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5 Unique Behind the Scenes NYC Experiences On Vogue Brazil

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Vogue Brasil

Vogue Brazil featured 5 unique Behind the Scenes NYC experiences we offer to our clients and corporate clients! Come check them out in this short Insider’s Guide to enjoy NYC in a different way!

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Vogue Brasil

Vogue Brasil asked us to share 5 unique Behind the Scenes NYC experiences we offer to our clients and corporate clients!

Take a look below and check out the original post specially if you are a Portuguese speaker!

New York: an insider’s guide to enjoying the city

Are you traveling to the Big Apple? We’ll tell you five out of the ordinary tours!

Did you choose New York as your next vacation destination, but haven’t started planning your itinerary yet?

There is no reason to worry. Go beyond the conventional attractions found on Google and, this time, book tours outs of the box.

To help you organize this, Fernanda Paronetto, Founder at Behind The Scenes NYC, a company that offers a series of experiences and exclusive tours for families and companies in the Big Apple, share with Vogue five options that will surprise you.

  1. Meet & Greet and Dine with the Stars of Broadway Shows in NYC
  2. Meet & Greet with the World’s Top Celebrities
  3. Go to the best New York Fashion Week shows
  4. Jet Skiing on the Hudson River
  5. The Most Coveted NYC Helicopter Tours: Seeing NYC from Above

Read the full article on Vogue Brazil!

If you got excited with all these options, don’t wait another second to contact our team to start planning the perfect New York experience.

For Corporate groups, that’s where we shine! Let our experts cater the perfect event, tour or activity for your, your team or your valuable clients! We work with clients from all over the globe.

We have catered to groups small as six people and to delegations of over 150 people! So, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How Behind The Scenes NYC Started, On Glamour Brazil

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Glamour Brasil

Once again our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, shared her story about how she decided to leave her “perfect” life in Brazil and move to New York City at 32 years old. She shared how Behind the Scenes NYC started, on Glamour Brazil.

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Glamour Brasil

This time our Founder, Fernanda, shared her story and how Behind the Scenes NYC started, on Glamour Brazil’s online magazine for her Brazilian audience.

If you’re a Portuguese speaker, take a look at the original link to read the full article, written in first person.

A little snippet in English:

Since my teenager years, I always wanted to live in New York. My idea was to move as soon as I graduated from college. But … a decade passed and, when I noticed, I was 30 years old and still living in Brazil.

What happened in those 10 years that I didn’t go to NY?

To be honest, I had only tried once to make this big change. I tried everything. I talked to everyone I knew, asked for contact recommendations, researched courses and MBAs I could apply to, spent hours on LinkedIn…

The first (and unsuccessful) attempt

Everything seemed to be evolving according to plan, but in a short time, all contacts were dissolving, I lost the timing of signing up for the courses, the Skype interviews did not progress … Nothing was working out.

Over the years, I realized that there was a bigger reason why I couldn’t move. It’s a very long story, but, yes, I believe in Karma, faith, the Universe, energy, etc. – and no, I’m not religious at all.

Today I see that everything happened in the most perfect way and that, if I had moved to NY at that time, I would not be 1/10 of the person I am today.

Obviously, I was only able to see the beauty of this failed attempt much later. And you know what? It was spectacular.

Continue reading how Behind the Scenes NYC started on Glamour Brasil!


A Behind the Scenes Look at Behind the Scenes NYC

About BTSNYC What The Press Brooklyn Magazine Behind The Scenes NYC Fernanda Paronetto

Take a look at this amazing feature on the Brooklyn Magazine named “A Behind the Scenes Look at Behind the Scenes NYC”, with our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto.

About BTSNYC What The Press Brooklyn Magazine Behind The Scenes NYC Fernanda Paronetto

Learn more about our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, and Behind the Scenes NYC! This feature was shot at the WeWork office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

See a small part of the article below and click to read the full article!

62.8 million tourists visited New York City in 2017, marking the eighth consecutive year of record-breaking growth. But what’s a tourist to do after they’ve hit the major spots? Or if they want to avoid the major attractions in the first place? And where should a local start if they want to explore beyond their go-to’s? That’s where Behind the Scenes NYC comes in.

Ironically, the website cataloguing the city’s hidden gems was founded nearly 5,000 miles away in founder Fernanda Paronetto’s bedroom in São Paulo, Brazil. Fernanda – who goes by Fê – has a penchant for exploration and a knack for finding the best local spots, which she exercised during a trip to New York with her sister in 2014.

About BTSNYC What The Press Brooklyn Magazine Behind The Scenes NYC

“What are we going to do this time?”

That question turned into an Instagram account where she posted about the places she’d discovered on that trip, which would later become @behindthescenesnyc. A couple weeks later, she got a message from a born and bred New Yorker thanking her for the local tip. From there, Fê knew she was on to something.

About BTSNYC What The Press Brooklyn Magazine Behind The Scenes NYC Google Maps

What started as a passion project fueled by a deep love of New York became a business. She enlisted the help of friends living in the city to scout new locations, finding places that looked promising. They’d stop by in person, report back to her, and she would curate and post from overseas.

It wasn’t long before Fê made the transition to the city herself.

Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Karin Schneider

Behind The Scenes NYC On ExportHub: Live Your Dream

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Export Hub

Once again, Behind the Scenes NYC (BTSNYC) is featured in the press! This time, ExportHub talks about what BTSNYC is and how we are disrupting the travel industry in New York.

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Export Hub

With a fantastic journey from Brazil to New York, Fernanda Paronetto (a.k.a. Our Founder), started Behind the Scenes NYC back in April of 2014.

Today, the company is considered one of the top platforms for visitors and locals that want to explore New York off-the-beaten-path. In addition, Fernanda was also featured as one of New York’s top travel entrepreneurs, on the Huffington Post.

ExportHub posted a great article about what Behind the Scenes NYC is really up to and how we are disrupting the travel industry in New York!

See below a small excerpt:

Recently, I read an inspiring story about Fernanda Paronetto and her struggle to get an American visa and live in New York City for good. Her passions to live in the city and chase your dreams are something we all think about, but only a few individuals dare to achieve it.

Keeping that in mind, Behind the Scene NYC (BTSNYC) is a website providing professional concierge services to the locals and visitors to have a remarkable experience. Being a corporate planning and management boutique firm which specializes in providing unique and non-touristic experiences to the people, the website truly offers something intriguing.

Many of you would be asking how does this work? With more than a million followers from all over the world, BTSNYC focuses on some of the most exotic and economical hot-spots for the people, providing with inclusive and unique events which fascinate your clients, your company, or your friends and family members. This type of service might be referred as a fresh approach towards event management and travel planning.

…to be continued…

Did you enjoy it?! Continue reading.

If you want to see more about Fernanda’s journey and how she actually made it in New York, see this amazing post featured on GoalCast.

With Over 10 Million Followers, Goal Cast Features Our Founder

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Goal Cast Fernanda Paronetto

“How I Quit My Job, Moved to NY Without a Plan, and Made My Dream Come True at 32 Years Old” by our Founder Fernanda Paronetto for Goal Cast. Get inspired!

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Goal Cast

We are huge fans of a fantastic platform called Goal Cast.

With over 10 million followers on Facebook, over 1.5 million on Instagram, and over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, our Founder shares the story about her journey to New York City!

We are honored to share this amazing post of How I Quit My Job and Moved to NYC.

See below a small excerpt:

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Goal Cast Fernanda Paronetto Coffee
Photo Credit: Aline Velter

Fernanda Paronetto is the founder of Behind The Scenes NYC, an independent online publication and boutique concierge service firm focused on helping people discover New York City like locals.

Before Paronetto spent her days sharing the coolest off-the-beaten-path spots in NY, she built her career experience in Brazil.

But she always dreamed of living in the city that never sleeps, and she always knew she would make it happen — she just didn’t know how.

In this essay, Paronetto walks us through what it took to go from 20-year-old student to successful entrepreneur — despite going through health issues and immigration struggles in the process.

Let her journey inspire you to hustle and grow.

Early career and mindset

I’ve always been a very resilient person, with a lot of perseverance to reach my personal and professional goals, and a few big dreams to check off my bucket list.

Plus, I never really took into consideration what other people said that I could or could not do. After going through my teenage years, and entering adulthood, I truly didn’t give a damn.

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Goal Cast Fernanda Paronetto
Photo Credit: Aline Velter

I started my career asking my dad for a job at his company during my studies. But little did I know at 20 years old that working with your dad can be harder than working at any other job!

After a while working for my dad, I decided to leave and work for another company in the same import and export field.

Nine months later, I understood that my dad wasn’t the problem, but the industry as a whole didn’t interest me that much.

From there, I started focusing on marketing positions.

Even though working in marketing had always been what I wanted to do, I went to business school. I thought it would give me a much better background in terms of being good with numbers. (It did in fact end up helping me throughout my career.)

Back in college, I told everyone that after graduation I would move to New York City.

I always explain that I just had (and still have) this indescribable passion and curiosity for New York and all that it means.

I just HAD to live there.

…to be continued…

Did you enjoy it?! Continue reading.

Now, if you really want to dig deep into Fernanda’s life and career, take a look at an interview she did for Hustle and Deal Flow a while back!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Aline Velter

The Huffington Post: One Of NYC’s Top Travel Entrepreneurs

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Huffington Post

Regardless of your profession, being featured on The Huffington Post is definitely one of the ultimate goals! Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, was selected as one of NYC’s top Travel Entrepreneurs.

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Huffington Post

The day we got the news that our Founder, Fê, was featured on the Huffington Post as one of NYC’s top Travel Entrepreneurs, was memorable.

Not only for the tremendous honor and accomplishment in the Title, but because it was the day after her birthday!

What a gift, right?

The extremely talented Tech, Business & Lifestyle Brand Strategist, Sissi Johnson, was author responsible for the fantastic piece.

So, read below an excerpt of the article:

If you believe there is nothing like exploring a city through the eyes of a local, think again. Brazilian Fernanda Paronetto knows all of Big Apple’s best kept secrets.

“I always had this indescribable passion and curiosity for NY, so I was often here visiting, always uncovering the best hidden spots and events. The city is just so dynamic, alive, full of novelties, so multi-cultural, beautiful, with an intense energy – the list can go on forever.”

On starting Behind the Scenes NYC remotely, she said:

“A New York woman in her 40’s sent me a message saying: ‘Hi there! I was born in NYC and have lived here my entire life. But, I didn’t know about this restaurant you wrote about. So, I went to it last night, and simply loved it! Thank you for the tip!’ – I was like: WOW!

“I’m in Brazil, in my room at my mom’s house, giving tips to real New Yorkers who are actually enjoying them and thanking me! There must be something right about what I’m doing…”

As a final point, we are so grateful for this acknowledgement. Plus, it an honor to have Fernanda named as one of NYC’s Top Travel Entrepreneurs.

If you want to learn more about Fê, and her journey to New York City, you’ll simply love the article written by Hustle & Deal Flow – a movement for creators.

Our Founder’s NYC Passion Project For #BeSomebody

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Be Somebody

#Besomebody interviewed our Founder, Fê Paronetto in a short, but sweet article! After participating in a Speaking Engagement with them, she shared a few more details about her adventure of moving to New York!

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Be Somebody Speaking Engagement
The 1st “1Eleven” hosted by #BeSomebody.

We’re excited to share the link to an Interview our Founder, Fê Paronetto, did for #Besomebody!

They’ve created a project called the “Passion Project”. After participating at their 1st 1Eleven event, our Founder shared a bit about her passions for New York City, for people, for giving back and, for life!

#Besomebody 1Elevens are local events where speakers have one minute and 11 seconds to share anything they are passionate about.

Below, you can read her full interview:

What is your project?

Behind the Scenes NYC started from my uncontrollable and inexplicable passion for New York.

It started from a humble little Instagram account, with myself as the 1st follower. Hahaha! I was living in Brazil, and worked on it for a 1 full year before moving to NY. The desire to move to NY so much that 5 months and 780 pages later, I got my Visa!

I wanted to share the best off-the-beaten-track places, events and brands in the State of NY. I wanted everyone to see NY like I see it, and feel what I feel when I’m here!

Behind the Scenes NYC is a platform created to share New York’s extremely unique vibe and energy. It’s amazingly dynamic, obviously multi-cultural…and the “hustle”? Wow…that’s really something to experience!

Behind the Scenes NYC has become exactly that. A platform of sharing stories of this diverse mix of people that you can only find in a city like this one. But it goes beyond. Behind the Scenes is not about tips in Manhattan. It’s about exploring this beautiful State, getting to know the stories of those that make this place so inspiring, learning about what else this State has to offer beyond the well-known touristic spots.

This was built as a platform for outsiders that want to explore the real New York, but also for locals in search of new experiences.

As John Legend once said:

“I regret profoundly that I was not an American and not born in Greenwich Village. It might be dying, and there might be a lot of dirt in the air you breathe, but this is where it’s happening.”

That’s the beauty of New York!

Who is it helping/serving and/or how will it benefit others?

Our Mission: “Strengthening the local community and disrupting the status quo of NY tourism far from the touristy scene!”

We showcase small businesses and autonomous people that are making a difference.

Plus, we want to foster tourism in the State of NY, in a special, unique way. After all, there’s nothing better than visiting places and feel like a real local, right?

For New Yorkers, we want to teach them what’s beyond the default places they are comfortable with and invite them to explore their own city, with more curiosity.

They always get amazed with what they “find”!

What do you need to grow your project?

Spread the word!

We’re always looking for Partners that support the project and are interested in sharing our story and their stories too. This can happen in different ways. It can be a media outlet writing about us or companies that are hosting clients or meetings in New York and want to organize something unique.

Plus, we are always interested in learning people’s stories.

So, we are continuously looking to partner up with like-minded people, companies and causes. For example, we want to engage more with local charities and small businesses.

How can others get involved?

Explore our website and write to us with your ideas to contact@behindthescenesnyc.com.

Furthermore, we are very, VERY eager and open to talk about new ideas, projects and how we can collaborate.

In addition, Behind the Scenes NYC has helped companies host events, offered media support to several causes, promoted small businesses or unique experiences in New York, or just shared great stories.

…we’d love to listen!

Hustle & Deal Flow Magazine Interviews Our Founder

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Hustle and Deal Flow Magazine Fernanda Paronetto

Hustle & Deal Flow Magazine published an awesome interview with our Founder, Fê Paronetto. It not only talks about her journey to New York, but also goes deep into her professional and personal life.

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Hustle and Deal Flow Magazine Fernanda ParonettoAbout BTSNYC What The Press Says Hustle and Deal Flow Magazine Fernanda Paronetto

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, was featured on Hustle & Deal Flow™ Magazine.  H&DF is an online publication that features the stories and journeys of talented entrepreneurs, people, creatives and inspiring/rising growth brands that are disrupt the status quo within their industry.

In short, pretty much anyone who truly demonstrates “The Hustle”.

Fê talks about how she started Behind the Scenes NYC before moving to NY. How she left a great job, a long term relationship and a very comfortable life, plus friends & family, in search of more. SO much more!

In addition, she talks about her family, her years at Vogue Magazine and other companies she’s work for. Plus, what New York means to her.

Now, how she’s changing and disrupting the status quo of New York’s tourism!

Come #UnCover New York through her eyes!

Below is an excerpt that will intrigue you to read more:

Words of Wisdom: Resilience. I guess this is number 1. You will gets lots of no’s, but it’ll just make you rethink things around. Why the person gave you a negative response – learn from it! What and why is it not appealing to them, as it is to me? If I was seeing this for the first time, would I be in ‘awe’? – Create questions to yourself base on their big fat ‘no’.”

The media industry can be a tough business. Especially online.

It’s often characterized by critics with harsh reviews, “top 10” lists with the newest accolades, oligarchs of traffic and often a shortness of substance and depth.

Much like the reasons we at HDFMagazine (along with PRSUIT) set down a course to change the entire approach to online media publications by bringing purpose driven content, so too did Fernanda Paronetto, founder & editor-in-chief of the inspiring Behind the Scenes NYC – a platform dedicated to disrupting the status quo to New York tourism.

As Fernanda puts it:

“I want to share the best of the off the beaten track places, brands and events in the state of NY. I wanted people to see NY like I see it and feel what I feel when I’m here!”

Her caveat is simple, there’s too much focus on negative reviews and criticism. Not to mention, the newest “it” spots on all the latest trending lists, that it begs the questions:

What about all the spots people don’t know about? And, what about all the unknown “stars” of their industry that are often overlooked or no longer being featured? What about the places that make up the cultural essence of New York in the first place?

“I want to write about the best hidden spots in the State of New York, far away from the crazy, touristy scene. I want to teach people that New York is definitely not synonymous to Manhattan, talk about UpState NY, engage with the local community and tell the story through the eyes of the owner.”

Pretty inspiring for a woman who started this mission nearly 5,000 miles away from NYC in her home country of Brazil.

Fernanda had such a passion for the city that never sleeps. She began to journal and visually express her experiences of New York by way of Instagram.

So much so, that even residents of New York contacted her to thank her for revealing parts unknown to them.

With an extreme vision in mind and an unwillingness to compromise her soul, Fernanda set out to bring her project into a full fledged thriving business in New York.

What’s more is the story behind the storyteller herself…

…to read it in full interview at Hustle & Deal Flow.

Our Founder, Fê Paronetto, Featured On Bond Street

About BTSNYC What The Press Says On Bond Street Featured

Our Founder, Fê Paronetto, was recently featured on Bond Street. They are a startup focused on transforming small business lending through technology, data and design.

About BTSNYC What The Press Says On Bond Street

Our Founder, Fê Paronetto, was recently featured on Bond Street.

See below an excerpt of the interview, but she sure to read in full. Fê talks about how she landed in New York City after dreaming for over 10 years about it.

Plus, her inspirations, the Visa process, why New York City, how it was to run a business form over seas. Wait! And still, how the curation process works, favorite collaborations and what’s the most rewarding part of her work!

Fernanda Paronetto always wanted to move to New York City. It was something that was constantly on her mind, even as she danced between a variety of different professional pursuits at home in Brazil. She made frequent visits to the Big Apple, but it wasn’t until 2014 that she made the resolution that in a year, she would be a resident of the city of her dreams.

Prior to visiting New York in April 2014, Fernanda started an Instagram account to highlight local haunts out of the spotlight — a tourist guide for those who wanted to experience NYC in an non-touristy way, so to speak. Although under a different name, Behind the Scenes NYC was born, and quickly picked up traction gaining nearly 60,000 followers in the following two years.

Although Paronetto is now a full-time resident of Fort Greene, her first year of BTSNYC operation was run from her bedroom at her mother’s house in Brazil — 5,000 miles away. And this was on top of a full-time job.

What distinguishes Fernanda Paronetto from others in the booming Instagram category is her commitment to delivering top-notch content, uncontaminated by monetization.

That’s right, since the beginning, Paronetto has built BTSNYC into a thriving platform without selling out. Rather, she has expanded upon her original vision by monetizing offline with concierge services — corporate and private travel planning and management, art tours, private event organization and relocation services to name a few.

With a website launched this March, Paronetto has given anyone — from tourists to natives — the opportunity to discover a unique restaurant, rooftop bar, beauty salon, day trip or other miscellaneous finding that they never knew existed. Not to mention, each recommendation is packed with enough additional information to serve as a mini-brochure for the respective spot.

Below, we talk with Fernanda Paronetto about her “Aha” moment, the value of collaboration and how she has built a business without compromising her values….

….to be continued here. See what she answered for:

  • How would you describe BSTNYC in a sentence?
  • What inspired you to start BTSNYC?
  • Was your Visa process difficult? Did you ever think that you might not make it to New York?
  • Why did you choose Behind the Scenes New York City (and not another city)?
  • What was the process of starting Behind the Scenes NYC like?
  • You ran BTSNYC from Brazil for a year before moving to New York. How were you able to manage that logistically?
  • Have you raised any outside capital? What was the experience like?
  • What is the curation process like?
  • You started BTSNYC as an Instagram account. What can you share about how to grow that channel?
  • Social proof?
  • I noticed on your website that BTSNYC offers concierge services. Can you tell me a little more about this? Was this a part of the original vision?
  • How do you determine who to work with? What has been your favorite collaboration to date?
  • And, what has been the most rewarding part of starting BTSNYC?
  • What is the one piece of advice that you would give to someone looking to start their own business?
  • Your 5 favorite independent businesses in New York!

What Brazilian Influencers Think About BTSNYC

About BTSNYC What The Press Says About BTSNYC Costanza Pascolato View

We love to share what Brazilian Influencers think about BTSNYC and have been sharing on their social medias since 2014. It’s always an honor to be featured on their pages!

previous arrow
next arrow
previous arrownext arrow

We’ve had quite a few Bloggers and Brazilian Influencers writing about us, and sharing their love for what we’ve been creating through Behind the Scenes NYC!

It all started back in 2014, when we were only a small Instagram account trying to spread the love for New York City!

The passion and love for New York City is spread through out the world, and Brazilians surely rank on the top of this list!

Our beautiful city is always listed in the “Top 3 Travel Destinations for Brazilians”.

That is to say, they love NY, and we definitely love them too! Their energy, their smiles, their never ending friendliness. Plus, we’re always happy to bump into them in the streets and around New York!

So, here are some of the big names that have shared their love:

  • Costanza Pascolato
  • Natalie Klein
  • Mica Rocha
  • Carol Celico
  • Adriana Bechara
  • Francesca Monfrinatti
  • Gabriela Pugliesi
  • Fabiana Justus
  • Ildi Silva
  • Mariah Rovery
  • Shantal Abreu
  • and other great businesses like: Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Zapalla, Santé Estilo, Zapala, nkStore, Just Real Moms, InstaBlond and many more!

Take a look in the gallery above to see what these Brazilian influencers have been saying about BTSNYC!

Furthermore, other International accounts have also written about us!

Plus, our Founder Fê Paronetto, has been featured in publications like The Huffington Post, Hustle & Deal Flow and PrSuit.

And still, we’ve interviewed a few of the renowned individuals, like Natalie Klein and Carol Celico. Take a look at their Insider Interviews and their favorite spots in New York City! From stores and boutiques, to restaurants and off the beaten track places. They tell us a bit about what they do when they come to New York City!

We hope you enjoyed, as much as us, seeing this great compilation of posts and breathtaking pictures of New York City!


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