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Here’s What’s Next For NYC’s Food Scene

Dining NYCs Food Scenes Behind the Scenes NYC Restaurant

Curious to know what’s next for NYC’s Food Scene? Well, take a look below so we can tell you all about it! Get ready to enjoy!

Dining NYCs Food Scenes Behind the Scenes NYC Restaurant

New York City’s food scene is like no other in the world: locals equally rave about hot dogs from hot dog carts and eclectic cuisine from Michelin-starred restaurants, all in the same breath.

And while the Big Apple’s food culture doesn’t need much to improve it, experts and food enthusiasts are predicting that new NYC food trends are going to shake things up to gain the interest of even the most jaded foodie in the city.

Here’s what’s next for NYC’s vibrant and eclectic food scene.

Nostalgic Comfort Foods

Dining NYCs Food Scenes Behind the Scenes NYC Pasta

During times of uncertainty, people tend to gravitate towards comfort food, especially comfort food from their youth.

A recent poll has found that two in three Americans ate more comfort food in 2020. And, people will be seeking more of this type of food: 69 percent said that they’ll continue to enjoy the same amount of comfort food in the coming years.

This means that New Yorkers may see more hearty fare offered in their favorite bistros, cafes and restaurants. For example, a deep dish chicken pot pie or a lasagna cooked in a spring form pan, breakfast pizza, mac & cheese, and chili – all possible to emulate at home with a non-stick pan.

Immunity-Boosting Foods

As people are looking for ways to stay healthy, it’s likely that renowned NYC food institutions will be offering more food and drinks with natural immunity boosters.

Be on the lookout for salads with a lot of ingredients that can build up the immune system, such as citrus fruits, broccoli, and bell peppers. Ginger is also about to become a star ingredient. It can help to decrease inflammation and reduce the symptoms of various respiratory illnesses.

Think warming soups such as cream of squash and roasted ginger, or pickled ginger as a side dish.

Dessert could be a ginger ice cream, such as the one that can be found at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. NYC restaurants can elevate this treat by serving it with whipped coconut cream and lychees.

Eclectic Twist on Classic Favorites

NYC foodies are about to go on a food adventure: a lot of classic favorites, such as burgers and pizza, are predicted to undergo an eclectic makeover.

Think New York style pizza with kimchi, ramen burgers, or Thai-style fries, which are fries cooked with spices, peanut oil, peanut butter, lime juice, and fish sauce.

Dessert bars are also predicted to offer more ice cream with international flavors, such as ube, which is a type of purple yam that comes from the Philippines, red bean paste, which is a favorite in South Korea, and miso, which is a mainstay in Japanese dishes.

NYC’s food scene is about to get even more interesting. And, we’re about to see more classic comfort foods, healthy meals, and diverse ingredients offered by popular and up-and-coming institutions.

Be on the lookout for these trends and indulge your taste buds with the best NYC treats.

Biggest NYC Wine Trends Of 2020

Curiosities City Secrets NYC Wine Trends Friends by

These will be the biggest NYC wine trends of 2020. So, if you’re a wine lover like we are, keep on reading! And…enjoy!

Curiosities City Secrets NYC Wine Trends by Kelsey ChancePeople in the United States are drinking more wine than ever before, and New Yorkers are among the top 5 wine drinkers in the country. That said, we’re here to share with you the biggest NYC wine trends of 2020!

Whether it’s a gathering with friends at a trendy tapas restobar or just a regular night watching “The Witcher” on Netflix, nothing can be more celebratory or relaxing than having a glass or two of vino.

In 2020, wine drinking is about to get even better as insiders predict the arrival of new wine trends to shake up your drinking experience.

From innovative packaging to a fun and fizzy drink, these are the biggest wine trends to look out for in 2020.

Canned red and white wine

The latest wine trends in Australia made their way to NYC in last September’s Wine Australia Tasting at Union West in Chelsea, and the new wines have been a part of the city’s diverse wine culture ever since.

A vacation in Australia is the trip of a lifetime for many New Yorkers, and many celebrate it with local wines – you can buy Shiraz wine from Qantas to celebrate your first flight to the country or pop open a bottle of Australian Merlot while camping with friends on the Outback.

Australian favorites are widely available in NYC since the Union West event, and the availability of canned wine makes reliving vacation memories even easier for New Yorkers.

Even more distributors are predicted to release canned versions of their best-selling wines. Canned rosé was the drink of choice among millennials in the summer of 2018 and 2019. But, in the new year, expect to see more people enjoying traditional red and white wines packaged in portable containers.

These new canned wines, along with other innovations in the wine industry, will likely be showcased at the Vinexpo New York 2020 from March 2nd to 3rd, at the Jacob K. Javits Center.

Orange wine

Curiosities City Secrets NYC Wine Trends by Court Cook

We’re all familiar with red, white and pink wine, but orange wine is about to be big in the new decade.

Wine takes on the sunny hue when grape juice is fermented with the skins of the white grape. This is why orange wine is also called a skin-contact wine.

It has a slightly different taste from traditional white or red wines, and goes well with beef or fish. So, it’s a good choice if you have yet to master food and wine pairings.

You can taste this type of wine at some New York wineries such as the Red Hook Winery, Channing Daughters, and Chamber Street Wines.

Oh, and have you heard of Green wine? Try them at the cool hotspot, Beco, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Fizzy and affordable Piquette

Sustainable wine is starting to become more popular nowadays, so make your wine drinking experience more eco-friendly by drinking Piquette.

This drink isn’t exactly classified as a type of wine, as it’s made by adding water to the pomace, which is the leftover stems, skins and seeds that the winemaker discards after extracting the juice from the grapes.

This means that you’re basically drinking a beverage made from the byproducts of the wine making process. And, what you get is a fizzy drink that has a slightly sweet flavor with a bit of a sour tang.

Insiders are predicting that Piquette will be a lot more popular in the new decade due to its low alcohol content. You can find this type of drink at wineries such as Henry’s in Brooklyn.

The NYC wine culture is about to experience some welcome changes in the new decade. Be on the lookout for these wine trends, and enjoy discovering new wines in 2020.

Curiosities City Secrets NYC Wine Trends by Renata Meirelles

Guest Writer: Cindy Trillo
Photo Credits: Courtesy of Renata Meirelles, Kelsey Chance and Court Cook


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