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3 Hidden Coffee Shops In New York City

Curiosities City Secrets 3 Hidden Coffee Shops In New York City Photo Toa Heftiba

New Yorkers are known for being great coffee lovers and it’s definitely part of their daily routine. That said, we also know that locals love going to hidden spots, far from tourists. So, we united both and explored 3 hidden coffee shops in New York City.

Curiosities City Secrets 3 Hidden Coffee Shops In New York City Photo Christian Koch

With over 3,400 coffee shops, New York City is surely the coffee capital of America. While other cities may claim better coffee, none can top NYC in sheer quantity.

A New Yorker who sets out to try a different coffee shop every day won’t be finished for over nine years – and likely longer that, since in nine years, another 1,000 cafés may have opened.

Yet, in knowing how many small, boutique coffee shops are tucked inside NYC, it’s inevitable that a New Yorker who attempts this coffee quest may miss a few.

Luckily, investigators have placed a pin in those shops whose hidden locations preclude them from fame.

So, take a look at 3 hidden coffee shops in New York City.

Swedish Seamen’s Church

Curiosities City Secrets 3 Hidden Coffee Shops In New York City Swedish Seamens Church
Photo Credit: Courtesy

If you think that this name is ironic – something that is young, hipster proprietors thought up – think again.

Inside the Swedish Church of New York is a coffee shop of the kind frequented by Scandinavian seamen and emigrants at the turn of the century.

Approximately 1.3 million Swedes settled in New York during the 19th and 20th centuries, churches and cafés were their oases in a foreign land.

Today, the coffee shop is connected to the church’s library on 5 East 48th Street. It would be concealed from passers-by if not for a small chalkboard sign. The clientele is still, for the most part, Swedish, and snacks and coffee are Swedish in origin and in name.

Smørrebrød sandwiches, lingonberry juice and aromatic, rich coffee are available and affordable.

Location: 5 East 48th Street


Voyager Espresso

Curiosities City Secrets 3 Hidden Coffee Shops In New York City Voyager Expresso
Photo Credit: Courtesy

Voyager Espresso is underground – literally.

The shop is located underneath 110 William Street in a subway station hallway that is accessible via the John Street subway exit or the building’s lobby.

From both entrances, patrons must descend staircases before coming upon the rounded, austere space of Voyager Espresso, where staff roast their own beans and brew coffee and espressos with machines of the kind that Majesty Coffee ranks highly for small businesses.

The shop contains a Fetco batch brewer and a three-group Synesso Hydra machine.

In addition to delicious hot beverages that also include cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate, Voyager Espresso sells cold drinks, breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches and toast.

Location: 110 William Street


The Cobra Club

Curiosities City Secrets 3 Hidden Coffee Shops In New York City Thee Cobra Club Photo by 3 PHOTOGRAPHERS

The Cobra Club is part yoga studio, part bar and part café – a combination that you may only find in New York City

It’s located at 6 Wyckoff Ave in Bushwick and provides 2,500 square feet of room for yoga, partying and coffee drinking. However, you might actually have to enter the building to discover that it’s a coffee shop.

The coffee has been rated as excellent – as has the vibe. By day, patrons can get their yoga and coffee fix; by night, they can get their alcohol and entertainment fix.

Karaoke, self-defense classes, and heavy metal yoga are just some of the entertainment options offered by The Cobra Club.

Location: 6 Wyckoff Ave


Coffee shops are abundant in New York City, but some of the best and coolest cafés are easy to miss.

Swedish Seamen’s Church, Voyager Espresso and The Cobra Club are three coffee shops hidden from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Now that you know where they are, be sure to stop in and have a brew.

Finally, if you’re a coffee lover and an explorer that loves seeing other spots in town, take a look at our YouTube video on “The 5 Top Coffee Shops In Greenpoint Brooklyn”.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of 3 PHOTOGRAPHERS and courtesy of venues.

Private Untold Stories Of 9/11 Walking Tour

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Private Untold Stories 911 Walking Tour Memorial

Everyone knows the general information of the 9/11 attacks, but most people have never heard of the untold stories! Come experience the Private Untold Stories Of 9/11 Walking Tour to know it all.


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Private Untold Stories 911 Walking Tour WTC

The attacks of September 11, 2001 were a seminal event, forever changing New Yorkers and their city.

While most of us are familiar with the basic elements of that day, there are fascinating facts and stories that are seldom told.

On this walking tour, we’ll uncover lesser-known aspects of the tragedy.

Discover the roots of the attacks and visit sites that played a key role in the incident.

You’ll learn about the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, while hearing stories of extraordinary heroism and miraculous survival.

It’ll provide context for the most momentous event in New York’s history.



  • Walk through the architectural vestiges of the original World Trade Center and uncover the meaning behind the design of the World Trade Center Memorial;
  • Hear about the largest water evacuation in world history. Plus, the site that became the center of rescue and relief efforts and the outrageous plans for a new World Trade Center;
  • In addition, discover the site of the first 9/11 Memorial. And, the Lower Manhattan landmark that was the target of a recent terrorist plot;
  • Finally, learn about the physical devastation of Lower Manhattan, the first terrorist attack in the neighborhood and the bizarre wreckage leftover.

Price: $39 / person, minimum 10 guests or $390.
What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes.
What to know: The tour is 1.5 hours and covers approximately one mile.
Ticket Confirmation: After you book this experience, you will receive a confirmation email from our partner confirming you are attending the tour!


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Private Untold Stories 911 Walking Tour Stock Exchange

Moreover, this is also a perfect tour for Corporate Groups looking for a different experience in Manhattan, specially since many companies are tired of the mainstream tours.

If you enjoyed the “Untold Stories Of 9/11”, you’ll probably have fun at the “VIP Tour Of The Historic Woolworth Building“. It’s a unique experience and certainly thrilling, since it’s not open at all to the public!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Noel Y. C. (aka NYCLovesNYC)
*Last Update on Feb/2023.*

Best NYC Taco Showdown For The Taco-Lovers

Events Up Coming Komeeda Food & City Taco Showdown NYC

Our good friends from Komeeda and Food & City are hosting a great event for the Taco-Lovers called: Taco Showdown NYC! Come find out who will win the Best NYC Taco Title!

Events Up Coming Komeeda Food & City Taco Showdown NYC Horizontal

We love Tacos, so we decided to share an event with the Best NYC Tacos!

Well, who doesn’t, right? If you ever meet someone that doesn’t, be careful with them. LOL!

We’ve been in countless events organized the guys at Komeeda, and this time, they are doing something new and spicy!

For this event, they’ve partnered up with Food & City to host the Taco Showdown. Together, they will bring in the most outstanding taco venues competing for the Best NYC Taco, at a super cool location.

To start, the place is called The Mezzanine and is located in the Financial District neighborhood in Manhattan. The super high ceiling and floor to ceiling windows certainly sets the mood!

So, how it will work?

  • Attendees each enjoy one taco from each competing Taco Team
  • Each taco is critiqued and the votes for the best taco in NYC are placed
  • Votes are tallied and we announce the winner of the Taco Showdown NYC

Plus, to expect great wine and beer to pair with the tacos. And still, cupcakes by one of the best chefs in town!

It’s surely a fun eating experience and we hope to see you all there!!!

So, sign up for early bird tickets and have fun at the #TacoShowdownNYC.

Questions? Contact us! And last, if you want to organize a private event catered with tacos, let us help you out and organize it for you! We’ll secure the best tacos and even have great chefs on sight to entertain your guests!

For corporate events, let our experts assist you.

Date: Tuesday, March 14th
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: The Mezzanine @ Bond Collective – 55 Broadway

Photo Credit: @ClosetFatGirl

Eva Baczynska: Top NYC Tips By A Beauty, Health & Travel Expert

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska

The Beauty, Health and Travel Expert, Eva Baczynska, shares her NYC tips! Take a look at 4 places in New York City that you’re likely spot her in!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tommy Mendes Photography

We invited the beautiful and talented Eva Baczynska from Travelle.Co to share her best beauty, health and cool tips in town!

Eva is always on the go and in and out of planes, so she decided to share with us what she does to keep always healthy, fit and in style.

See below her tips:

Beauty Tip: Ten Over Ten

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Ten Over Ten TriBeCa

“With 3 nail salons in Manhattan (TriBeCa, Soho and Midtown), Ten Over Ten has a super unique store design that will make you feel at home while doing a manicure and pedicure! Plus, the have they own beauty product line!”

119 West 56th Street, Midtown
132 West Houston Street, SoHo
112 Reade Street, TriBeCa
121 Fulton Street, Financial District


Wellness / Exercise Tip: The Fhitting Room

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Fhitting Room

“The Fhitting Room is a boutique fitness studio, with a super modern environment, offering small classes with huge amounts of calorie burn, lean muscle growth and amazing results!

“Strong is the new skinny,” remember? I, myself, have tried the class! It was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g in a wonderful way! Results are definitely guaranteed!”

See more about the post we wrote on the Fhitting Room.

201 East 67th Street, Upper East Side
31 West 19th Street, Flatiron
584 Columbus Avenue, Upper West Side


Food Tip: Nourish Kitchen

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Nourish Kitchen

“Located in the West Village, Nourish offers amazing healthy, seasonally-influenced and locally-inspired takeaway foods and café!”

Location: 95 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Village


Style Tip: Otte NY

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Otte NY

“Otte NY is one of the coolest multi brand stores in town! Originally from Williamsburg, each of the 3 stores – Upper East Side, TriBeCa, West Village – have a unique mix of brands that ‘evokes the vibe of each neighborhood’.”

121 Greenwich Avenue, West Village
37 North Moore Street, TriBeCa
1281 Madison Avenue, Upper East Side


Thank you, Eva, for the amazing NYC tips and congratulations for your fantastic work!!!

See more of her travel expert work on her website.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Eva B. and Tommy Mendes Photography
*Last Update on March/2020.*

10 Top Secrets Of New York City That You Probably Don’t Know

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Underbelly Project Installation by Jeff Stark Credit Katherine Lorimer

New York City is a place full of secrets and with some the most intriguing hidden stories in the world. The more we learn, the more curious we become! Here are 10 top secrets of New York City that you probably don’t know!

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Collage

We just love exploring the city and all the hidden secrets that are super well-kept! Many of these have been shared before, but every time we tell a friend about them, they always reply: “Wow! I never knew about that!”.

Well, this made us think that, even though many of these places have been shared before, there is still a whole bunch of people that still have never heard about them. So, we decided to share the 10 top secrets of New York City that we think are the coolest ones!

Check them out below:

#1 Pomander Walk

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City City Pomander Walk by Sonja Stark
Photo Credit: Sonja Stark

The Pomander Walk was built back in the early 1920’s, specifically in year of 1921. It was built as an homage to the famous English romantic comedy that has the same name. It was written by Louis N. Parker and was famous back then, in London.

It’s located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, between Broadway and West End Avenue.

Several famous names are known for having been residents there. Names like Humphrey Bogart, Rosalind Russel, and Lilian Gish. Unfortunately you can’t walk inside this special street anymore. They have closed the entrance and you’re only allowed in if you have a key, or if any of the residents there invites you in.

Nonetheless, you can still peek through the gate and get a slight view of this little Manhattan haven.

Location: 265 West 94th Street

#2 Tunnel below Columbia University’s Morningside Campus

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Tunnels Under Columbia University by Miru Kim
Photo Credit: Miru Kim

Back in the beginning of the 1900’s, this tunnel was a passage way to and from the Bloomingdale’s Insane Asylum. It ran from 1821–1889, when it was renamed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Westchester and relocated to White Planes.

Then, it served as a meeting place for scientists during the beginning states of the famous Manhattan Project. From there, the 1st nuclear weapons were created.

Today, they are the tunnel right below Columbia University’s Morningside campus. This curious network of underground tunnels connects several school building.

A few tunnels are still open to faculty and students to pass between buildings, but most are closed down for safety purposes. Some of them are located under the Buell Hall and the Pupin Hall.

Spooky, hidden, but amazing!

Oh! You must be questioning about this naked girl on the picture! Well, that’s the super brave and bold, Miru Kim! Yup! She accesses some insane out of bound spots, and shoots..naked!

Location: 3022 Broadway

#3 Hidden bomb shelter in the Brooklyn Bridge

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Brooklyn Bridge Hidden Bomb Shelter by Reuters
Photo Credit: Reuters

Discovered in 2006, this hidden bomb shelter in the Brooklyn Bridge, was one of the most amazing discoveries of the city. At least, in our humble opinion!

When it was found, they saw it was fully stocked with basic life necessities, in case of a nuclear attack. Everything from water supplies and medicine, to thousands of cracker boxes and blankets. These boxes were ink-stamped with the dates of 1957 – launch of the Sputnik satellite, and 1962 – the Cuban missile crisis.

That’s not the only secret space inside the belly of the bridge. Located within its base, a series of vast rooms known as the Brooklyn Anchorage were used for music and theater performances, readings and art exhibitions for nearly 20 years.

We would have loved going there for any of these gatherings!

Location: No need for it, right?

#4 Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Staten Island Boat Graveyard by Gordon Donovan Cater News
Photo Credit: Gordon Donovan/Cater News

Have you ever heard of a boat graveyard? Sounds interesting, right? In the past, the Staten Island Boat Graveyard housed a collection of over 400 decomposing and rusting steam vessels, warships, ferries and fireboats. Today, there are only a remaining 20-40 wrecks spread through out the place.

Furthermore, the graveyard was originally called Witte Marine Scrap Yard or Arthur Kill Boat Yard. In time, it earned the reputation of “a mecca for artists and photographers”.

Go to this spooky place while you can! It’s definitely worth it!

Location: Rossville, Staten Island

#5 New York Marble Cemetery

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Marble Cemetery Courtesy
Photo Credit: Courtesy

The New York Marble Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in NYC and dates back to 1831. We believe that today it might probably be one of the hardest burial grounds to find in New York City. Maybe, that’s why we love it so much!

Located in the East Village, right behind the Bowery Hotel, the cemetery gate can be found at the end of a narrow alley leading from 2nd Avenue. By the way, this gate is beautifully designed and worth the attention!

The cemetery is marked by plaques instead of tombstones. In addition, it can be visited for only a few hours on the 4th Sunday of each month, and during the months of April through October.

Location: 41 1/2 2nd Avenue


#6 Berlin Wall Remnants in Paley Park

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Berlin Wall Remnants in Paley Park by Naked Apartments
Photo Credit: Naked Apartments

The Berlin Wall Remnants in Paley Park is found inside a small Midtown plaza. It’s right at 520 Madison Avenue, and most of the time is unnoticed by the passersby.

I mean, New Yorkers are always in a rush, and passing straight by this monumental wall. So, it’s not a surprise people don’t even notice it.

The West side of this amazing piece of history is the work of German artists Kiddy Citny and Thierry Noir. It was put on display in 1990. On the other hand, the East side is pure concrete. It is meant to remember the oppressive political regimes of East Germany, back in the days.

Pretty cool, right?

Location: 520 Madison Avenue

#7 Rockefeller Center 620 Loft & Gardens

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Rooftop Gardens Rockefeller Center by Naked Apartments
Photo Credit: Naked Apartments

Ah! We love hidden gardens, specially if they’re located high up, up, up in the sky!

The Rockefeller Center 620 Loft & Gardens is secluded, and therefore, made invisible, a few hundred feet above the ground.

Well, other taller buildings can see it, so they are the lucky ones! Or, if you decide to host your wedding there, since it’s available to rent for private events and corporate events!

The garden was designed by Ralph Hancock, an English landscaper born in 1893. It came to life during the early/mid 1930’s and only three of the five gardens are able to be seen today.

So, be sure to head to the top of 610 and 620 Fifth Avenue!

The Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens are the ones on the ground floor, which people can walk by and photograph!


Location: 45 Rockefeller Plaza

#8 Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Terminal

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Whispering Gallery Grand Central Terminal by Staycay
Photo Credit: Stacay

The Whispering Gallery inside the Grand Central Terminal is located in front of the Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

Just a quick history: The Grand Central Terminal was build in 1913 and is the world’s largest train station. Plus, it’s definitely one of the most famous landmarks, being featured in countless movies.

This arch possesses a mystifying acoustic property. When two people stand at diagonal arches and whisper, they are able to hear each other’s voices. It seams to be “telegraphed” from across the 2,000 sqft chamber.

It is certainly a unique experience!

But the question still remains: “Was it constructed with the intention of producing the acoustic effect, or was it only an architectural mistake?”

It you are interested in exploring more the Grand Central Terminal, take a look at this secret tour.

Location: 87 East 42nd Street

#9 Underbelly Project

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Underbelly Project Installation by Jeff Stark Credit Katherine Lorimer
Photo Credit: Katherine Lorimer

This is maybe our top favorite NYC secret! It’s probably because we not only love graffiti art, but also because it lives several meters underground, in mysterious and secluded subway stations!

Underbelly Project: Street Art Way Below the Street unites the intriguing work of 103 street artists from around the world.

But, collectors can’t buy the art. People can’t really see it, since it’s been done illegally, in an old long-abandoned subway station.

“Though rumors have circulated that the station is above the G train’s Broadway stop in Williamsburg, don’t try to see for yourself — not only is it dark and dangerous, but it is also illegal. Plus, there have been at least 20 arrests of trespassers trying to visit the space.” ~ Erin O’Hara


#10 Hidden Subway Station Beneath City Hall

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Hidden Subway Station Beneath City Hall by Michael Freeman
Photo Credit: Michael Freeman

Last spot part of our 10 Top Secrets Of New York City is another hidden subway!

This hidden subway station beneath City Hall is way deep in the belly of New York’s subway system. It’s a beautiful untouched station that has been forgotten for years. Today, only a limited few lucky ones know of its existence.

It opened in 1904 and remained open through December 31st of 1945. Some people explain that “it sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter”. What? Wait! We LOVE Harry Potter!

So, to see this amazing spot, just stay inside the 6 train that is headed to the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station. When you reach the last station, don’t get off!

If you stay inside the train, it makes a turnaround – and that’s where the magic happens. Then, from inside the train you’ll be able to see this beautiful location with an amazing architecture. It has some gorgeous Roman bricks, tiled vaults, arches, stained glass and brass chandeliers.

Certainly a spot not to be missed! If you’re not sure how to do this, come with us to our Underground New York Subway Tour.

Location: Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station

If you enjoyed these 10 top secrets of New York City, but is now curious to learn more, contact our exerts! We have some very cool tours to share with you. In addition, we work with customized concierge and corporate tours too!

So, come explore a little of this secret part of New York that just a hand full of people know about! Plus, you’ll certainly have some Instagram-worthy shots!!!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Sonja Stark, Miru Kim, Reuters, Gordon Donovan/Cater News, Naked Apartments, Staycay.net, Katherine Lorimer (featured image) and courtesy of the locations.
*Last Update on March/2020.*


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