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ALL NEW YORK’S A STAGE: Celebrating NYC’s Small Theater Industry

Entertainment Culture All New Yorks A Stage Kiss Me Kate

ALL NEW YORK’S A STAGE – the First Campaign Celebrating NYC’s Small Theater Industry! New Yorkers invited to experience 200+ performances and events throughout the five boroughs.

Entertainment Culture All New Yorks A Stage Kiss Me Kate
Photo Credit: Show “Kiss Me, Kate!”

We loved learning about the ALL NEW YORK’S A STAGE campaign to celebrate NYC’s small theater industry and this is totally up our alley!!! See what it’s all about and how you can get tickets to this huge list of performances and events around town!

The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, in partnership with SHOW-SCORE.COM, announced the launch of ALL NEW YORK’S A STAGE, the first-ever campaign dedicated to raising the visibility of our vibrant local theater industry, which is made up of small venues, companies and related organizations throughout the five boroughs.

Up through October 31st, New Yorkers and visitors can explore the ALL NEW YORK’S A STAGE website to discover an exciting array of more than 200 performances and events throughout the city.

ALL NEW YORK’S A STAGE offers New Yorkers an opportunity to learn about musicals and dramas, adaptations of classics, immersive and site-specific performances; staged readings, previews and special promotions –that may be right around the corner from where they live or work.

The site also offers reviews and recommendations from other theatergoers, as well as those by professional theatre reviewers.

“ALL NEW YORK’S A STAGE is the first citywide campaign to focus on connecting audiences to the amazing work of our small theaters, which are integral to the city’s creative culture, and where established and up-and-coming talent does some of their most creative work,” said Anne del Castillo, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.

“We hope that this campaign serves as a starting point for New Yorkers and visitors alike to explore local theater all year long!”

You can see the campaign will be featured on New York City subways and bus shelters, with dedicated print and digital ads in local publications; while theaters citywide will use the hashtag #localtheaternyc on their social media throughout the month of October.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment on this important initiative,” said Show-Score CEO Deeksha Gaur.

“We created Show-Score four years ago to help audiences discover great theater, particularly beyond Broadway. That is where New Yorkers can experience – in the intimacy of a small venue and at an affordable price – some of the most exciting talent and ground-breaking work the city has to offer. In fact, the Tony winners for Best Musical for the last five years all performed Off-Broadway before making the move uptown.”

“The most ambitious, innovative and adventurous work isn’t just made inside the Broadway Box, it’s created in all 5 boroughs by hundreds of independent artists who are ready for the kind of exposure this campaign can bring,” said Aimee Todoroff, Acting Director of the League of Independent Theater.

“Congratulations to the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment for recognizing that, from traditional theaters to rooftops, and in site specific and found spaces, audiences are hungry for the diverse work made in Independent theaters all across NYC.”

If off-Broadway show is totally up your alley and you love exploring independent theaters, then you might also enjoy going to STOMP! Plus, take a look at Cherry Lane Theatre, the longest continuously Off-Broadway theatre in New York City!

Credits: Courtesy of nyc.gov
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Gallow Green: Explore One Of The Top 10 Rooftops In NYC

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Benches

We simply love rooftops in NYC during spring time. Even during the cruel summer, we’re always looking for the best spots. Gallow Green is one of the top 10 rooftops in NYC with a garden restaurant and bar located in The McKittrick Hotel, in Chelsea.

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Gallow Green is definitely a must-go, must-see in town! The view is great, the place is beautiful and the atmosphere has a nature-vibe to it.

When you arrive downstairs, just mention that you’re going up to the rooftop and they’ll let you in.

It’s definitely a different experience! With this hot spring-summer weather, the place makes everything refreshing with it’s countless plants and flowers. Surely makes everything more pleasant and also, gorgeous to the eyes.

The place was ranked as one of the top 10 rooftop bars & restaurants in New York City to visit! This is a pretty big thing, since the city has so many other rooftops.

The are currently offering every Saturday and Sunday a Rooftop Garden Brunch. There you’ll have great live music, special craft cocktails and sweet and savory open buffet.

Gallow Green also offers a dinner menu and a prix-fixe menu that are made with seasonal ingredients.

You can go online for reservations, which we do encourage. The place can get quite crowded and overflowing with beautiful people.

It’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the top 10 rooftops in NYC, right?!

Are you searching for a place for a Private Event? This is definitely a great spot! We can give you a hand, if you need. It’s also great for corporate groups and nights.

Lastly, the hotel houses one of the most amazing long-running interactive theatre productions in the city, called Sleep No More. We do recommend attending it! It’s pretty awesome!

We just love these rooftops in NYC.

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday: 5pm – 3am
Saturday: 11am – 3am
Sunday: 11am – 12am

Location: 542 West 27th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gallow Green
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Put on your mask tonight for Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Corridor

“A legendary hotel. Shakespeare’s fallen hero. A film noir shadow of suspense.” Seems catchy, doesn’t it? Many people have been tirelessly talking about the unique experience they had while attending Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel, in Chelsea.

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New York City definitely offers the most unique and amazing theatrical experiences in the plant! With a breathtaking scenography, super talented actors and, of course, the coolest crowd, these shows are always on the top of our list!

“Sleep No More is an award-winning theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare ’s Scottish tragedy through a film noir lens. Audiences move freely through the epic world of the story at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see, and everyone ’s journey is different and unique. This indoor promenade performance can last up to 3 hours.”

…but the duration really depends on the spectator and what he/she feels like experiencing and observing.

The experience is retelling the famous Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Macbeth“, lived in a 1920’s hotel.

How does it work?

There are 5 arrival times for each performance ranging from 6pm – 12am depending on the day of the week.

First, this is not a seated performance. The Hotel transformed 5 floors and 93 rooms into this massive performance space where the guests walk through these different ambiances. You’ll be exploring different sceneries, observing thrilling and emotional performances and sometimes even interacting with the peculiar performers. No one talks inside! So keep it silent, please!

Also, every one receives a Venetian mask to keep the identities confidential This way, everyone feels more comfortable in being “voyeurs”, since there are some spicy scenes.

The rooms are amazing and were transformed into: a hospital’s psychiatric ward, an ultra luxurious room, a forest, a sophisticated hotel bar and several other surprises. The actors and actresses wander around the spaces, interact with each other and with the guests. This way, you can see the show in different chronological orders, as you wish.

After the show, look for the Manderley Bar where you can have a drink, relax and listen to music. Note: Prohibited to kids below 16.

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At the rooftop, you’ll find Gallow Green, a perfect spot specially during the summer time. The décor is pretty cool, with lots of greens all around. It’s considered one of the Top 10 Bars/Restaurants in the City. The sunset there is amazing, so you can chose to swing by before the show starts for a drink.

If you want to finish the night with dinner, you can also book a table at The Heath. They offer a dinner menu, a Sleep No More Prix Fix Menu and a delicious Dessert Menu.

Have fun! (…which we’re sure you will!)

If you want help booking everything or want access to a VIP experience for Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel, contact us so we can arrange everything for you!

This is also a great spot for corporate groups that want to have some down time from work. Contact our experts, so we can organize it all for you and your team.

Location: The McKittrick Hotel – 530 West 27th Street


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Sleep No More, Driely S., Loren Wohl and Yaniv Schulman
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Cherry Lane Theatre: Longest Off-Broadway Theatre In New York City

Culture Music Cherry Lane Theatre Façade

Cherry Lane Theatre was founded in 1924 and is known as the longest continuously Off-Broadway theatre in New York City! Cool, right?!

Culture Music Cherry Lane Theatre Façade
Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC

As most historical buildings in Manhattan, their story always starts with a long list of other businesses occupying the space. Before Cherry Lane Theatre became the longest continuously Off-Broadway theatre in New York City, a lot happened there!

This building was built in 1836, where is started off being a local brewery spot. After that what closed down, the space was the home of a tobacco warehouse and later on, a box factory.

It was only in the year of 1924 that a group of artists was able to transform it all into a beautiful theatre that showcased a ground-breaking performances, was a pioneer in countless works and had an important role in the future of the Arts.

Cherry Lane’s mission?

“To cultivate an urban artist colony, honor our groundbreaking history, and engage audiences in creating theater that illuminates contemporary issues, and at its best, transforms the spirit.”

Cherry Lane Theatre is located in the super trendy neighborhood called Greenwich Village, in Manhattan. The space is today the home – and “lab”, as they explain – of new American works. They also continue hosting amazing ground-breaking productions.

In 1998, they launched Cherry Lane Studio. Yes, it also has a past life! This space was once a restaurant owned by a renowned family called Carroad. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, it also served as a late-night gay club that was pretty entertaining.

It’s said that during the 1950’s, during an excavation that happened in the neighbor building, an underground river was found and it came filled with thousands of cute and friendly turtles.

Today, the Studio is:

“…a safe haven for the development of new plays. Our programs allow playwrights to hone their work without the pressure of reviews before sophisticated, thrill-seeking audiences who want to discover the bold new voices of today.”

So this fantastic place offers 2 stages – the main stage with 179 seats and Studio with 60 seats. They usually have 2 or 3 simultaneous productions happening. So, be sure to check online for further info, upcoming projects and ticket prices.

As we mentioned, it’s amazing that they are the longest Off-Broadway theatre in New York City! We definitely recommend this fantastic experience!

Many of our readers and clients, enjoy our tips and services, because we focus on unique tours and experiences around New York. That (re)said, if you are looking to explore other spots like this one, we would surely recommend checking out House of Yes, in Bushwick.

If you’re the type that enjoy uncovering spots on your with friends and no tour guide, you’ll definitely love our Greenpoint Self-Guided Tour in Brooklyn. It’s one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn today!

But wait! If you’re a business, let us surprise your team or your clients with the most amazing corporate experiences in town!

Location: 38 Commerce Street


Photo Credit: Brian Dubé

Legendary Beacon Theatre: An Upper West Side Rock Room

Culture Music Beacon Theatre Audience

New York City offers an entire universe of theatrical experiences and shows that certainly overwhelm not only visitors, but locals. We love some of the more remote spots in the city and the legendary Beacon Theatre is one of them.

Culture Music Beacon Theatre Audience
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Scott Gries/Getty Images

As they explain, The Beacon Theatre: has become a venerable rock room for generations of New Yorkers and an intimate setting for unforgettable concerts and events“.

Countless greatest names in music have performed there, including the Rolling Stones, Queen, The Allman Brothers Band, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Paul Simon and many others. EvenHis Holiness the Dalai Lama has once lectured a class in their space!

A quite impressive list, right?

A little history about the place:

Herbert Lubin and Roxy Rothafel, were the brains and visions behind it all and initially named it Roxy Midway Theatre. Throughout the years where they were constructing the place, Lubin fell into a financial crises, leaving the project half way.

Warner Theatres jumped in and opened the venue on the Christmas Eve of 1929 as Warner’s Beacon Theatre.  With almost 3,000 seats, the project was lead by Walter W. Ahlschlager, the architect responsible for its art deco styling.

During its early years it showcased a theatrical genre called vaudeville and was also a destination for movie lovers.

Half a century later, in 1979, it became one of the venues listed as national landmark, under the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2006 they became part of the MSG Entertainment group. Then, in early 2009 they experiences an important restoration, making it even more attractive.

In 2012, the renowned Billboard Magazine – extremely important in its industry – voted The Beacon, for a second consecutive year, as number 3 in its category: “Top Grossing Venue”.

Today, the Legendary Beacon Theatre remains as one of the best venues in the city for live performances and other experiences! Maybe a little touristy, but hey, cultural spots have to be shared!

Do you enjoy these cultural experiences? You might also enjoy visiting the Cherry Lane Theatre, the longest off-broadway theatre.

We know people have doubts regarding what to do while in New York, so let our experts help you organize your trip!

If you’re organizing a huge corporate group coming into the city, or even a smaller team, contact us for more information on our Corporate Services.

Location: 2124 Broadway


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Scott Gries/Getty Images
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Carol Celico Shares Her Kid Friendly NYC Picks

Curiosities Insider Interviews Carol Celico Family Outdoor

Carol Celico, one of the top Brazilian Bloggers, launches with us our new series, called NYC Hush Hush Tips! We will feature renowned names, across the globe, in diverse industries, sharing their best NYC secrets. Carol shares her kid friendly NYC picks!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Carol Celico Family

Today we launch our newest project called NYC Hush Hush Tips.

We invite the most amazing and renowned people around the globe to share with us their exclusive and very best NYC secrets and insider tips!

To launch this exciting project, for our very 1st interview, we invited Carol Celico!

Carol is a renowned Brazilian Blogger and today has over 870k followers on Instagram today!

She shared with us 4 amazing tips on what to do in NYC with kids, since she’s got two beautiful little ones.

And, yes, New York City is a great for kids or to actually have kids, and we’ve explained why!

Here goes Carol Celico’s top spots:

The New Victory Theater

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The New Victory Theater has amazing shows and is practically one of the only theaters in town with a good selection for kids! The good thing is that the shows are made for adults as well, making the night-out very fun to go with the family.

There, they create a delicious world of fantasy to entertain children and present plays, musicals, circus shows… All super playful and fun!

I always look for some cultural programs to go with my kids, since New York City is one of the largest cultural and entertainment centers in the world!

Location: 209 West 42nd Street


Bryant Park’s HBO Summer Film Festival

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Bryant Park’s HBO Summer Film Festival will have great kid’s movies up through August.

Everyone knows that New York becomes even more amazing in the summer. Everyone is out on the streets to enjoy what the city has to offer during this amazing season. Major festivals held in different parts of the city and neighborhoods, in outdoor locations!

When we are with kids, there is nothing better than enjoying these festivals and going to these really cool programs! During the summer, Bryant Park – one of the most beautiful and entertaining city parks – brings the “HBO Summer Film Festival”. The offer outdoors screenings of famous movies from adventures, to romances and even cartoons.

The program runs until the end of August, every Monday at 5pm.

Location: Between 40th and 42nd Streets between 5th and 6th Avenues.


Governors Island

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Governors Island hosts amazing events, and it’s a great place to spend the day with kids, since they always have music, art and other attractions spread though out the island!

Located less than 1km South of Manhattan and very close to Brooklyn, Governor’s Island is an island full of parks, picnic spots, biking, art installations around the island.

So, there are definitely countless fun activities to do with kids.

With events offering music, poetry and arts for kids, the island became a giant amusement park for all ages!”

Check out the attractions and schedule on their website!


Numero 28 Pizzeria

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The last great tip is one of my favorite restaurants in town!

A perfect thing to do with kids is to take them to a pizza spot! Number 28 is not a preppy place, but I think that’s why it’s so cool!

Today, they have 4 addresses in New York and 2 in Brooklyn. They serve one of the best pizzas in town, considered by many to be the “authentic Neapolitan pizza!”

The ingredients are the best: super fresh, natural, no preservatives and some are even gluten-free. If you are not with that desire to eat pizza, as the kids probably are, they offer a great menu with pasta, salads and meat!

But…I suggest trying their pizza! Lastly, the environment is quite relaxed and the pizza, delicious!”

Location: 1431 First Avenue


Lastly, if you are coming to NYC and want help in organizing your trip contact our experts to see how we can help you. Or, if you are a company needing corporate assistance with your executives or clients, let us assist you.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Carol Celico, Kaka, Governors Island, Bryant Park, Jen Carlson, Tracey Young, New Victory Theater and Mnogoschastiya
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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