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The Beauty Of Forms By Anastasia Komarova

Shop Ladies Forms New York White Bag

A brand you must know about! Forms by Anastasia Komarova gives you a sense of the importance of a little surface detailing. Architectural aesthetics translates into to something wearable, simplifying complex ideas and taking a great care for textures and volumes.

Shop Ladies Forms New York White Bag

As we’ve mentioned before, New York City is really a natural incubator with entrepreneurs from diverse industries and coming from different parts of the globe!

I recently learned more about the talented Anastasia Komarova and her unique and carefully crafted work.

This was our first contact:

“…I went to read further and was touched by your story. As an immigrant itself (I came to NYC in 2016 from Russia) I sincerely understand your feelings and passion. I think it is absolutely great that you have that project. It helps people who just beginning to explore the city as well as one who lives here an entire life. Insider interviews with creative people having a great contribution to the image of the city too.”

And from this message, we started talking and I was impressed with her work and her talent!

So, take a look below at the short interview we did with her and read about her impressive story:

Tell me about you and your background.

I received a Masters from the Moscow Architectural Institute, a scion of the famed Vkhutemas school, which was instrumental in the Russian avant-garde and constructivist movements of the early 20th century. We had a great course of sculpture and painting that helps me a lot for my future projects.

It also helped me develop the sense of proportion and details not only from the technical drawings and constant travels, but from the eye observation while I was working on furniture design.

Shop Ladies Forms New York Anastasia Komarova
Anastasia Komarova

How did you ended up in our beautiful New York City?

New York was never a dream for me while I was living in Russia. I traveled a lot and was fascinated with the Asian ancient culture.

The first time I came to the NYC was because my best friend needed an emotional support at that time. A week after being here, I fell in love with the atmosphere of the city.

What inspires you in your work and how is NYC’s architecture translated into your pieces?

New York City itself is my main inspiration. People, architecture, sounds…all work as a creative force while I am working on new designs. I have never aimed to reflect any particular architecture developed or created by myself or other architects.

I am just trying to reflect some fundamental things that architecture is based on. My favorite areas are Tribeca and Financial District. I like to feel the scale of architecture, observe the intricacy of the old facades.

Shop Ladies Forms New York White Architecture

What is the general style of the women/men that buy your pieces?

Simply describing it is a smart fashion. People who are inspired by art, curious and enthusiastic I think will find my work compelling.

Tell me about your collections.

Forms gives you a sense of the importance of a little surface detailing. Architectural aesthetics translates into to something wearable, simplifying complex ideas and taking a great care for textures and volumes. Accessories, with their pronounced shapes and sharp lines, invite you to touch them and feel their exceptional structure.

What is the biggest challenge for a startup in NYC?

Biggest challenge for me was setting up, finding the studio. People in NY are generally open for discussion and new ventures in the same way they can be easily distracted by overwhelming number of exiting events. That “toughed” me to be more social sensitive and patient.

Shop Ladies Forms New York Grey Tote

Where can people find FORMS?

All collections are available at the brand’s online store f-o-r-m-s.com. Some pieces you can find in The Store at MAD – Museum of Arts and Design and also Henrik Vibskov boutique has some items.

What would you say for those that aspire to start their own brand?

Most importantly is “do what you love”. All the rest will be accumulated around you driven by your passion.

Shop Ladies Forms New York Backpack

Thank you Anastasia for sharing your exciting journey! We’re excited to follow your work and see where New York City will take you!

If you’re interested in learning more about Russian designers in NY, you might want to check out Julia Seregina and Figura.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Forms

Figura: Shopping Less But Better

Shop Ladies Figura Clothes Anna Sergeeva

New York is not only one of the fashion’s capitals of the world, but it’s the birth place of countless innovative brands. Figura clothes will give your close a twist and make you a true New Yorker!

Shop Ladies Figura Clothes Anna Sergeeva

It’s super common not only to walk on the streets and see new stores, but it’s easy to find new emerging brands launching their online presence and fighting for their space.

That said, we recently interviewed Elena Zaharova, founder of Figura, a clothes line that enhances the different beauties in women, working with gorgeous, everyday wardrobe pieces.

Take a look at her fantastic journey from west-central Russia to New York!

1. Tell us a bit about you, where you’re from, your background, what you worked with?

I was born in a very small town in west-central Russia. It was remarkably boring, and it took me 10 years of urban life to appreciate my rural childhood — the ability to play outside till dusk, run barefoot, spend most summer camping and hanging out with friends unsupervised.

My mom is very crafty and creative. As far as I remember myself, she’s been sewing, painting, playing with different media and techniques. I was that kid whose parents built ketchup-soda volcano with them and enjoyed it no less.

When I was 17, I moved to Moscow to study journalism. In a big city, I was surrounded by more creative people, and I started questioning myself about what I want to do. Journalism wasn’t that answer, and after two years I left the school.

Eventually, I realized that my passion for art and craft wasn’t as childish and silly as it appeared, and could become a profession and even pay the bill. I started working as a decorator and a window display designer full-time. At 25, I led a chain of 18 stores as a creative director, changed windows seasonally and developed their visual identity.

2. How did Figura start? How did your childhood in Moscow, playing and sewing clothes impact your business?

Shop Ladies Figura Clothes Anna Sergeeva Trench Coat

I’ve been sewing and playing with clothes since my early childhood. I joke sometimes that most women from post-soviet countries are born to be a fashion designer. Fashion choice was very limited, and they had to create all their clothes. In my childhood, it was more of a routine to turn an old granny’s t-shirt into a dress than go shopping. I learned how to use a sewing machine when I was about 9, and my first very own piece was a belt bag made out of curtains leftover.

I’ve always designed for myself, but business-wise it wasn’t in the air until 2015. Figura started randomly. There were a few things I couldn’t find at stores, like a bathroom-friendly jumpsuit with no hassle to get it off and on.

One day I put a few pieces together into my first collection. The result overcame my expectations, and, as I see it now, part of the reason was my low-key approach. I noticed that women can relate to non-professional models better. And, if I want a dress to have decent size pockets, so do other women. Since then, I devoted myself to explore the comfort and practicality of women’s wardrobe.

3. Being an outsider entrepreneur, how has your journey in NYC been so far and what are the biggest challenges you find?

Shop Ladies Figura Clothes Lloyd Mitchell Women Dancing

I moved to New York 3 years ago, so did my brand. New York is very competitive, but it also makes the atmosphere creative and risk-friendly.

By the moment I started Figura, I’d been blogging for a few years, so most of my audience became my customers.

Moving to New York made me change the way I marketed my brand. I had to learn how to build the audience from scratch. It’s an ongoing process, and I’m still far from saying “Good job!” to myself.

4. How do you see Figura fit into NYC’s fashion scene and into the powerful New Yorker women’s closet?

I think of my customers as very sophisticated women who support the mantra of shopping less but better. As a designer, I’m into creating better quality pieces rather than selling more.

New York apartments can be small, but our closets are big. Let’s be smart to load them with pieces we really need.

5. What are your top 3 styling tips to feel like a true New Yorker?

  • Mix & match. A real New Yorker is like the city itself, diverse and vibrant;
  • Buy less but better;
  • Shop independent designers, at least sometimes. Besides supporting them, it gives your wardrobe that twist.

6. Which item is your bestseller?

Shop Ladies Figura Clothes Sergey Korol Black Pants

Wide black pants. They don’t look baggy and have it all: elastic waist and deep pockets. When I sold the first pair, I left the second for myself.

I’ve used this cut for my other models (jumpsuits, for example), but the original wool version is still my best hit.

7. Where can people find Figura, besides online?

Figura attends local markets and pop-up projects. On October 29th, you can spot Figura’s costume at the dancing performance Slice & Dice, as part of our collaboration with The Lovelies, a local group of artists. Get updated by following Figura on Instagram.

8. Is there any upcoming collaboration, collection, or interesting info you’d like to share? How does it currently involve the local community, being an independently owned brand?

Shop Ladies Figura Clothes Suxiao Yang Christopher Liong White Dress

For most of my editorials, I feature real women, as opposed to professional models, from different fields and backgrounds, ranging from a barista at a Parisian Cafe to an emerging DJ in Brooklyn. New York taught me how to approach people and share ideas. Beauty only works with passion and collaboration behind it.

My first New York projected was called “All About Us Not Clothing”. The name speaks for itself: the line was presented by my long-time Instagram muses. Six girls from around the world received the clothes and styled them the way they wanted, creating a lookbook for Figura’s new collection.

I’m grateful to Etsy Community and Handmade Collective for the opportunity to shape my vision and blog about Figura’s aesthetic. Raw Artist New York became my first runway. I’m always open to collaboration with local brands. Just recently I had a chance to work with Zunta Shop and Zhuorui Fu Collection.

Recently I’ve teamed up with The Lovelies, a group of local artists, to challenge fashion to the point of being comfortable for dancers. It feels good to see Figura’s clothes fit easily everywhere, from a red carpet walk to a dance performance.

Figura’s last collection was dedicated to New York’s ubiquitous corner store delis. Delis are as visually noisy and as busy as urban life, and Figura’s minimal designs are sure to help one find balance in the city. Right now I’m working on my new collection, inspired by natural textures of volcanic Iceland. Being in contrast with the urban story, it keeps exploring the meaning of clothing and serving the practicality.

Shop Online!


Shop Ladies Figura Clothes Sergey Korol Red Top

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Anna Sergeeva, Gustė Sakalauskaitė, Lloyd Mitchell, Sergey Korol, Suxiao Yang & Christopher Liong and Jenia Filatova.

CW Enterprise: In A Digital World, Lets Talk About Pencils

Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops

Behind The Scenes NYC is all about hidden gems. This time, one of our Contributors recently visited CW Enterprise, one of the coolest pencil shops we’ve ever seen!

Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops All Products
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Window
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Shelves
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Rainbow
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Organization
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Lighting
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Accessories
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Corner
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Desk
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops 3 Types
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Caroline Weaver
Shop Specialties CW Enterprise Coolest Pencil Shops Façade
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Behind The Scenes NYC is all about hidden gems, as you already know. This time, one of our Contributors, Cris Peixoto, recently visited CW Enterprise – one of these NYC gems. It’s one of the coolest pencil shops we’ve every seen. Definitely a nostalgic feeling!

The charming, small shop, located at the Lower East Side (LES) is devoted to one single item: pencils. Yes, you heard it right, pencils! Something that, in the digital era we are living, might sound eccentric and unusual.

The shop is a dream come true for Caroline Weaver who was fascinated and in love with this very simple object since her childhood.

“I wanted to make the best pencils from around the world available to everyone, as well as make pencils feel special again.”

And they are definitely very special!

Caroline travels the world searching for the best ones – France, Germany, Switzerland, India, Portugal, Denmark, Japan, Czech Republic – and she is proud to represent the three remaining pencil factories in the US.

“Most of the companies have long family history in the pencil industry, so there’s a lot of really amazing stories to share. Most of these companies have been around for at least 80 years and are often still family-run.”

The store is Instagram perfect. An example of neatness and organization with the pencils displayed in glass jars with a label telling you their origin.

The top-sellers, according Caroline:

“…are the Blackwing 602 from Palomino and the Bugle from Musgrave. The 602 is a reproduction of a very famous pencil originally made by Eberhart Faber, is well-known for being an incredibly great quality writing and drawing pencil, and it has a unique look. The Bugle is a best seller simply because it’s a really great inexpensive pencil and has a very old-school, classic look.”

Along with the pencils you’ll also find a small selection of erasers, pencil sharpeners and notebooks, but that’s about it. The pencils are really the stars of the show!

I asked Caroline about the customers. Who are they?

“Our customers are all kinds of people, from every corner of the world. We have a lot of people who come in simply because they’re curious about a shop that just sells pencils, but we also see a lot of customers who use pencils regularly in their everyday life – students, artists, musicians, basically anyone interested in analog tools.”

She is so passionate about her pencils, that I can guarantee you’ll fall in love too.

Write it down! Definitely a Behind the Scenes NYC spot!

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 7pm

Location: 100B Forsyth Street



Photo Credit: Courtesy of CW Pencils

McGuire Denim: Style, grace, humility and big dreams

Shop Ladies McGuire Denim New York City

Denim is one of the pieces we have the hardest time to figure out what looks best when we’re out “on the hunt”! McGuire Denim an solve most of your denim issues!

Shop Ladies McGuire Denim New York City

“Style, substance, grace, humility and big dreams!”

We are definitely “denim lovers”, so we do have a considerable number of pieces in our closets. Our Founder could literally use them every-single-day-of-her-life.

Well, here is a great brand that can solve most of your denim issues!

McGuire Denim was founded by Marianne McDonald. The idea was conceptualized in New York City, and brought to life, in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, the goal was to create great jeans for great people with style, substance, grace, humility and big dreams.

The mixture of an urban style, with classic shapes and the softest fabric you’ll find, will make you feel amazing, and still comfortable.

Some of the most stylish girls in the planet are huge fans of the brands. Names like: Gigi Hadid, Arielle Noa Charnas (aka Something Navy), Jamie Chung, Kate Hudson and Jamie King are a few!

The jeans cost around $250 and they will make your legs look just like Gisele Bundchen’s, the Brazilian Über Model! Long legs and heals? Well, that’s the perfect math! But, then again, feeling comfortable and chic comes in first place, right?

Get ready to purchase amazing and ultra-chic styles, from boyish cropped to high-rise skinnies pairs! We love them all!

And still, they will launch their E-Commerce soon, so stay tuned! It might definitely become addictive one it gets so much easier to purchase, right?

In addition, find out more about our private Personal Shopping & Styling service and also the Wardrobe cleanse! They are fantastic services that will get you addicted! We have very loyal clients that book several times a month!

Shop at: Nordstrom and ShopBop


Photo Credit: Courtesy of McGuire Denim

Inventory Magazine: Design, Craftsmanship, Culture For Boys

Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine Model

Inventory Magazine was launched in 2009 as an online and biannual publication. With focus on design, craftsmanship and culture, they definitely stand out from other publications out there!

Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine Model
Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine
Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine Model Hat Vest
Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine Landing Looks FW14
Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine Prints
Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine Issue 11
Shop Ladies and Gents Inventory Magazine Cover
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The founders focus on exploring a unique and global perspective on design, craftsmanship and culture, instead of only scouting trends.

Furthermore, the goal is to offer an experience based on brands, designers and artists that have the commitment to quality and desire for innovation!

The magazine emphasizes on accomplished journalism and amazing imagery. In addition, they are working to represent contemporary icons alongside future influencers.

So, guided by the same principles, the Inventory store offers a carefully considered selection of brands, publications and objects. They are all available online and at retail spaces in New York and Vancouver. You can also find them at Dover Street Market’s London and Tokyo locations.

Unfortunately, they’ve decided to stop publishing the magazine in 2016.

Below you can see the letter written by Ryan Willms, the Founder:

“Inventory Magazine: 2009-2016 — After seven years, we’ve decided to stop publishing Inventory. We’re extremely grateful to everyone that has supported the magazine by advertising with us or selling it in their stores; to those of you that have purchased a copy; and to the people and brands that have helped to bring our pages to life over the course of thirteen issues.

Making this magazine has been such a valuable experience. The lessons learned, knowledge gained, and relationships cemented will never be replaced, and it’s a journey that I’ll remember forever. Due to the content and the people involved, it’s been a very personal project from the start, and I have to say the biggest thank you to my colleagues along the way. Plus, I want to acknowledge the pivotal work of Simon Roe from the beginning to the very end, as well as the roles played by Philip Watts and Owen Parrott, Stephen Mann and Anthony Hooper, Matthew Klassen and Chris Allen. Without your dedication Inventory would not have reached the same heights.

I look back on the legacy of what we’ve created with awe and pride, but the publishing landscape has shifted and it feels like the right time to move on, to conclude things with arguably our best issue, and pursue new challenges and opportunities.

Ryan Willms”

We wish you guys all the best an can’t wait to see your upcoming projects!

With design in mind, you might want to take a look at a post we did about Bang & Olufsen. They have a fantastic vintage collection that will enrich your home’s design.



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Inventory Magazine
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