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Marie’s Crisis Cafe: Feeling Inside A New York Musical

Nightlife Bars Marie's Crisis Cafe Façade

Marie’s Crisis Cafe is the place to be if you want to experience a different type of scene in New York City!

Nightlife Bars Marie's Crisis Cafe Façade

Have you ever wanted just just walk into a bar and sing as loud as your lungs can handle? Now, imagine doing that at a cool neighborhood bar in New York, where many other talent voices can sing along!

Located in the West Village, in Manhattan, Marie’s Crisis Cafe attracts a bit of everything. From locals, to artists and the coolest gay crowd, you’ll definitely have a great and interesting time there!

“If you like how people in musicals can go without warning from normal conversation to singing their hearts out, this is the West Village bar for you.

One minute, the barmaid is pulling you a pint of Bass, the next she’s belting out “Me and Bobby McGee.”

At 5:30pm, groups of friends and random folks start gathering around the piano in the basement level. It’s quite an experience.

We have to emphasize that people there are usually Broadway lovers and know all the shows and lyrics!

In general, drinks are cheep, décor has a nostalgic early 1900’s vibe and guests are all pretty “random”. You’ll find young ones, gays, straight, everything in between and older people. But, that isn’t the point! The thing is, they all have one thing in common: they all love musicals!

It’s not a place you need to worry about how you look today. So be free to be yourself, have fun, appreciate everyone around you and…let go!

Do observe the sign that says it’s prohibited to film or take pictures of presentations. This is a place to have fun and enjoy, not to be behind a camera capturing everything. Besides, they do appreciate the privacy of not sharing what happens there. Not everyone likes to be broadcasted on social, right?

Be polite and respectful while there!

Oh! They are a cash only bar, so do be sure to have cash on you!

And believe it or not, Marie’s Crisis Cafe has no mirror or soap in the bathroom, so go prepared or bring your own. No, this is not a joke.

The West Village is one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city, so explore it with love!

Try Wilfie & Nell as another bar option. For food, you can go to the super trendy Via Carota and Buvette restaurants. For sushi, the famous Sushi Nakazawa is fantastic.

For one of the top minimalistic Brazilian fashion brands, go to Uma.

And last, go to Sofar Sounds to see what secret music gig they are hosting in the neighborhood. It’s a fantastic plan for a laid back, bring your own bottle night where upcoming artists singing to a small, private group!

Location: 59 Grove Street (b/w 7th Ave South and Bleecker Street)

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Kennedy N.


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