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How to have a Luxurious Trip to NYC on a Budget

Facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Today we will show you how to have a luxurious trip to NYC on a budget! Take a look and prepare your bags!!!

Facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Credit: Behind the Scenes NYC

New York City is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. The rent is expensive, a meal for two can be pricey, and you definitely count on taxis breaking the bank. But with that said, these high prices shouldn’t stop you from visiting NYC. So we will tell you how to enjoy NYC on a budget!

In fact, even though the city, both living and traveling in, can be expensive, it doesn’t mean that you need to sleep in sketchy motels or starve just to have a great time.

You can even enjoy luxury while exploring NYC on a budget. So, here’s how you can enjoy a luxurious trip in New York City while still remaining on a budget!

Stay in Manhattan

Preferably, you should stay somewhere like the Upper West Side when hunting for nice (and affordable) accommodation in New York City. But, it doesn’t need to end there, either.

Why stay in an Airbnb or even a hostel when you could indulge in a gorgeous hotel offering incredible service, such as The Lucerne?

Overall, Manhattan is an absolute must when visiting New York City, as it has some of the best hotels, views, and shops, but don’t forget about any of the accommodations, either!

On the other hand, open up to exploring and staying in other Boroughs like Brooklyn – which has been the hot spot in the last few years.

While Williamsburg is the hot spot, other neighborhoods like East Williamsburg, Greenpoint or even Cobble Hill, have great options. Plus, you’ll be more likely to explore the real New York, versus staying in Manhattan.


Eat Like a Local

One thing you want to SKIP OUT on is chains. Say “NO” to McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, BWW, and any other chain that you’re familiar with.

Why eat Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory when you can instead go to Junior’s and enjoy some magnificent cheesecake there?

While these smaller businesses may not scream out “fancy” like a Michelin Star restaurant does, in the end, you’re getting the local experience, and that alone is quite a luxury!

And, as you guys know, we are all about exploring local spots, so be sure to book dinners in restaurants like Frevo (entrance behind a painting inside a gallery in Greenwich Village), Sunday in Brooklyn (where are always take people for their first Brooklyn experience) or Milk & Roses (at the very tip of Greenpoint, only with locals).

Ah! And never think twice when entering a local coffee shop! They are all amazing and incredibly charming!

A local coffee shop in Brooklyn
Credit: Behind the Scenes NYC

Also, another great tip is, many of New York City’s best restaurants have special discounted prices on Mondays. It’s a slow day and you can actually have their main courses for only $15, like Osteria Morini (part of Altamarea Group)! Be sure to check out other restaurants and their Monday Specials!


Free show and event

As we said in the beginning, New York known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. But, it’s also a city that offers countless FREE experiences throughout the year.

It’s one of the best cities in the work for music lover, art lover and entertainment in general.

Most museums have a special day a week (or a special day a month) with discounted prices, “pay as you wish” or free tickets. From the famous MET – The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim to other extraordinary ones like The Rubin Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, you’ll be able to attend the best exhibitions maybe even for free!


There are Discounts for Everything

If you do enough research, you can absolutely count on finding discounts! Want to see a Broadway Musical while you’re in NYC?

Sure, it can happen! Tickets to Broadway musicals can be pricey, but a well-known but never old tip is to score discounted prices by visiting the TKTS discount booth in Times Square.

You may not be able to see a show you were dying to see, but regardless, you’re still going to be able to see a great show!

If you have credit card points, these can help you score experiences, too, whether it’s dining, shows, excursions in NYC, or even just transportation. For almost anything out there, you can expect to find discounts.


In the end, luxury has a different meaning for everyone. What may be luxurious to you may not be luxurious to someone else.

But, what matters most is just doing what you love and what you want to see in NYC while still saving some money. It’s possible, you can do it, and you can still count on having an incredible time during your stay…after all…it’s New York City!!! Enjoy NYC on a budget!

 Credit: Behind the Scenes NYC

How to Smoothen Your Move to New York

Man om a skateboard heading towards Washington Square Park - Behind the Scenes NYC

Moving to a new city is never easy, but moving to a big one can be even more challenging. So, check out how to smoothen your move to New York City if that’s your next destination!

Man om a skateboard heading towards Washington Square Park - Behind the Scenes NYC

Planning to move to New York? You’re not alone. As the greatest city on the planet, New York will always attract dreamers, workers, and just about everyone else.

Yet while the Big Apple’s popularity does help to give it that irresistible charm, it does make things a little more difficult for those who want to make it their home.

It’s harder to fashion the life you want when there are so many people who want the same thing.

But don’t despair. Moving to New York is still very much possible. If you’re moving soon, then take the following tips onboard.

Gather Information

There are some cities where you can just turn up, and figure things out later.

New York is definitely not one of those cities.

It’ll pay to spend some time (or maybe even a lot of time) gathering as much information as you can. The big one will be the cost of living.

You might earn a good salary in your current city, but unless you’re coming from San Francisco, you’ll likely find your income goes nowhere near as far in New York.

It’s also worthwhile reading up on the downsides of living in the city. Some people get an idea of New York from visiting the city, but actually living there is a different experience.

It’s also recommended to read up on the different boroughs and neighborhoods, so you can begin to have an idea of where you might want to live.

Oh! Also gather information of your possible monthly expenses, so you won’t be taken by surprise at the end of the month!


Consider Downsizing

Unless you’re coming to New York with many millions of dollars in the bank, then you can be pretty sure that you’ll be living in a smaller property than where you currently live.

After all, it costs a lot of money to have space in New York! You may find it beneficial to use this as an opportunity to sell your unneeded belongings and downsize your life.

For the items that you do want to keep, leave the transportation of those goods to a company that offers a cross country moving service.

That way, you’ll be able to fly into one of the city’s airports, without having to drive all your goods yourself.

New York city apartments - Behind the Scenes NYC

Sell Your Car

 And talking of driving: it might be best to sell your vehicle before you move. This can be a good way to raise some extra capital for all those expenses you’ll acquire.

Most New Yorkers don’t have a car, and really, thanks to the city’s excellent public transportation system, you really don’t need one anyway.

The subway system connect practically every little part of New York to make an easy commute anywhere, even though you can find some smelly subway carts, rush hours can be intense and late night with homeless sleeping on the seats is (unfortunately) something common.

Having a car in New York City can be quite expensive, aside from the big chance of getting tickets. So, just use public transportation (or Ubers)!


Know It’ll Take Time to Settle In

New York is a big, often overwhelming city. You’re not going to make a circle of friends on your first day in the city, or perhaps even after several months of being in the city.

It’ll take time to settle in and to get used to New York’s energy.

For the first few months, just take the time to get to know your version of the city, and over time, you’ll find that it begins to feel like home.

One of the best tips on making new friends is signing up to your local gym or taking a cooking class. You’ll definitely find like-minded people and start creating your own group of friends.

New York is surely not for the shy and introverts. If you ARE shy and introverts, just try to find groups and sign up to classes. If you’re and extrovert, things can be a bit easier. But, regardless, the city is amazing, and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime living in NYC!

Credit: Courtesy of Budgeron Bach and David Iglesias

Discovering Hidden Gems: Things to Do in New York City

Ellis Island touristy attraction in New York city

Discovering Hidden Gems is what we love the most, so check out some cool things to do in New York City.

Ellis Island touristy attraction in New York city
An amazing shot of the US flag in a park on the Manhattan skyline background

Are you looking to discover some hidden gems in New York City? Today we will share with you some of our favorite things to do in NYC!

With the hustle and bustle of the city, it can be easy to overlook some incredible activities and attractions that are off-the-beaten-path.

In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to uncover these hidden places for locals and visitors alike – so that you don’t miss out on any of the amazing things New York City has to offer!

From delicious Italian eats in Little Italy to sampling craft beers at Yonkers Brewing Company, there are plenty of undiscovered adventures waiting for you.

Read on for our ultimate NYC guide!

Find the best things to do in New York City

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists Carroll Gardens June
June Wine Bar, in Carroll Gardens

Welcome to the city that never sleeps! New York City is truly a place like no other, with an endless array of things to see and do.

After exploring the well-known touristy spots, from the bright lights of Times Square, attending the best Broadway shows and witnessing some of the best musical and theatrical performances in the world….be sure to get tickets to the off-Broadway theaters like Cherry Lane, in the West Village, the longest continuously running Off-Broadway theater.

You should also start exploring to the quiet streets of Brooklyn where or the most amazing local vendors, hidden bars and local gems are.

Be sure to explore Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill with so many local stores, coffee shops and super hype wine bars like June, on 231 Court Street – loved by locals!

Also, after taking a stroll through Central Park (that I have to say that should AWAYS be explored, regardless of the tourists) or grabbing a bite to eat in one of the trendy neighborhoods like SoHo or the Upper West Side, why not head up to explore Harlem?

We love having lunch or dinner at Seasoned Vegan, one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC.

Dining Seasoned Vegan Harlem Raw Lasagna
Seasoned Vegan – Photo Credit: Kim-Julie Hansen

I’ve taken MOST the meat-eating friends there and they can’t get enough of all the delicious dishes – and always want to go back again. I promise it’s going to surprise you!

If you decide to extend the day a bit more…Harlem is known for some of the most famous and traditional Jazz spots. One of the hidden spots we love is Room 623 – Harlem’s Speakeasy Jazz Club.

Or head down to spots in Manhattan love by locals and jazz lovers like Smalls, Blue Note and the hidden like spot: Zinc!

And don’t forget to explore the incredible street art and live music scene that thrives in this bustling city. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there is always something new to discover in New York City.


Attend unique events

Show at Irving Plaza in New York City

Looking for something out of the ordinary to do this weekend? Why not attend a unique event and discover some hidden gems?

Jazz clubs are the perfect place to unwind and explore some new sounds, while also enjoying a night on the town (like we just mentioned above).

Or, if Halloween is your jam, check out the annual Halloween parade in Greenwich Village, but after head to Blood Manor: New York’s Premier Haunted Attraction. You never know what kind of creative costumes or spooky surprises you’ll encounter along the way!

Exploring unique events can add a little excitement to your routine and give you the opportunity to discover something new.

So go ahead, grab some friends, and try something different this weekend. Be sure to check out venues like the Irving Plaza, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art for some interesting and offbeat events they host during the year (but you need to stay tuned to be sure to not to miss them).

For some Brooklyn spots, be sure to go to Bushwick. There you can explore places like The Keep NYC – a rustic vintage lounge with live music, psychic readings and burlesque performers; or Elsewhere – a huge venue featuring several spaces (including a roof terrace) with live music and DJ nights.

Plus, you’ll get the chance to explore some of New York City’s gems that are often overlooked.


Uncover interesting outdoor activities

Day Trips and Travels Macari Vineyards Fernanda Paronetto
Ou founder Fê, at Macari Vineyards located in the North Fork of Long Island. Photo Credit: Renata Meirelles

Looking for some fun outdoor activities to check off your bucket list this summer?

If you’re a first timer in NYC, be sure to get lost in New York City’s Central Park, walk the High Line path, and experience the Hudson River Park.

But, after checking off these touristy spots, be sure to head to attractions like Domino Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn or the underrated The Met Cloisters in Inwood (at the very tip of Manhattan). They are a branch of the Metropolitan, showcasing medieval art in a French monastery overlooking the Hudson – the sunset is priceless!

And, of course, head upstate! The Hudson Valley is super exciting and full of incredible outdoor experiences. If you enjoy hiking, canoeing, biking, or just finding a remote spot with no visitors for a delicious picnic, plan your trip.

On the other hand, if you prefer the beach or enjoying a wine tasting, Long Island can be the perfect destination – from the secret Sag Harbor town to Macari Vineyards and , they have it all!

With so many exciting options, your summer adventure in NYC is sure to be unforgettable!

Sample amazing cuisine

Dining Frevo Restaurant Entrance Gallery
Frevo – 1 star Michelin restaurant hidden behind a painting in a gallery in the West Village.

If you’re a foodie, there’s no better place to be than in New York City! From classic American dishes like pizza and hot dogs, to mouthwatering international cuisine, the city has it all. You could spend a lifetime exploring all the amazing food spots in the Big Apple and still never try everything.

And with so many talented chefs creating unique twists on traditional dishes, you’re sure to find something new and exciting every time you venture out to eat. So why not embark on a culinary adventure and sample some of the best cuisine New York has to offer? Your taste buds will thank you!

We recommend restaurants like: Roberta’s Pizza in East Williamsburg, the traditional Nathan’s hotdog, the Mediterranean restaurant Lighthouse BK.

We also love Chinese Tuxedo in Chinatown and Frevo – a 1 star Michelin restaurant with a hidden entrance behind a painting in a tiny art gallery in the West Village!

New York with never let you down!


Visit iconic sites and landmarks

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital Tour

Now, these following spots are definitely NOT hidden gems, but just true New York Gems! They are all must-visit spots.

Exploring the iconic sites and landmarks of a new city can be an exhilarating experience.

When visiting New York City, taking a tour of the Statue of Liberty should be at the top of your list. This iconic landmark represents freedom, hope, and opportunity, making it the perfect symbol of what America stands for.

But, a true unique experience, stop at Ellis Island. They have a secret tour called Behind The Scenes Tour Of The Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital. There, you’ll visit an abandoned hospital, walk into what was once an autopsy room, visit a former contagious disease ward and access spots not opened to the general public! How cool is that!?

Alternatively, for a closer look at the Brooklyn Bridge, take a stroll across this piece of engineering history. As one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, it stands as a testament to human innovation and vision.

Regardless of which landmark you choose, both will leave you in awe of the immense greatness that can be achieved when humans work towards a common goal.

New York City offers a truly unique experience unlike any other. From Broadway shows to local street art and music, the city is filled with interesting things to do and see.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy like jet skiing in the Hudson River or exploring Central Park. And, a wealth of delicious cuisine to try.

Don’t forget to check out some of the unique events! Continue following us to get stay tuned with the best off-the-beat-path spots, events and brands!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the venues, Kim-Julie Hansen, Renata Meirelles and wirestock on Freepik

The Ultimate TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide to The Big Apple

Studio Set - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Today, we bring to you the ultimate TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide to the Big Apple! So, come take a look and start planning your visit!

With New York being such an iconic city, it has drawn the attention of filmmakers and tv show creators from all across the globe. So, today we will share with you an awesome TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide with all the details for you to visit these spots!

With its tall buildings and diverse culture, having New York as the setting for a TV show is a dream.

There are dozens of locations and sets you can visit where you can recreate the scenes of your favorite shows.

Studio Set - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Firstly, Why Not Participate In TV Yourself?

If you want to live out your dream as a ‘Friends’ character or become a lawyer like in ‘Suits’, you can totally move to New York and get involved in TV production.

There’s a misconception that New York is very competitive to live in, but there are loads of condos available in New York City to choose from.

Be careful who you shop with though because certain companies like Zillow and Trulia earn money from selling your contact information – so always read the T&Cs!

By using a reputable company like Exprealty, you can find a property right for you – which could be next to a location used on your favorite TV show!

If you live in the Big Apple, you could apply to be on a TV show because studios are always looking for actors and extras to play characters.

Or, you can simply travel around the city and discover all the cool locations used in shows over the years.

So, let’s check out the TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide:

Gossip Girl

Gossip girl was a drama popular among teens that ran from 2007-2012, revolving around the lives of privileged students living on the Upper East Side.

Scandals, gossip, and heartbreaks unfold throughout the show, which is filmed in numerous locations including famous landmarks, restaurants, hotels, and shops. Here are some of the places you can go to recreate some iconic scenes.

The Empire State Building

If you head on up to the top of the Empire State Building, you can enjoy taking in the sights and reminiscing about that Chuck and Blair scene.

After a turbulent relationship, Chuck tells Blair that he’ll be waiting at the top of the Empire State Building. He waits there with a bouquet of pink flowers, and Blair doesn’t show up because something happens.

She visits later and finds the flowers there, but Chuck is nowhere to be found. This is probably a must for when you’re traveling around New York, so don’t miss out.

Dine At Veselka

After being mentioned so many times throughout the series, we finally see Dan Humphrey visit the Ukrainian restaurant of Veselka.

Offering some great breakfast options (all day!), you can certainly eat your fill at this place whenever you find yourself slightly peckish.

Grab A Cocktail At Campbell’s Apartment

This bar, now known as the Campbell, featured in the premier episode of Gossip Girl, where we see Serena van der Woodsen scandalously get it on with her best friend’s boyfriend, Nate.

Only go if you’re feeling pretty fancy though because it’s quite an expensive place!

Wonder Around Brooklyn

One of the main characters, Dan, lived in Brooklyn, so it is featured on most episodes of the show.

Try roaming around Washington Street, where the Humphreys lived, because you can get a great view of Brooklyn Bridge and spot some notable locations used in the show.

Manhattan's skyline seen from Dumbo in Brooklyn - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Sit On The Met Museum Steps

Many scenes saw a large part of the cast gather here to talk and hang out.

Some confrontations and arguments went down here – there are plenty of famous scenes to pick from if you want to recreate any moments from the show.

How I Met Your Mother

This long-running sitcom follows a group of friends living their life in New York. Falling in love, heartbreak, wild-goose chases, and drunken nights all take place in various places around New York, but most notably, a bar.

McGee’s Bar

McGee’s bar was the inspiration for the bar Maclaren’s, which features on every episode of the show and is almost a character in itself!

The bar hosts How I Met Your Mother trivia nights every Tuesday so be sure to check this out if you’re a fan and features cocktails inspired by the show, such as ‘The Naked Man’.

Eat The Best Burger In New York

One episode follows Marshall’s hunt for the best burger in NYC.

Sample the same goods at Corner Bistro, Paul’s Da Burger Joint, and ‘21’ Club. Perhaps you could recreate Marshall’s iconic speech about how “it’s more than just a burger”.

Ride “The Drunk Train”

Copy Ted and Barney as they rode the last train back from Long Island which is known as “the drunk train” because most of the people are traveling back from a night out.

The 2:39 am train back a night at the Joshua Tree can be an entertaining and fun ride back, to say the least.

Sex and The City

From 1998 – 2004, this rom-com sees Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte navigate the complexity of relationships, sex, and friendships in the Big Apple. New York undeniably aided in the show’s success and you can find many of the locations when you’re traveling around the city.

Carrie’s Apartment

The location used for the residence of Carrie Bradshaw is 64/66 Perry Lane in the West Village. The real-life owners of these addresses are not a fan of people coming to crowd their door so try to stay respectful as you go to admire it.

Catch A Game At Yankee Stadium

If you find yourself in the middle of a messy break-up (or not) as Cassie did in season 1, then go and watch a baseball game at the Yankee stadium. Aim number 1: catch a ball. Aim number 2: find a new sexy Yankees Player to date.

Baseball game at Yankee Stadium - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Go Shopping

If you love shopping as much as Carrie does in the series, then you can browse many of the same shops as her.

Unfortunately, Barneys, a shop that she peered into occasionally, has closed down. Barneys had a special window display in honor of the show but was bought over in 2019.

You can still shop at places she did like Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.

Late-Night Shows

Many late-night shows are recorded in New York. Many of these have been running for decades and are a staple part of TV for many Americans. If you can, try and become an audience member, but if not you can visit the venues.

  • Saturday Night Live – 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 48th St
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers – 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 49th St
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – 1697 Broadway
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 49th St


Following a fraudulent aspiring lawyer who never attended law school. Suits was a successful show that ran from 2012 – 2019.

Although the show is set in New York, a lot of filming took place in Toronto too, but there are some memorable scenes that were filmed in New York.

One such example is Del Posto where ‘Darvey’ (the formidable duo of Harvey and Donna), goes to an Italian restaurant every year to celebrate the anniversary that Donna started working for Harvey.

Although Del Posto closed during the pandemic, it has reopened under a new name Al Coro, which you can still eat at.


Friends are arguably the TV show that most people will be familiar with. Airing from 1994 – 2004, Friends quite literally follows a group of friends.

This show was filmed primarily in a studio built set in Los Angeles but it is set in New York, so you can find some locations that were used around the city.

The Apartment Building

The external shots you see of the apartment building in Friends are located on 90 Bedford Street at the corner of Grove Street – you should be able to find it easily from all the tourists that will be posing outside it.

The building is thought to have been built in the 1890s, although it wasn’t made famous until the show first aired in 1994.

American Museum of Natural History

The place where Ross works, and the location of Ross and Rachel’s first date, is the fictional museum of New York Museum of Prehistoric History which was filmed at the American Museum of Natural History.

This museum makes a great stop on your travels around New York, even if you’ve never watched the show.

Watch a Rangers Game At Madison Square Gardens

As the boys did in episode 4 of the first season (where the Rangers were playing the Penguins), you can catch a hockey game at Madison Square Gardens.

This is known as ‘the world’s most famous arena’ and can hold over 20,000 people. If you don’t fancy watching a game, there are arena tours you can book as well.

Rangers game at Madison Square Garden - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This show has aired from 2017 – the present, but its upcoming fifth season is apparently its last.

This period drama is set in the 1950s and follows Mrs. Maisel (Midge) who finds out her husband is having an affair, which causes her to start up a career in comedy.

See A Concert At Carnegie Hall

The finale of season 4 features the incredible Carnegie Hall, which still holds events to this day.

The episode sees Lenny Bruce (based on the real-life stand-up comic) take to the stage, who is also Midge’s mentor and romantic interest. The venue is in Midtown Manhattan and was built in 1891.

Since then, it has become the aspirational goal for many performers around the world – particularly those in music. Seeing an orchestra here is a must if you have the chance – it can be truly breathtaking.

Visit Coney Island

Coney Island is featured at the beginning of season 4 where the Maisels and the Weissmans have a memorable argument.

The location is a fun one to visit where you can spot the areas where different scenes were filmed, but also enjoy the carnival rides that are there.

See the sights from Deno’s Wonder Wheel, eat a famous hot dog, and seek some thrills on the rollercoasters – there’s something you’ll enjoy here, even if it’s simply appreciating the historic aesthetic.

People walking the beach at Coney Island - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Listen To Jazz At The Village Vanguard

This sensational venue has been running for decades and has always lived up to its name. Big names like Miles Davis, Horace Silver, and Thelonious Monk have performed here.

As well as jazz, it’s also been used for various other acts, which is why this venue featured as a stand-up venue in the show.

Sesame Street

For over 50 years, Sesame Street has been filmed in a studio in Queens. You can book a set tour to pose with all the well-known backgrounds used in the show.

There’s also a street sign that was put up in 2019 after the street was renamed. The sign can be viewed on the Upper West Side, near the Sesame Workshop headquarters.

Sesame Street character in a suitcase - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Mad Men

Don Draper is a talented ad executive in the 1960s; Mad Men is a drama that ran from 2007-2015 and the locations used are for people who enjoy a good bar crawl.

  • Grand Central Oyster Bar – Don and Roger enjoy a lunch filled with booze and oysters before having to climb 20 flights of stairs to reach a meeting they were already late for.
  • PJ Clarke’s – this restaurant has been open since the 1880s and was seen often in the first season of Mad Men. Don’t forget to play ‘the Twist’ on the jukebox as they did in the show.
  • Sardi’s – admire the caricatures on the walls and enjoy the continental food served where Don bumped into an ex-girlfriend, Rachel.

All in all, there are so many locations to visit you wouldn’t be able to do it all in one trip so why not consider moving there to give yourself the chance to see them all and even be in a show yourself?

From Gossip Girl to Mad Men – there’s bound to be a show you like that’s been filmed in the Big Apple so you can live out your favorite character’s fictional life!

Oh, if you enjoyed this TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide to NYC, be sure to check out this other awesome list of Movies that were shot in NYC to explore other locations as well!

Secrets Of The Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Secrets Of The Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour Details

The Brooklyn Bridge is certainly one of New York’s timeless attractions. Opened to the public on May of 1883, it became one of the world’s most famous – and gorgeous – bridges! Come experience the “Secrets Of The Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour”!


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Secrets Of The Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour Details

The Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour will share with you some of the most amazing stories and secrets of this amazing landmark.

Beyond the Brooklyn Bridge’s stately exterior lies an epic origin story. Now, over 130 years old, the granite and limestone structure has dazzled both tourists and residents alike.

On this newest tour author, playwright and tour guide, Justin Rivers, will not only unpack the history behind the Brooklyn Bridge, but also explore its many hidden secrets. And there are countless!

For a brief teaser, take a look at the story and secrets behind this massive landmark.

This unique walking tour will give you a whole new appreciation for one of New York’s most iconic landmarks. Plus, you’ll have a change of capturing some of the most Instagrammable pictures ever!



  • Explore the perimeter of the Manhattan and Brooklyn anchorages of the bridge;
  • Discover Brooklyn Bridge’s various secrets, including its old Cold War fall out shelter, the love locks, the Russian fur vaults, the bridge jumper survivor’s support group and so many others;
  • Cross the bridge span, which offers one of the best vantage points in New York City.

Price: $35 / person
What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes.
What to know: The tour is 2-hours. Please consult with the MTA for weekend subway schedules and routing changes. NOTE: While this tour will cover the history of the bank vaults and Cold War shelter, we will not be going inside.
Ticket Confirmation: After you book this experience, you will receive a confirmation email from our partner confirming you are attending the tour!


We’re normally pretty modest, but when it comes to our countless tours, we have to say that we offer some of the coolest, and most exclusive ones in New York City!

Besides the Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour, take a look at the Underground Art In The NYC Subway Tour for some pretty cool exploration underneath Manhattan!

If you’re into Food Tours, you’ll love the “Bushwick Graffiti, Bites & Drinks Photo Tour” that happens in the super hype Bushwick neighborhood, in Brooklyn.

Lastly, go on your own to the 5 Offbeat Museums in NYC you should visit.

For Corporate Groups, let our experts take care of it for you! If you’re looking for Private Tours, we can also help you out!

Photo Credit: Courtesy
*Last Update on Feb/2023.*

How To Ensure Your Novel New York Business Gains Legitimacy

How to ensure your novel New York business gains legitimacy? The City of Dream is the birth place of countless successful companies, so let’s start from the basics!

How To Ensure Your Novel New York Business Gains Legitimacy Behind the Scenes NYC

Starting a new business, especially in a competitive field, can be tough on the best of days. Now, imagine what it’s like to launch a New York business, where despite the incredible market on offer here and the amazing amount of opportunities you may have access to, you’ll see its utterly rife with competition.

Moreover, New Yorkers know what they like, and while they’re not afraid to try something new, it’s important to deliver quality because they’ll notice a bad deal from a mile away.

Giving your new company a sense of legitimacy is among the most important steps in its establishment. This is crucial for gaining the public’s trust and reputation as well as for luring clients, partners, and investors in the long run.

It can be hard to achieve that when you’re starting out, however.

As a new business, you need to prove yourself, after all. Here’s how to do that more easily:

Licenses & Permits Matter

Obtaining the necessary licences and permissions is one of the key steps in starting a legal business.

This can include a business licence, a tax identification number, and any licences or permissions required to work in your field or region.

This will not only assist you in adhering to local and state laws. But, it will also show your clients and business associates that you run a respectable and reputable operation.

It might also mean becoming accredited in a certain field, such as being approved by a manufacturer to install their proprietary construction materials.

This way, you can showcase your credentials online and pass those consumer expectations.


Websites Matter

Create a professional website, as it’s an essential tactic for lending your new company credibility. Your website should be simple to use, attractive, and search engine friendly.

It should also contain comprehensive details about your goods or services, a history of your business, and your contact information.

By having a professional website, you can position your company as a reliable and respectable entity worth using.

You can also plan for easy correspondence by using a business address located in the city via a virtual means, even if you’re just outside of that.


Ponder Your Branding Capably

Another essential stage in giving your new company credibility is building a good brand.

This includes selecting a suitable company name, creating a logo and visual identity, and ensuring that your marketing materials all have the same tone and message.

Your firm will be easier for people to recognize and remember if you have a strong brand that helps you stand out from the competition.

It can’t hurt to adopt imagery that your client base will know – like naming your firm after a historical event or location known to most New Yorkers, or perhaps celebrating your local community by how you structure your business.

For instance, New York accents in your radio advertisements can always work a treat. What people can relate to, they find easier to trust.

With this advice, we believe you’ll ensure your novel New York business gains legitimacy in the best possible sense.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pixabay

NYC’s Pest Kings – And How They’re Tackled

Rats NYCs Pest Kings Mert Guller Behind the Scenes NYC

It’s no surprise to talk NYC’s pest control and who are these little creature that terrify locals and visitors! Check it out!

Rats NYCs Pest Kings Mert Guller Behind the Scenes NYC

New York City is a huge and dense urban area. And, like all urban areas, it has some issues to tackle when it comes to pests.

Of course, New York City is no Portland, or, worse, Chicago, which leads the country when it comes to infestations, according to ABC7, but it’s always important to remember that it’s not just rats that come into the pest equation.

The good news is that common sense can prevail in tackling them and that hotel owners and city officials are taking a savvy approach to pest problems.

Plus, tourists can keep their eye out for certain factors to know they’re staying in pest-controlled lodgings.

So, who are these NYC’s pest Kings?! Check them out below:

The mighty cockroach

Cockroaches NYCs Pest Kings Picas Joe Behind the Scenes NYC

Rats are one of the most obvious and attention-drawing pests around – but in NYC, they’re not the most pervasive.

That title belongs to cockroaches, which are not necessarily a sign of uncleanliness – they’re simply part of the urban geography.

Indeed, these insects draw so much attention that a recent hearing at the nearby Albany City Court saw several hundred released, according to, in what was reputed to be a feat of social activism, designed to raise attention, but was decried by lawmakers as an over-the-top act.

Cockroaches are hard to remove entirely, as they are a naturally occurring insect. So, the onus is on property owners to ensure that they maintain a clean and well-sealed space to make their properties unattractive.

Foods such as peanut butter can be intoxicating to the insects, and proximity to restaurants and bars is asking for trouble.

In hotels and restaurants, top quality hygiene inspections and the proper annexing of rooms away from food preparation is a good start.

Bed bugs

Bed Bugs Pixabay NYCs Pest Kings Behind the Scenes NYC

Less easily identified but occasionally troublesome are bed bugs.

According to SI Live, NYC does rank highly for bed bug infestations owing mainly to the fact the city is so dense.

While bed bugs are commonly associated with homes in poverty, B&Bs and hostels are just as susceptible.

Bed bugs can have an immediate impact on health through bites, and in some unlucky victims, allergic reactions.

Hotels can clearly demonstrate their action against them through records of inspection. But, also through using light-colored linens – removing any ability to conceal the insects, and also deterring them – and through showing well-cleaned and maintained soft furnishings.

Out and about

Outside in nature you have the more existential but equally pressing issue of spotted lantern fly infestations.

As Time Out highlights, these insects look beautiful but can have a serious impact on local flora.

Locals are asked to kill them on sight and then report the sighting to the local park department of agriculture.

Something less pressing, perhaps, than the rats, bed bugs and cockroaches. But still, something to bear in mind when enjoying the experience of NYCs parks and other green areas.

Given its density and the huge number of resources traveling through it, NYC was always going to have problems with pests.

For tourists, it’s important to be aware of that risk and know what to look for.

The good news, though – the city and its businesses are taking plenty of steps to make it a safe place.

Secret Behind the Scenes Grand Central Terminal Tour

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Grand Central Terminal Secret Tour

Grand Central Terminal is one of New York City’s most amazing historical attractions. Even though it can be quite touristy, we always find a way to tweak it into a behind the scenes experience for you! Book your spot at our Secret Behind the Scenes Grand Central Terminal Tour!


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Grand Central Terminal Secret Tour

If you’ve never been to New York, or if you’ve been here countless times, the city can be quite overwhelming with things to do and places to go!

Even though we are always covering the best hidden spots, events and upcoming brands, there are quite a few historical places that will never negate! The city is overflowing with history and our efforts in keeping it live are tireless and endless!

One of the most magnificent and monumental attractions is our beloved Grand Central Terminal! We always get lost in thoughts and emotions when we walk through it.

We definitely experience a timeless affair with it!

The story behind this grandiose landmark is more than amusing, but let’s starts with saying it’s name correctly, ok?

People have the habit of calling it “Grand Central Station”. But, the correct name is “Grand Central Terminal”! Why? Because a terminal is where train lines “terminate”. It’s the start and ending point for trains, hence, it’s a Terminal, not a Station. So, let’s start saying the name right!


In the past, the Grand Central Terminal was seen as an embarrassment to the city of New York, and you can’t even imagine why!

This behind the scenes Grand Central Terminal tour will take you through the common areas. In addition, it will also give you so much rich, unpublished and private information of things people don’t quite notice while rushing by!

But wait, we want to tell you more! You’ll also finally be told where the 4 Whispering Arches are, if you haven’t found it yet.

Want something ultra top secret!? Ask about the M42, a secret sub-basement. Why it’s completely blocked by security and why its exact location is so closely guarded! The story is thrilling!

During the 2nd World War, even Hitler tried infiltration spies to gain access to destroy it, but was thankfully unsuccessful. It does not even show in the Terminal’s blueprints and maps, due to is secrecy.

So, expect not only to see many of the traditional spots – with secret information, but also experience some quite unique places within the building!


  • Peek into the entrance of the glass walkways;
  • Locate its lost armchairs;
  • Learn about Grand Central Terminal’s backwards ceiling;
  • See its hidden tennis courts;
  • Learn many more of its secrets!

Price: $39 / person
What to wear: Bring comfortable shoes.
What to know: The tour is 1.5 hours long; please consult with the MTA for weekend subway schedules and routing changes. Please note that due to enhanced security measures, Grand Central no longer allows access to places like the M-42 basement, FDR train car or glass walkways to non Metro-North or MTA employees.
Ticket Confirmation: After you book this experience, you will receive a confirmation email from our partner confirming you are attending the tour!


To organize a behind the scenes tour for your team or a special group of clients, contact our experts to learn more about our Corporate Tours & Experiences.

If you enjoy this type of tour, be sure to check what the Underground New York Subway Tour is all about! Plus, for the music lovers, explore these secret music gigs that happen around town!

Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC
*Last Update on Jun/2023.*

Underground New York Subway Tour

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Secret Underground New York Subway Tour Chambers Station

We are obsessed and love exploring New York’s underground subway system! It’s certainly thrilling and the stories behind it are incredible. So, come experience our “Underground New York Subway Tour”!


Located in the neighborhood of TriBeCa, Chamber’s Subway Station has an exciting story behind it. Actually, New York’s subway system is filled with secrets!

Let’s take a ride through the living history of the world’s largest rapid transit system (in area) by weaving in and out of the past and present transit hubs of lower Manhattan.

In addition, this unique tour is designed to give a comprehensive history of the NYC Subway system, from its groundbreaking in 1901 up through the creation of the three different proprietary lines which were unified into the system we know today.

Plus, we’ll uncover information and learn about spaces even the most seasoned commuter might not know about.

Moreover, this tour will stop in stations that are all open to the public.

Using the 6 train as our own ten-car time machine, we will ride through and see three abandoned ghost stations that 4, 5, and 6 riders unknowingly pass through everyday: Worth Street, 18th Street and the famed City Hall Station. We will not stop inside these stations.


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Secret Underground New York Subway Tour Chambers Station
Photo Credit: Michelle Young


  • City Hall Park as the birthplace of the subway system including the parts of the famed City Hall Station you can see right in the park;
  • The comically short route of the mythical “Subway before the Subway,” Alfred Ely Beach’s Pneumatic Transit System;
  • The architectural ghosts of the now nearly forgotten Chambers Street station which was originally a terminal built in 1915 to rival Grand Central;
  • We will ride through the very first 9 stations in the original 1904 system, armed with your own scavenger hunt checklist to find historical and architectural treasures in these stations.

Price: $39 / person
What to know:
 The tour is 2 hours long, requires 2 metro card swipes and is happening rain or shine! Please note the route might change slightly depending on the MTA schedule.
What to wear: Bring comfortable shoes, as the tour requires walking up and down stairs.
Ticket Confirmation: After you book this experience, you will receive a confirmation email from our partner confirming you are attending the tour!


Did you enjoy the Underground New York Subway Tour?

If you enjoy exploring New York’s subway system and loved the , take a look at these subway secrets behind it!

In addition, you might also enjoy our “Secret Behind The Scenes Grand Central Terminal Tour“. So, for Private Groups or Corporate Groups, let out experts customize your tour!

Videography: Renata Meirelles
Photo Credits: Renata Meirelles and courtesy of
Michelle Young
*Last Update on Jun/2023.*

5 Magical NYC Activities to Try This Winter

Swingers Gold NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC

Come explore 5 magical NYC activities to try this winter! So many unique spots to enjoy, so let us help you out!

There’s no shortage of exciting things to do in New York City. But, in this season of wind tunnels and freezing rain, locals and tourists alike have to get creative! So, come check out 5 magical NYC activities to try this winter!

Ice skating and holiday markets are all well and good, but what about some more original activities to try in NYC during the winter months?

To help keep up your spirits until the city starts to thaw, here are five magical NYC activities to try this winter.

#1 Go crazy golfing in a botanical palace

Swingers Gold NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Swingers

If you’ve never heard of crazy golf before, get ready to have your world rocked.

This new-to-NYC phenomenon combines all the best of mini golf, bougie bar hopping and delicious street food, with a setting fit for royalty – in this case, the underground palace of Swingers Crazy Golf in NoMad.

Here, you and friends can putt your way through three amazing crazy golf courses, challenging each other to get past their many riveting obstacles!

To help you keep warm, you’ll obviously get plenty of physical activity at Swingers, and you can have drinks delivered to you right there on the course. (The Chailand Iced Tea – an energizing combination of chai-infused vodka, lemonade and cinnamon syrup – is sure to leave you feeling toasty.)

With cocktails and golf clubs in hand, you’ll also have great props for posing with Swingers’ gorgeous botanical decorations! And once you’ve worked up an appetite, don’t forget to stop by the gourmet street food vendors for pescado tacos and pepperoni pinwheels.

If you’re after a deluxe NYC destination for food, drink and entertainment, Swingers does it all.

Location: 35 West 29th Street


#2 Curate tunes at a classic vinyl record bar

Tokyo Record Bar Restaurant NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Tokyo Record Bar

Karaoke is always a hoot, but for those who’ve heard a few too many off-key renditions of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, consider a much trendier option: an old-school vinyl record bar.

Our favourite in NYC would have to be Tokyo Record Bar, just a few minutes’ walk from Washington Square Park – and the ideal spot for a memorable night with friends (or to impress a date).

At TRB, you’ll be seated in an intimate, warmly lit space to choose from exciting drinks such as honeydew sake and buttermilk nigori. You can then proceed to the main menus, both culinary and musical.

On the former, you’ll find elegant dishes like hiramasa sashimi with burgundy truffle and caviar; for the latter, you and your guest(s) can select vinyl jukebox songs to be played as part of your dining experience.

Needless to say, a few hours at TRB can really reinvigorate a dreary winter evening… but make reservations now if you’re interested, because this 12-seat space fills up fast!

Location: 127 MacDougal Street


#3 Visit an enchanting French bookstore

Albertine Bookshop NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Albertine Bookshop

Bookstores aren’t such a rare sight in NYC, but bookstores like Albertine – located on the third floor of the Payne Whitney mansion on Fifth Avenue – contain a sliver of cultural magic.

This enchanting space has the largest collection of French language books in the country, with classic titles from 30 French-speaking countries, as well as plenty of English books and translations for those who don’t parlent français.

Visitors can enjoy this abundant, cross-cultural literature under a deep blue, astrology-inspired ceiling and golden hanging lamps. Without a doubt, Albertine is just the place to immerse yourself in another world on a cold winter’s afternoon (and maybe take a dreamy doze in one of their leather loveseats).

Alternatively, for those who don’t want to be tempted into buying any beautiful, expensive books, we’d recommend the Morgan Library and Museum: a glorious Beauty and the Beast-style collection situated two miles down the road, close to the Empire State Building.

Location: 972 5th Avenue


#4 Get your game on at an eccentric Brooklyn arcade

Sunshine Laundromat Speakeasy NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Sunshine Laundromat

Got some laundry to do? Looking to play a bit of pinball? Or just craving a beer after a long day? For any or all of the above, take a trip down to Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint.

This retro laundromat/arcade/bar feels very New York City: a quirky space that’s nonetheless quite functional and minimalist in design.

Indeed, some of the flashier arcade spaces in the city can feel a bit artificial. Sunshine Laundromat, on the other hand, is a truly authentic Brooklyn spot frequented by locals.

Pull up a stool and order a pint of locally brewed Greenpoint beer, or take a turn at one of the nostalgically themed pinball machines – Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park are just three iconic themes you’ll find here.

And if you happen to spill a drink on your jacket, simply pop it in the washing machine and pick it up on your way out! (Seriously, this is one amenity that every Brooklyn bar should offer.)

Location: 860 Manhattan Avenue


#5 Sip warming drinks at a secret speakeasy

Please Don't Tell Speakeasy NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Please Don’t Tell

Speaking of highly authentic and slightly hidden NYC spots, our last suggestion is a speakeasy in the East Village – a place so covert, it has a hidden entrance and is quite literally called “Please Don’t Tell.” (We’re only defying their request because it’s a genuinely cool spot that many more people should know about!)

Step through the phone booth in Crif’s Dogs (a local hot dog joint) to a low-lit, highbrow space of brick walls and polished surfaces. Here, you can order signature PDT cocktails and classic drinks alike – perhaps a regionally appropriate Cosmo or Manhattan.

And if you want to go all out to beat the winter blues, consider hiring out the entire venue for up to 30 people!

Take note, however, that of all these magical things to do in NYC, an evening at PDT is one of the hardest to come by; they’re often booked up until well after midnight.

So, if this one sounds like a wintertime winner to you, we’d suggest making reservations well in advance.

Location: 113 St. Marks Place

Photo Credit: Swingers, Please Don’t Tell, Sunshine Laundromat, Albertine Bookshop, Tokyo Record Bar, 


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