are part of her very exclusive client list are: Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Alicia Keys, Diane Keaton, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Beyonce and First Lady Michelle Obama!

Every client has the possibility of booking private appointments, so Maggie can dedicate her time exclusively to them.

It is the place to make your wildest and deepest fashion desires com to life, through the hands of one of the world’s most coveted artistic hands! But, we do advise to really allow Maggie to explore her special talent and create for you!

So, be sure to enjoy this unique and memorable moment! It is certainly a priceless experience and the outcome will be mind blowing!

If you want help to book your personal appointment at Maggie Norris Couture, let our team of experts take care of it for you!

Plus, you might enjoy reading about the 8 Disappearing neighborhoods in Manhattan, one of them being the Garment District! Amusing article!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jan Klier, Capture Fashion and Maggie Norris Couture
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Fe Feher Designed Customized Denim Jackets

Shop Ladies Fernanda Feher Denim Jackets Customized Iris Apfel

We love customized products and we also offer customized NYC experience, so everything within this universe, calls our attention! Fe Feher has created a series of customized denim jackets with unique portraits of renowned personalities!

Shop Ladies Fernanda Feher Denim Jackets Customized Iris Apfel

…and we want them all! We are literally obsessed with the newest one with Iris Apfel, so you might want to run to guarantee yours!

We’ve written about Fernanda Feher a few weeks ago. She’s an amazing Brazilian, Brooklyn-based artist!

We love her work and we are now desperately in love with this newest project!!!

Fe, as friends call her, has started painting unique, one of a kind customized denim jackets!!

We are particularly hugs fans of Iris Apfel and adored her documentary Iris, so we went completely crazy when we saw this new, freshly painted jacket (photo)!

Guys, if you also loved these jackets by Fe Feher, they go for $480. There are no two of a kind, so you can contact us if you’re interested.

We can simply forward your e-mail directly to Fe and introduce you to her! Then, you can ask her to tailor your jacket as you with and with the portrait of a personality that rocks your world!

Oh, she ships to any Country across the globe, so don’t be why!

Contact us and guarantee you unique version!

If you are looking for some Personal Shopping & Styling services in New York City, let our experts take care of you!

Shopping and finding the best deals in New York City is definitely not something easy to do on your own. Especially if you are only in town for a couple of days and don’t want to waste time searching for the coolest stores.

That’s why hiring a personal stylist can be the best solution to your problems!

If you are a Company coming into the city for a week of trend research and inspiration, let us tell you more about our Fashion Study Tours!

And last, we offer some pretty cool, exclusive NYC Tours & Experiences, for people that like to attend the most coveted events, Meet & Greet celebrities, attend the best NY private events and live the unimaginable! Let us know what you’d like to try!

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*Last Update on March/2020.*

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