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A Filmmaker, Digital Storyteller And Travel Expert Named Kristen Kellogg

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kristen Kellogg Camping Ithaca New York

Kristen Kellogg, a filmmaker, digital storyteller, and travel expert shares with us her 7 best NYC tips for exploring New York City. There is nothing better than learning with travel experts, right?

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kristen Kellogg Camping Ithaca New York
Kristen Kellogg glamping in Ithaca, New York!

We love all different types of interviews and the ones with travel experts are always quite amusing. We not only love all the tips, but we also end up finding out more secrets about our own beautiful concrete jungle.

Read about Kristen’s explorations and see her 7 best NYC tips for exploring New York City.

Exploring rugged to refined, filmmaker, digital storyteller, and travel expert Kristen Kellogg has designed her life for life on the road. Her Wanderlust Website + Content Creation Agency, Border Free Travels, produces and shares highly engaging lifestyle stories and brand campaigns through film, photography, and innovative media tied to travel.

In addition Kristen’s work and words have been featured in AFAR, MSN, Refinery 29, Daily Mail, Yahoo, and Travel Channel, and Islands Magazine, among others. Some of her recent clients include Skype, Thailand Tourism, The Outer Banks, Visit California, and Rosetta Stone for whom she produced a new travel video series.

On this adventure, Kristen journeys through Mérida, Mexico getting “Lost With Locals” while touring markets with a local chef, practicing Spanish phrases with strangers, and even picks up some local dance moves.

Kristen lives on Nantucket, has an obsession with cheese, loves talking to strangers – in person and on Instagram, and feels most at home when she’s not.

A Nantucket Island resident, when she’s not on the road, she finds inspiration by literally running around exploring her own backyard. She frequently visits NYC between travels in and out of the country.

So, take a look at Kristen Kellogg 7 best NYC tips for exploring New York City:

Helicopter Tours

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kristen Kellogg NYC Helicopter Tour East River

“The best views of Manhattan I’ve ever seen were in a helicopter – doors off! Everyone should do this once in their life – I’d go again in a NYC beat.

And we have to agree with Kristen! As we’ve said before, we know we are obsessed with New York City and one of the best views of the city is from high up in the air!

Plus, it’s incredible to see our concrete jungle and all the boroughs from this perspective.

Take a look at this Helicopter Tour and book now!

The William Vale

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“Sunset drinks and apps at the Westlight atop The William Vale hotel. This is the best view looking back on the city!”

Brooklyn is certainly the most up and coming area in New York and so much is going on, on that side of the bridge. New restaurants, stores, nightclubs, coffee shops, events, etc!

The William Vale is one of the newest additions to the neighborhood and has become an immediate hotspot.

Its rooftop offers a priceless 360º view where you can see the 5 boroughs.

So, if you want to stay in one of the trendiest hotels, in a super cool location and mix with an energetic and stylish crowd…then this is the place for you!

Location: 111 North 12th Street


Matcha Bar

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“If you have a thing for matcha and Instagram, you’ll find your prefect match at Matcha Bar, with two addresses in Manhattan.”

Founded by the brothers, Max and Graham Fortgang, in 2014, Matcha Bar is the perfect drink if you’re looking for energy, focus, paired with powerful antioxidants.

As they explained, they “became fixated on the idea of bringing this ancient tradition into the modern metropolis they call home”. And they did!

Their matcha is sourced directly from an independent family farm in Nishio, Japan.


Miss Paradis

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“I love Miss Paradis in SoHo – prefect for catching up with a friend or two. Nosh on small plates and sip on rose — it adorns the walls of the place. I love the burrata!”

Miss Paradis opened just a while ago, in November of 2016. The place is beautifully designed by Philippe Starck and serves super healthy, seasonal food. Moreover, the dishes are works of art and creatively presented.

They are well-known for their Rosé labels, so we do recommend trying the cocktails on their list. And, as they say: “don’t expect to skip dessert!”

“Miss Paradis is a timeless temple to the glory of the fruits of Nature.” ~ Philippe Starck, Créateur

Location: 47 Prince Street


In New York city, you’ll find surprises around every corner, especially when it comes to culinary treats, such as this popular Japanese snack called “Takoyaki.” What is the most interesting street food you’ve tried?

Posted by Rosetta Stone on Thursday, December 1, 2016


“I stumbled on this gem of a Takoyaki stand on Doyers Street in Chinatown. You’ll get hungry watching the video I made (above).”

If you go to New York, you have to be opened to trying the different street food you’ll find along your way. Plus, if they are literally a hole in the wall, it’s even better.

Hidden in one of Chinatown’s most famous streets, Takoyaki opens only for a few hours during the weekends, so you need to be sure to pass by.

What to try? Maybe a little of everything! Their octopus dumpling is on the top of our list. Prices are super fair, so don’t worry.

Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

Location: 5 Doyers Street

KIIN Thai Eatery

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“I’ve traveled three times extensively through Thailand and always have a tough time finding those same tastes in the states. If you want authentic Thai food, KIIN Thai Eatery is IT! Every bite will have your mouth watering. This place is best for atlas for people – you can order half of the menu this way and try it all.”

KIIN, in the Greenwich Village, in Manhattan, serves authentic central and northern Thai cuisine, with recipes that dates back centuries, but are still current.

Ingredients are all very fresh and tasty, challenging everyone’s taste buds and offering a true Thai experience. 

Location: 36 East 8th Street

Sisley Spa

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kristen Kellogg Sisley Spa The Carlyle

“If you’re in need of a time out, stop at the Sisley Spa in the Rosewood Hotel and treat yourself to a unique treatment – the Phyto-Aromatic Replumping Youth Facial with Rose. The esthetician gently moves rose quartz around your face – so relaxing I fell asleep.”

Not really a “behind the scenes” experience, but nonetheless, super worth exploring, specially after a long and tiring day exploring New York.

Moreover, it’s located inside The Carlyle hotel, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Treatments are customized according to you needs and desires, so you’ll be sure to leave completely relaxed and ready for more NYC adventures!

Location: The Carlyle – 35 East 76th Street – 3rd Floor


Thank you, Kristen, for being part of our Insider Interviews and for sharing your 7 best NYC tips for exploring New York City!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Belly Adventure, Marky_Marc13 and all the venues.
*Last Update on April/2020.*

11 Howard: One Of The Coolest NY Boutique Hotels To Stay

Hotels 11 Howard NY Boutique Hotel The Blond Bar Feature

The 11 Howard, in SoHo, is one of the coolest NY boutique hotels to stay in New York City. Not long after opening, the place became one of the city’s hot spots to dine, party and sleep.

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We love uncovering some unique, behind the scenes places to stay. Some of them might not be a secret anymore, but they are still relatively new and hosting only a pretty cool crowd. The 11 Howard is one of the coolest NY boutique hotels, located in SoHo.

So, let’s start talking about it’s location. The 11 Howard hotel is at one of the best neighborhoods in the city: SoHo. It’s is one of the busiest neighborhoods, but perfect for people that come to New York for shopping, for good dining spots and that enjoy a never ending nightlife.

As soon as you enter the hotel, you can immediately feel the upscale, trendy vibe. The décor is minimalistic, but the design elements are all around. As they say: “where Danish minimalism meets New York realism”. We love it!

All around the hotel, you’ll be able to find unique works of art and design furniture that gives it that cool, trendy aspect.

On the first floor, that you can access by going up a black staircase to your left side, as you walk into the hotel, you’ll find two different areas. The first is the coveted bar and lounge, The Blond. Our contributor, Joey Zauzig, wrote about it as soon as it opened.

At The Blond, you’ll probably bump into models, famous actors, famous designers, kids with big last names and a very stylish, high-end crowd. So, be prepared to mingle (or not). The ambience is quite intimate, with dim lights, dark décor and furnishing, red and blue velvet sofas, a beautiful and massive full bar and a mix of wood and golden details.

Right beside The Blond, you’ll see another room called The Library. This social space is actually open all day and is free to the public. They offer free wifi, communal and private tables and a nice menu for bites and drinks. Décor is really great and welcoming. Many people there are working, having business meetings, or just relaxing for a while before hitting the crazy New York streets. The walls are filled with the photographic work by the renowned Japanese artist, Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Oh! And every Saturday, from 6pm – 7pm, they offer complimentary wine.

The hotel also boasts itself for housing one of the top New York City restaurants, named Le Coucou. The menu offers a selection of classic French dishes. Simple, but amazing, after all “less is more”. The space is very charming and easy on the eyes. Every corner was thought out with great attention by the renowned NYC-based design studio Roman and Williams. Entrance is on 138 Lafayette Street.

Their infrared spa, HigherDOSE, is certainly something to experience. They explain that:

“DOSE stands for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. These are the feel good chemicals that can get released by your brain when you are inside of an infrared sauna—helping you high off of your own supply. In addition to feeling euphoric, infrared saunas help detox heavy metals from your body, promote healthy sleep cycles, promote a healthy glow for your skin, reduce muscle tension, and help you burn calories.”

Pretty interesting, right?

The Rooms and Suites are fantastic. The decoration is definitely up our alley. You can expect a clean décor, with neutral colors, oak floors, 11-foot ceilings, art works by international sculptures and artists, bamboo details (like the rugs) and custom-made furnitures. In addition, the bathroom is stocked with amazing organic beauty products. You can also create-your-own minibar featuring products from Conscious Commerce and Thrive Market.

And still, there is an additional and maybe the most important element of all, in our point of view!

The hotel works with Conscious Hospitality. What does this mean? They are part of the Global Poverty Project:

“11 Howard is a partner with Global Poverty Project whose mission is a world without extreme poverty by 2030. By Booking your stay directly with us, a portion of your room rate will be donated to GPP to help fight extreme poverty and inequality around the world.”

Lastly, they have a few additional collaborations with companies and organizations like: Oliver Gustav Studio – with a unique curation of modern, design, limited edition pieces and Feed Project – founded in 2007 ‘with the simple idea of creating products that would engage people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way’.

We love it all, so enjoy and be sure to indulge yourself in the entire experience offered at 11 Howard. Certainly one of our recommendations if you’re looking for the top behind the scenes NY boutique hotels.

Each area has different functioning hours, so please check online.

Location: 11 Howard Street


Photo Credits: Courtesy of 11 Howard Hotel
*Last Update Feb/2020.*

City Wellness Collective: A Space For Healing, Rejuvination and Peace

The other day we went to visit a gorgeous space called City Wellness Collective. They are dedicated to offering the most amazing wellness techniques in the city like healing, rejuvination and peace.

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After moving back from Berlin to New York, Michelle Keinan and Dan founded the City Wellness Collective. Dan is her partner is love, life and business.

The space is dedicated to you if you’re in search of the best healing and rejuvenation techniques or simply looking for peace. It’s also a place to check out, if you are a healer and need a beautiful space for your clients.

She found out that, like herself, other people were feeling isolated as solopreneurs. They were in profound need for community and support in this overwhelming (but amazing) city.

Michelle and Dan partnered up with Maria Lomanto, a design visionary that helped create the perfect space for healers and ideal for clients. We do need to confess, the space is fantastic. Just by walking in, you can already sense the soothing energy inside it!

So, if you are looking for healing, or peace and relaxation, their professional are certainly part of the top healers in NY. They offer a wide range of practices and modalities, based on your personal need and goals!

You can expect everything from acupuncture, advance biostructural correction, reiki, color puncture, integrative nutrition, somatic healing and massage. And still, women’s health and fertility, holistic facials, crystal healing, sound baths, breath work, intuitive guidance, Qi Gong and so much more!

The list is endless!

If you are a healer, be prepared for a great opportunity to learn, work and heal together.

Their network helps you find new clients and provides the tools you need to make the collective a sanctuary for your business.

Oh! Don’t forget to check out their event’s page! There are great workshop, healing sessions, talks, etc, through out the month.

We are positive you will find what you’ve been looking for!

To learn an apparently simple, but very powerful meditation, you might want to try out the Twin Heart Meditation by Grande Master Choa Kok Sui.

Location: 141 West 28th Street, suite 301


Photo Credits: Courtesy of City Wellness Collective and Dan Keinan
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Mirror Lake Inn: One Of The Best Resorts In The US, In Lake Placid

Hotels Mirror Lake Inn Lake Placid Spring

Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa was founded in 1926 by the couple Climena Alford, a native of Lake Placid, and her husband, William Rufus Wikoff from Massachusetts. It’s one of the best resorts in the US!

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In no time, Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa was transformed from an old estate into one of the most high quality resorts in the US.

Therefore, in no time their reputation spread everywhere and attracted wealthy guest from all over the state, and specially from New York City.

The Inn was always involved with sports events where they hosted entire teams. Also, they enjoyed sport-related innovation like the first electric rope-tow, the first snow making machine and the first bobsled run!

With locally sourced, fresh ingredients, they are also famous for their delicious food and treats!

They offer 3 dining options at the resort: The View – Lake Placid’s only AAA Four-Diamond “Exceptional” rated restaurant; Taste Bistro & Bar – serving a casual dinner and cocktails; and The Cottage – a great hangout spot year-round and named one of the top Après Ski spots in North America, by the readers of Ski Magazine!

In addition, they have a fantastic SPA that offers countless incredible treatments like the Vichy Shower and different massages with different purposes. Pamper yourself with the marine-based skincare product line, Phytomer. For the gals, manicure and pedicures are available and for the gentlemen, a variety of services too.

And, of course, pool, sauna, jacuzzi. Yes, they have it all!

Are you into fitness? You can book your personal trainer and hit the gym at any time!

With extremely comfortable and classically decorated rooms, you’ll certainly feel the nostalgic vibe! Take a look at the accommodation options.

It’s a 4-5h trip from New York City and definitely worth it!

In addition, they’ve been featured by renowned publications like Condé Nast Traveler, so do check them out if you’re planning an escape up state.

So, we have no doubt that you’ll have the most fantastic and relaxing time at the Mirror Lake Inn. Enjoy!

You might also want to take a look at a few other Day Trip ideas!

Location: 77 Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid, NY


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Mirror Lake Inn
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Maria Bonita Salon & Spa: For A Brazilian Beauty Style

Fitness Health Maria Bonita Salon Spa Main Area

The Brazilian beauty services and techniques are incomparable! We’ve tried a few, offered at Maria Bonita Salon & Spa, and completely loved them all.

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We have to confess that we’re pretty picky when it comes to beauty products and specially services. A good product can be copied, but a good service is very hard to replicate.

Maria Bonita Spa & Salon was founded in 2003 by Fernanda Lacerda. It has been considered the to-go-salon in Soho for all the Brazilian beauties that live or come to New York City.

The other day we experimented a few services we were curious about and after the fantastic results, decided to share it with you.

We started with a fabulous Gold & Diamond Facial that lasted over 1 hour.  We were “taken to heaven” and brought back. This treatment is used to “treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks. It helps to thicken your collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, which result in younger looking complexion.”  Virginia de Oliveira was the expert facialist behind the technique.

After the facial, we had a manicure. It’s hard to explain how different Brazilian professional do manicure services, versus the NY spots we’ve been to.

Believe us, it’s as perfect at is can get, and it definitely lasts much longer.

Last, but surely not least, we finished with a blow out. This, again, was amazing!

We haven’t tried the Wax, but we’ve heard miracles about it by friends and powerful women we know. So, if you’re looking for a waxing spot, there is surely nothing like the Brazilian Wax.

To wrap up we do have to say that, different from the NYC style, Brazilian spots allow you to take your time and relax. Nothing is rushed, so every moment is fully indulged.

All professionals were fantastic, super caring and hot hearted – like every Brazilian we know!

Finally, to see what other talented and young Brazilians are up to in New York City, you’ll love this post.

We’ve worked with many people visiting NYC and corporate groups coming into the city, searching for leisure activities.

Let us know how we can help you or your company!

Location: 199 Mott Street

Monday – Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
Thursday – Saturday: 10am- 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maria Bonita
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Ancient Greek and Roman baths in NYC, at Aire Ancient Baths

Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths by Vogue

The experience of ancient Greek and Roman baths in NYC is just a few blocks from you! Aire Ancient Baths is one of the top get-aways in the city.

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Located inside an old weaving factory in TriBeCa, Aire Ancient Baths is an experience you’ll never forget! Most likely, you’ll get addicted to it!

As we’ve all studied in History class, in ancient Greece and Rome, fancy banquets were organized for special guests with sessions to thermal baths. These public thermal baths were hosted inside beautiful palaces and were considered special rituals.

Aire Ancient Baths offers a variety of water induced relaxation sessions ranging from the hottest water at 102ºF, to the super cold water pools that can go down below 46ºF. Definitely, for the brave!

There are also steaming rooms that are intensified by aromatherapy and propeller jet baths at 97ºF for pre massage sessions.

Plus, salt water pools at 100ºF that is one of the most sought after baths because of its ability to induce mental relaxation, and much more!

We love their newest treatment called Red Wine Baths. We all know that grapes are huge antioxidants.

Extracted from the Matarromera winery in Spain, the treatment starts with 30 minutes inside a tub with tempranillo grapes concentrates. While in the tub, you’ll receive a scalp massage, as well as a facial massage. The best!

Then, you’ll head to a full body massage with grape seed oil that will do wonders for your body regarding hydration.

And wait! It’s still not over! You will still indulge yourself into another 90-minute Thermal Session in their different baths.

This experience lasts 180 minutes. Have fun!!!

Prices per person:
Monday – Thursday: $450
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $550

If you go there later in the afternoon, you can take an additional set of clothes and head straight for dinner. Since you are at the upscale Tribeca neighborhood, you might want to try Bouley’s kitchens.

Last, we work with highly customized and strategic corporate services with small, medium and large companies. We’ve organized, in the past, some very exclusive experiences at Aire Ancient Baths.

If this is something you’re looking for, let us organize it for you and you team.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 11pm

Location: 88 Franklin Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths and Vogue Magazine (thumbnail image)
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Meet One Of The Top NYC Hair Stylists: Rogerio Calvalcante

Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Model

We’re here today to share a great tip if you’re looking for one of the top NYC hair stylists! We simply love the miracle hand and flawless work by Rogerio Cavalcante.

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Hey Gorgeous Girls! We’ve been receiving messages and emails asking for the best beauty treatments and salons in NYC. So, we’re here today to share a great tip if you’re looking for the top hair stylists in the New York!

Rogerio Cavalcante is Brazilian and we can say with extreme confidence that Brazilian hair stylists do know how to make women explore their best style.

He comes from a hair stylist family, hence his love and keen eye for the perfect hair style and color. It’s a talent that is literally stamped in his DNA!

At a very young age, 13 years old to be exact, Rogerio starting exploring the beauty and styling universe at his uncle’s salon.

Over 5 years ago, Rogerio came to NYC and opened himself to learn with great names – even if it meant, going back to working as an assistant. A great approach and vision with out a doubt!

He explains that inspiration is everywhere and it can be extracted from the most simple, to most complex things around you…at all times!

Working with countless hair styles is certainly a thrill and his passion transcends into appointments that can last up to 2h, or from 3h-6h if you’re going for coloring!

Yup, this is the Brazilian service ‘style’…not common in New York City, if you ask us… Brazilian professionals take time and want to be sure that the client leave their appointment more than happy.

He offers services like: Bang-trims, Women’s Cut, Men’s Cut and Blowouts, plus Coloring – single, full highlights, balayage and toner (glaze).

As Rogerio aways says:

“Approach is everything! Styling is a fluid process. We’ll explore trends and work around what’s best for your features. And, at the end of the day, there is nothing like the look on my customer’s face when I’m done. Their happiness is priceless.”

Change is good and change is always welcome, so if you’re looking for it, try starting by meeting Rogerio! As we said, she’s definitely one of the top NYC hair stylists!

If you’re coming to New York and need private assistance at your hotel or you live in NY and don’t have time to go to the salon, let our experts take care of this for you. For businessmen and women coming into the city for work, meeting or events, we can also assist your needs.

Location: 199 Mott Street – Maria Bonita Salon & Spa


Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa
Rogerio Cavalcante in action!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Rogerio Cavalcante
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Julien Farel Salon: Olivia Palermo’s Hair By A Brilliant Duo

Fitness Health Olivia Palermo Julien Farel Salon

You all have definitely noticed how amazing Olivia Palermo’s hair is, right? Well, I do also know that many of you would love to know her secrets and also “who” are the people responsible for taking care of her.

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So, the search began! I knew that the professional “behind” Olivia Palermo’s hair would be hard to schedule a real appointment, not to mention, an interview.

I was able to connect with the very kind, André Davis, Olivia Palermo’s hair stylist. He has been the guru behind Olivia’s hair style for the past 11 years! Plus, we also talked to Abby Haliti, responsible for Oliva’s amazing coloring! This duo is definitely unmatchable and one of a kind.

They both work at the Julien Farel Salon & Spa, located inside the upscale Loews Regency New York hotel.

If you want to book an appointment with them, you can mention you read this post, and try to get a spot.

Here are a few secrets and tips André gave me, when we met:

“In the summer, you should always try and use hats, that protect your hair from the sun, besides keeping you super stylish. After all, New York is the perfect city to use and abuse of them.

Using a small amount of sunscreen on the tips of your hair, will also make them healthy during the super hot season.

For fine hair, using a dry shampoo is a good option. And, for oily hair, Paul Mitchell and Oribe have amazing products.

I love the super well-known Ricky’s beauty stores, but my secret in New York is Beauty 35, located at 505 8th Avenue.”

For hats, we recommend for you to explore Satya Twena, the fine milliner/hatter and Goorin Bros, the super traditional and bold had brand!

What André loves about his work at Julien Farel Salon?

“Everything. From connecting with my client’s inner beauty and making then gain confidence with healthy hair to offering a good program for them to follow. This will definitely help keep ends clean and a sexy hair. I also love doing dramatic hair transformations. They are always exciting (laughs).”

Thank you André and Abby for your time! You guys are awesome!

I’ll surely be there soon to take care of my own hair.

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 9am – 5pm

Location: 540 Park Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Julien Farel, Olivia Palermo and Ty Cole
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Body By Brooklyn: A 10,000 Square Foot Spa In Clinton Hill

Fitness Health Body by Brooklyn Legs

Body by Brooklyn is a spa in Clinton Hill, located just minutes away from neighborhoods like lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg and South Queens!

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Body by Brooklyn is one of the biggest spas in New York. The space is a former chocolate factory and they did a fantastic job renovating and recreating the space.

Considered one of the top spas in Brooklyn today, you can go there to detox, lose weight, energize or even cure a hangover from the night before.

They have countless treatments like:

  • Saunas and steam rooms
  • Massages
  • Body Treatments
  • Facials
  • Waxing (ouch!)
  • Private VIP suites
  • Couple massages

Plus, you’ll be able to leave the place with many of the fantastic face and body products they use. You will walk to buy everything. Check their website for a glimps of what they have and the price range of each different product.

Don’t forget to enjoy the Martini Lounge and the gourmet spa cuisine with your friends, or even alone!!!

It’s time to just relax!!!

Our experts behind our Corporate Services have done fantastic experiences with groups coming from over seas for work. For their down time, we’ve organized unique and customized experiences in different spas in New York.

If you need help to organize something for you or for your clients, reach out so our team can tell you more about how we work.

For private parties and celebrations with friends and family, we can help you out too.

Sunday – Monday | Wednesday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Tuesday: Closed

Location: 275 Park Avenue, Brooklyn


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Body by Brooklyn
*Last Update on March/2020.*

NYC Spa Week: Not A Secret, But One Of NYC’s Best Wellness Events

Fitness Health NYC Spa Week Gisele Bundchen by Steven Meisel for Vogue 2013

This is definitely not a secret, but the NYC Spa Week happens twice a year. It’s a great opportunity to try the numerous treatments, in the various spas, around the five boroughs.

Fitness Health NYC Spa Week Gisele Bundchen by Steven Meisel for Vogue 2013
Photo Credit: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italy, featuring Gisele Bündchen (2013)

NYC Spa Week was founded by Cheryl Reid, she explains why and how this idea started:

“Living in New York is not always as easy or glamorous as it sounds. I guess that’s why they say, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” While the constant hustle and bustle of our metropolis can be exciting, some days a one mile commute can take 45 minutes.

Everyone in New York moves in a hurried, frenzied, impersonal manner — one that is both stressful and draining. One evening I began brainstorming how to create an event that would educate exhausted New Yorkers about the benefits of the spa & wellness lifestyle while offering them an affordable way to experience it.

I also needed to figure out a cost-effective way to drive this new clientele into the day spa market. With these components recognized, the light bulb went off, and the Spa Week Brand was born.”

So, in 2004, NYC Spa Week launched their first edition. 

The idea of offering to everyone the possibility of relaxing and having some down time to unwind, at a reasonable cost is amazing.

We all know that New York’s beauty scene can be quite expensive, so having the best spas around the city offering treatments at $50, is fantastic!

They started off their first year with only 25 venues participating, but each year, grew as it became more popular and recognized.

Today, Spa Week has become a National brand, with events happening all over the country. Now, you are able to experience some of the top players in the wellness industry. Plus, you can focus and dedicate time for your well-being.

Each year, in New York City, there are over 100 salons and spas participating in this special week. They all offer a wide number of treatments at this special, discounted rate. 

The best thing is, many of these treatments are offered in super high-end and luxurious spas around town.

Keep your eyes opened for their 2016 event! All bookings cane be made online.

Here are two spas that we adore: Aire Ancient Baths in TriBeCa and Body by Brooklyn in Clinton Hill. We have even organized unique experiences for corporate groups coming from overseas and they had a fantastic time.


Photo Credit: Steven Meisel for Vogue Magazine
*Last Update on March/2020.*


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