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The Upcoming New York City Party Scene Just Got Better

May 5, 2016 | BTSNYC
Fitness Health Morning Gloryville New York

We contributed during 1 year for Glamour Brazil. This post is about a new and different daytime & nightlife style to explore in New York City!

Take a look at the Portuguese version, and below the English version:

How does “going to a nightclub for Yoga classes” sound? Pretty neat, right? This is the upcoming New York City party scene trend.

When a friend asks me: “Do you want to go to a nightclub tonight?” or “Let’s go for Happy Hour after work?”, they clearly mean some cool party or a great place in town for drinks.

In New York, a “trendsetter” type-of-city, these questions can exceed the obvious understanding.

Now, you can go to nightclubs that offer yoga classes in the middle of huge dance floors, paired with amazing DJs, shinning disco balls or even a rave party before going to work!

Here, we list some of the best places to visit. Plus, we tell you how to hit the gym in style or start your day at an “alcohol and drugs free” rave party!

The new trend is asking for kombucha tea “in da club”, rather than the traditional Martini with double olives.

Fitness Health Morning Gloryville New York

Morning Gloryville NYC

This event is also for the early-birds who like to wake up and start the day at full speed! At Morning Gloryfille NYC you can expect tons of great music that’ll surely awaken your soul. Plus, sexy beats, a lot of love, hugs and a great double espresso!

Inspired by the traditional rave parties, the Founders innovated the concept. They created an event with massage stations and professional therapists, various smoothies made with “superfoods”, a juice bar, a coffee kiosk, an incredible dance team who makes you sweat it off, some of the most talented DJ’s in New York City.

Plus, of course, the perfect dance floor! Take a look at this video so you’ll get the feeling on what to expect.

Location: Multiple locations, so check their website.

Fitness Health No Light No Lycra New York

No Lights, No Lycra

The No Lights, No Lyra community started in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. It rapidly expanded to 30 cities around the globe. In New York, the event is held in the basement of a church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The only light comes from the laser machines creating a green thread, offering only sufficient illumination to prevent accidents along your way.

No one is worried about what they are wearing, what makeup they have on or if you’re with the latest fashion “must-have” bag. Every Tuesday guests dance to the sound of different genres: from electronic music, to the unforgettable Michael Jackson for over 1 hour – 8:15pm – 9:30pm).

The result? They’re all sweaty and in ecstasy! It costs $5 to get in, then…dance to your limit!

Location: Messiah Hall, 129 Russel Street

Fitness Health Daybreaker New York


Have you thought of starting off your day going to a Rave party before work!? Daybreaker is a day party that starts before 7am. They serve fresh juices to the sound of electronic music, yoga classes, spoken poetry performances and live bands. It has a bit of everything, minus the alcohol and drugs!

The Founders, Matt Brimer and Radha Agrawal explain: “It’s all about love, it is about mindfulness, and it is about mischief. It’s a 100% sober rave (our style for sure!), where the only thing people get high on is life.”

To get more information, register on the website, because everything is communicated through email. Oh! The event does not happen only in New York. It’s also hosted in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and several others!

You can read more about them on this other post we’ve written.

Locations: Only disclosed after purchasing the ticket.

Fitness Health Verboten New York

Deep House Yoga


Schimanski is located in the super cool Williamsburg neighborhood.

This famous nightclub offers, few days a week at 6:30pm, yoga classes called Deep House Yoga. It’s hosted literally in the middle of the club’s dance floor with a huge shinning disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Listening to deep house music, with Lululemon mats, drinking smoothies and coconut water is a taste of what to expect during this experience.

The class costs $20.

Location: 54 North 11th Street

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Venues and DeepBeats Yoga
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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