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Narcissus Garden Installation by Yayoi Kusama at Fort Tilden

Yayoi Kusama Narcissus Garden Fort Tilden Rockaways Credit Rachel Hoat

Yayoi Kusama is known worldwide for her impactful installations and art works! She now brings a fantastic work called Narcissus Garden to the Rockaways, at Fort Tilden, New York!

Yayoi Kusama Narcissus Garden Fort Tilden Rockaways Credit Rachel Hoat
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Hoat

I love everything Yayoi creates and her avant-garde spirit is truly inspiring!

Starting tomorrow, July 1st, the Rockaways will be bustling this summer with people coming to visit the famous Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama’s new installation.

Narcissus Garden has 1,500 silver stainless reflective spheres installed inside a former train garage.

This is part of MoMA’s PS1 series named “Rockaways”, a yearly arts festival with the goal of recovering the area after the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, back in 2012.

The installation will be live up through September 3rd!

Location: Studio 7 Gallery, Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreation Area, Far Rockaway, NY (Map below)

More about the installation:

MoMA PS1 presents Yayoi Kusama’s (Japan, b. 1929) site-specific installation of Narcissus Garden (1966–present) as the third iteration of Rockaway!, a free public art festival presented with Rockaway Artists Alliance, Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, National Park Service, and Bloomberg Philanthropies in the Gateway National Recreation Area at Fort Tilden.

Comprised of 1,500 mirrored stainless steel spheres, Narcissus Garden is on view in a former train garage that dates to the time when Fort Tilden was an active US military base.

The mirrored metal surfaces reflect the industrial surroundings of the now-abandoned building, drawing attention to Fort Tilden’s history as well as the devastating damage inflicted on many buildings in the area by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Narcissus Garden was first presented in 1966, when Kusama staged an unofficial installation and performance at the 33rd Venice Biennale.

The silver spheres, originally made from plastic, were installed on the lawn in front of the Italian Pavilion, reflecting the landscape of the exhibition grounds.

Kusama herself stood among them, barefoot and dressed in a gold kimono, alongside yard signs inscribed with the words “Narcissus Garden, Kusama” and “Your Narcissism for Sale.” Throughout the opening day of the exhibition, Kusama remained in the installation, tossing the spheres in the air and offering to sell them to visitors for 1,200 lire (approximately $2) each.

The action, which was viewed both as self-promotion and a critique on the commercialization of contemporary art, would later be seen as a pivotal moment in Kusama’s career as she transitioned from installation toward the radical, politically charged public performances that would be the focus of her work in the late 1960s in New York City.”

For more infos, see MoMA’s website!

You might also want to see a video about Yayoi’s life! She is know for having quick a journey with a few mental health issues. But, what keeps her alive is surely her beautiful work!

So, if you also adore everything that Yayoi Kusama creates, than this is a must-go exhibition, so don’t waste your time and plan your day trip to the Rockaways!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Hoat
Text Experts: MoMA’s website

Here Died Warhol: A Sensational Experience by Eugenio Merino

Culture Music Here Died Warhol by Eugenio Merino Installation

Visit Andy Warhol’s body in Chelsea! “Here Died Warhol” is a sensational experience created by the Spanish artist, Eugenio Merino. Be ready to see a life-size hyperrealistic sculpture of Warhol’s body in an immersive installation!

Culture Music Here Died Warhol by Eugenio Merino

Andy Warhol was one of the most well-known names when talking about pop art!

The American artist was also a renowned producer and director, and has a studio in NYC called The Factory. Want to know a cool fact? The 1st location of the studio, in Midtown Manhattan, costed him only $100 rent/year in the early 1960’s!

His works are shown worldwide and through July 9th, you’ll be able to see Here Died Warhol, at the Unix Gallery.

Most know him for his films and painting, but Warhol has another entire list of works that ranged from photography and audio, to theater, fashion and culture.

Starting April 26, it will be possible to visit Andy Warhol’s body in Chelsea, New York. Here Died Warhol is a sensational experience that takes the visitor around New York City.

It follows Andy Warhol’s footsteps from his artistic beginnings to the glamorous and iconic places he frequented. The late artist’s body will lie in state at UNIX Gallery, through June 9th, 2018.

Here Died Warhol is an immersive installation by Spanish artist Eugenio Merino featuring a life-size hyperrealistic sculpture of Andy Warhol accompanied by a black granite gravestone. There is a functioning souvenir shop (including T-shirts, postcards, mugs).

And, a self-guided tour map of Warhol’s essential haunts (like his first New York residence and The Factory) complete Eugenio Merino the installation.

The intimacy of Merino’s sculpture in the gallery punctuates the cultural tourist’s experience as they contemplate the art and popularity of Warhol’s legacy.

Curated by the Málaga-based collective Los Interventores, Here Died Warhol explores the curiosity and motivation of Adjectival Tourism. In this case, it is a paired fascination with Warhol’s explosive célébrité and an innate curiosity about death close-up (like visitors to the Paris Morgue in the late 1800s).

Resonating with tourists and gallery visitors alike, the exhibition gives a full understanding of the city and artist that helped shape each other.

The installation is a sharp critique of the mass tourism and the cultural industry of the city-brand.  It examines the clash between the rise of tourist attractions and the needs of the local population; where real is replaced by a false setting targeted at the visitor.

Here Died Warhol is the definitive opportunity to take a selfie with the artist. Plus, acquire those objects created to capitalize on the essence of the most famous Pop Art visionary; the sale of the artist ́s aura.

The hyperrealism of Merino’s sculpture highlights this conflict between the genuine and the fake within the tourist experience.

This frustration transforms the city into a commodified space intended primarily for leisure and consumerism.

Here Died Warhol follows on the success of Aquí Murió Picasso (Here Died Picasso), which in 2017 attracted more than 20,000 visitors to the Alliance Française in Málaga.

For the duration of the exhibition, it became a must-see tourist experience in the capital of La Costa del Sol.

About Eugenio Merino:

Born in 1975 in Spain, Eugenio Merino graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid. Merino had his first US museum show at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art (Houston) in October 2015.

In addition, the artist has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and has participated in a variety of art fairs. These includes: Volta NY, Volta Basel, ARCO (Madrid), Art Brussels, FIAC (Paris), Armory Show, Arte Fiera (Bologna), Art BO (Bogota), MACO (Mexico), Art Wynwood (Miami) and has exhibited in the MOCA Museum of Taipei and the B.P.S.22 in Charleroi (Belgium).

Date: Through June 9th, 2018
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Location: UNIX Gallery – 532 West 24th Street

For other private art tours or experiences for corporate groups, let our experts cater to you!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Unix Gallery

The Current 7 Best Art Exhibitions In New York

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Tarsila do Amaral MoMA

Come explore the current 7 best art exhibitions in New York, curated exclusively for Behind the Scenes NYC by the art expert, Gisela Gueiros!

Our friend, contributor and art expert, Gisela Gueiros, sent us a list of the current 7 best art exhibitions in New York!

Take a look below to see what you love best, or…just go explore them all!

Tarsila do Amaral – MoMA

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Tarsila do Amaral MoMA

“Tarsila is one of the most important figures for Latin American modern art history. The show at MoMA is her first in the US and features her work from the 20s and 30s. Pay special attention to the painting ‘Abaporu’, 1928.”

Tarsila was born in 1886, in São Paulo, Brazil. In her early 20’s she moved to Paris to study at the renowned art school, Académie Julian. During these years she has to opportunity with working with important names like Fernand Léger, a renowned French painter, sculptor, and filmmaker.

The exhibition is named “Tarsila do Amaral: Inventing Modern Art in Brazil” and…

“…focuses on her pivotal production from the 1920s, when she navigated the art worlds of both São Paulo and Paris, and charts her involvement with an increasingly international artistic community, as well as her critical role in the emergence of modernism in Brazil.”

The exhibition unites over 100 paintings, photographs, drawing, sketches and historical documents.

Tarsila painted “Abaporu” in 1928 for her husband and famous Brazilian poet, Oswald de Andrade. It’s explained that:

“This landmark painting inspired the Manifesto of Anthropophagy, and became the banner for a transformative artistic movement, which imagined a specifically Brazilian culture arising from the symbolic digestion—or artistic “cannibalism”—of outside influences.”

Live through: June 3rd, 2018

Location: 11 West 53rd Street

Gordon Matta-Clark – Bronx Museum

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Fordon Matta Clark Bronx Museum

“Totally worth the trip to the Bronx, ‘Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect’ examines the artist’s pioneering interventions in urban spaces. It features more than 100 works including rarely seen materials from his archive.”

This New York-born artist was born in 1943 and became well known for his site-specific art works in the 1970’s. He passed away at a very early age of pancreatic cancer, in 1978 (35-years old), but left a remarkable legacy.

Gordon went to Cornell University to study architecture, spent a year at Sorbonne in Paris, studying French literature and documented his work through videos and photography.

He’s best known for his unique series ‘building cuts’ (1972 – 1978), where he removed entire structures, carving them out and eventually naming these transformations “Anarchitecture”.

Live through: April 8th, 2018

Location: 1040 Grand Concourse

Dan Flavin – David Zwirner Gallery

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Dan Flavin David Zwirner

“From 1963 on, Flavin would only use fluorescent light to create installations – or “situations,” as he preferred to call them – of light and color until his passing in 1996. The show examines his production during the 60s.”

The exhibition is named “Dan Flavin: in daylight or cool white”. Flavin was born in 1933, in Jamaica, New York City.

His minimalistic aesthetics was recognized and celebrated throughout his career and his work with fluorescent lighting truly shaped it.

Live through: April 14th, 2018

Location: 537 West 20th Street

Ellsworth Kelly – Flag Art Foundation

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Ellsworth Kelley The Flag Art Foundation

“Curated by his widow, photographer Jack Shear, the exhibition focuses on Kelly’s works in black and white, including drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures made in the first and last decade of the artist’s career.”

Ellsworth Kelly was born in Newburgh, New York in the year of 1923.

He served during World War II and when he returned to the US, he concluded his studies at Boston Museum School, then headed to École des Beaux-Arts, in Paris.

Jack Shear is currently the President of the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation and continues his photography work, while living in Spencertown, New York.

Live from: February 23rd – May 19th, 2018

Location: 545 West 25th Street, 9th Floor

Zoe Leonard – Whitney Museum

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Zoe Leonard Survey Whitney Museum

“Opening soon, this show will be a must see! Zoe Leonard is one of the most remarkable artists of her generation. The exhibition looks across Leonard’s engagement with the history of photography, gender and sexuality, loss and mourning, migration, displacement, and the urban landscape.”

“Zoe Leonard: Survey is the first large-scale overview of the artist’s work in an American museum. The exhibition looks across Leonard’s career to highlight her engagement with a range of themes. More than it focuses on any particular subject, however, Leonard’s work slowly and reflectively calibrates vision and form.”

Leonard was born in Liberty, New York, in 1961. Her work primarily focuses on photography and sculptures.

She dropped out of school at an early age and moved to New York City to start shooting. It was the perfect place for her to shoot graffiti, apartment buildings, street, sidewalks and other details that captured her attention and her keen eye.

Leonard is known for her work as an activist in AIDS advocacy and Queer politics in New York.

Leonard’s Speech at the Highline, starts with “I want a dike for President…” Definitely worth reading!

Live from: March 2nd – June 10th, 2018

Location: 99 Gansevoort Street

Thomas Demand – Matthew Marks Gallery

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Thomas Demand Matthew Marks Gallery

“It is hard to believe that all that you see in Thomas Demand’s work are sculptures made of paper, he then photographs. Each Daily depicts an everyday scene originally captured by the artist on his cell phone re-created in paper and cardboard.”

“On a pair of separate video monitors suspended from the ceiling, two short films play on continuous loop. The films were created through a similar process, starting out as paper models before being photographed and animated in stop motion.”

In this upcoming exhibition, divided into two different rooms, you’ll be able to witness 7 new photographs and 2 new films, that Demand creatively presents as an installation.

Live through: April 7th, 2018

Location: 523 West 24th Street

Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud – Acquavella Galleries

Culture Music Art Exhibitions in NY Wayne Thiebaud Acquarella Galleries

“This beautiful show features twenty landscapes by California painters Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud who were also close friends. Themes explored include their use of vibrant color, painterly texture, sense of light, and aerial perspective.”

“Richard Diebenkorn & Wayne Thiebaud: California Landscapes”, is the first joint exhibition with these two artists, that we also pretty close friends.

“Themes explored in the show will include their use of vibrant color, painterly texture, sense of light, and aerial perspective.”

Diebenkorn was born in Portland, Oregon back in 1922, while Thiebaud was born in Meza, Arizona in 1920. Diebenkorn is well-known for his work of abstract expressionism and the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

Thiebaud, on the other hand, is associated primarily with Pop Art, but also New Realism and, as Diebenkorn, the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

This exhibition is a beautiful collaboration,  offering a hardcover catalogue with a critical essay by John Ya, a distinguished curator and art historian.

In addition, it also includes an interview between Museum Director Philippe de Montebello and artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Live through: March 16th, 2018

Location: 18 East 79th Street

So, if you enjoyed Gisela Gueiros’ 7 best art exhibitions in New York, she will be presenting her own curated show with opening night on March 8th!

It will happen at Bird Williamsburg, with art work from great names like: Alice Quaresma, Lisa Schilling, Polly Shindler, Talita Zaragoza, Bia Monteiro, Julia Brandão, Sandra Jávera, Cela Luz, Maíra Senise & Ana Bial.

More details to follow, so stay tuned!

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Collection MALBA, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. © Tarsila do Amaral Licenciamentos; Installation View, Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect, 2017. © 2017 Stefan Hagen; Dan Flavin; Ellsworth Kelly, Broad Street Studio, New York, 1956.© Onni Saari, courtesy Ellsworth Kelly Studio; Zoe Leonard – CC BY-SA 4.0; Matthew Marks Gallery – Thomas Demand; Wayne Thiebaud, Green River Lands, 1998, Collection of Matthew Bult Art, © Wayne Thiebaud, Licenced by VAGA, New York, NY and Gisela Gueiros.

A Documentary With A Purpose Called “Build Ramps Not Walls”

Culture Music Build Ramps Not Walls Documentary Miguel Angel Lopez by Rebecca Scotti

A new documentary called “Build Ramps Not Walls” is challenging, in a very positive way, the withstanding vow of building a wall between the US and Mexico! Read the interview with Brian Adamkiewicz, the amazing Director behind it!

Culture Music Build Ramps Not Walls Documentary Shooting in Mexico
Brian Adamkiewicz (first to the left), Director of the documentary Build Ramps Not Walls, and his team shooting in Mexico.

Build Ramps Not Walls is the title of a fantastic documentary we’ve recently learned about that was filmed in the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Due to premier in early 2018, the documentary portrays the connection between the Mexican and American skate community.

Using the same construction materials what would be used to build the wall between Mexico and the U.S., this group of extremely passionate skateboarders challenges the “vow” to build this wall that arose after the U.S.A. 2016 Presidential Elections.

So, a group of friends decided to give it a positive response by showing how building ramps with the help of people from different cultures, can bring communities together and have a long-term impact.

As they explain:

“In the process of this construction, we saw skaters from all walks of life come together, overcoming barriers of race, age, gender and economics, to achieve a common goal– the goal to create the most unique DIY park in all of Mexico where Mexicans, Americans, all nationalities can come together and skate.

With each day of construction, we saw that by building a ramp together, the community was not just pouring concrete. We were also promoting an ethic of hard work, encouraging youth leadership, sharing positive role models for local kids, and communicating across culture and language barriers with tolerance and the shared passion of skating.

By building this hard core DIY (Do It Yourself) ramp together, our community has opened opportunities for skaters in the region to improve their skills without having to move to the big city or cross the border. We have put our skate community on the map for potential sponsors. Most importantly, we have offered an alternative solution to how to respond to the divisive rhetoric coming down from politicians these days. We say Build Ramps that unite, Not Walls that divide.”

We talked to Brian Adamkiewicz, the Director of the movie, and learned more about what it’s all about.

1) We know that many people have a negative perspective of the skateboarding community. Why? What are the Truths and Myths behind it?

People have a negative perspective of skateboarding for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. The attitude of skateboarding from the beginning in the 1960’s was to rebel against society. And everyone thinks every skateboarder has this attitude.
  2. Young kids my sometimes harass, run away from, and sometimes assault security guards/cops. Giving skateboarders a punk image.
  3. The wood and metal within your skateboard unfortunately does destroy property.

Truth is not every skateboarder is going to curse you out if you ask him/her to leave. Skateboarders are humans too, and 9/10 times if you show respect you will get it back.

Skateboarding is an outcast sport. I believe in some way every skateboarder started because they felt like they didn’t fit in where they were.

To me, Skateboarding is not a sport, it doesn’t discriminate against your physique, it is a platform that people can express themselves with.

2) How would you describe the lifestyle and essence behind the true skaters out there, in relation to other sport modalities

It is good to have endurance, stamina, and be in shape like most sports, but with skateboarding there are no rules of regulation. You are allowed to use your creativity and skate any way you want even with a beer belly.

Culture Music Build Ramps Not Walls Documentary Brian Adamkiewicz
Brian Adamkiewicz, Director of the documentary Build Ramps Not Walls, skating in Mexico.

3) How did the idea of this project start? Was there something specific, besides the original controversy of the wall between Mexico and the US, that triggered this project to come to life?

The project started with Rebecca Scotti, the Executive Producer of the movie, that currently lives in Mexico. I’ve known her and her kid, Nathanial, for a several years.

This 6-year-old kid, turned out to be my little skateboard prodigy. He was curious if he was allowed to come back to New York after learning Trump had become president.

An innocent young skater boy, born in Mexico, was all of a sudden asking his mom if he can cross the border.

With such a difficult subject to explain to young boy, we decided to show him what we can build with the same materials, but unite people instead.

So, Rebecca had the idea, but needed help to unfold it and bring it to life. She contacted and invited me to direct and be part of the team So, during my road-trip across the US, I flew to Mexico for 10 days. In another couple of days, I was signing a contract to direct the movie for her.

I went back to New York, sorted some things out, and flew back to shoot for 3 full months.

4) How was the experience of being there and seeing this project unfold? How would you explain the opportunity of witnessing the development, growing relationship and bonding of this community?

The experience for me was life changing. I saw a community become one right before my eyes all because of the love of skateboarding.

At first, it was a bit challenging communicating with everybody, but towards the end my friends understood my “Spanglish” and I was becoming one step closer to being a fluent Spanish speaker.

After the three months in Mexico, I felt like I really got to know everyone and became part of their family/community.

5) What were the main skills that kids and others involved in building the ramp were able to improve or develop?

The main skills that the kids developed in this process was knowing what it takes to build something. So, when it is done, you can truly admire your work and respect it like it is yours.

Plus, they also learned about team work, being dedicated and committed to a project and a bigger cause. And still, they dealt with unexpected problems that arouse throughout the project. It was definitely life changing.

6) Does the project have a long-term mission of expanding to other locations?

Personally, I’d love to keep working with everyone to continue building ramps for kids and creating opportunities for communities to build and unite.

We have ideas of building in Ukraine, New Mexico, or Texas for our next project. In addition, we’d like to collaborate with other skateboarding movements, like the Gnarmads.

Our goals are to unite places that are divided and also build in States in the US that are close the “the wall”.

7) How has this project impacted the local community involved in it? After the ramp was finished, was there any unexpected outcome from this project?

People from 5 years to 45 years old helped build the ramps. Kids who never met each other before the film are now best friends who skate together.

We first added a ramp to the Shore Park in Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico. Following this first project, we added another ramp to the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Skatepark of Mexico.

In addition, the 3rd one was a first and completely new ramp in Havana, Cuba.

Two kids went back to school after dropping out, one kid is on a cross country tour with his new sponsors paying for the whole thing, ramps are continuing getting built, a girl in our film is hosting art shows around Mexico.

And, most importantly, people really believe in our movement way more than they did in the beginning and want to keep it alive.

8) So, what are the next steps? When can people expect to see the final project?

Post Production is in the final stages. We shall be entering the film into many festivals in the beginning of 2018.

The final project will hopefully be screening exclusively at a festival if we get accepted. And, after that we will have public screenings around the US & Mexico.

Thank you, Brian, for the great narrative about this fantastic journey of transforming a brilliant idea and bringing this project to life!

We certainly support the mission and believe in it changing the lives of so many more people.

Thank you!

Furthermore, keep posted for upcoming new about the release and public screenings!


Photo Credit: Miguel Ángel López V. Courtesy of Rebecca Scotti and Courtesy images.

Bluestockings Bookstore: A Collectively-Owned Radical Business

Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Gender Outlaw

We’re old School: we love (physical) books and inspiring face-to-face talks! That said, we adore Bluestockings bookstore, café and activist center, in the Lower East Side neighborhood.

Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Store Event
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Store Interior
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Gender Outlaw
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Laverne Cox
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Muhammad Ali
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Stickers
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Queer
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Revolution Starts at Home
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Feminist Activity Book
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Conflict is not Abuse
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Cat Lover
Culture Music Bluestockings Bookstore Notebooks
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The Lower East Side is one of the neighborhoods in Manhattan that we’re most fond of! It’s overflowing with amazing spots, creative minds, outstanding stories…and people creating a better world and future!

We have to agree that we do love this new digital world we are living in. After all, that’s how we were born! But, we are also pretty old school when it comes to book.

What we mean?

Well, we love reading actual books, highlighting the best parts and having the book rest on our nightstand. Nothing against Kindles and iBooks, but we enjoy the fun of owning a book.

Kathryn Welsh founded the place in 1999 when she was only. It was initially named Bluestockings Women’s Bookstore, but after a few ups and downs, Kathryn decided to start an MBA. She sold the business to Brooke Lehman. Brooke reorganized the space and made it a collective, managed by a group of 6 passionate individuals.

Today, they stand strong and explain in more depth what they do:

Bluestockings is a volunteer-powered and collectively-owned radical bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center. They are located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They carry over 6,000 titles on topics such as feminism, queer and gender studies, global capitalism, climate & environment, political theory, police and prisons, race and black studies, radical education, plus many more!

You can also find some good ‘ole smutty fiction, sci-fi, and poetry. They also also carry magazines, zines, journals, alternative menstrual products and other oddly hard-to-find good things.

Plus, they also host fantastic readings, workshops, performances, discussions and films almost every night. So, go take a look at their website to see their upcoming calendar!

We’re sure you will find some amazing events to attend!

Here are some of their upcoming events in April, that you might want to check out:

  • April 8th – Off the Binary: ‘Come and meet people who are just as confused as you are about public restrooms and getting dressed in the morning!’
  • April 9th – Ukulele for Social Change: ‘We will teach folks how to play songs from different historic cultural and social movements.’
  • April 14th – Reading from Soviet Daughter: A Graphic Revolution: ‘Soviet Daughter provides a window into the life of a rebellious, independent woman coming of age in the USSR. And, the impact of her story and spirit on her American great-granddaughter.’
  • April 16th – Feminist Discussion of Masculinity: ‘A safe space to discuss the gendered expectations placed on men and boys in a patriarchal society. And how these have affected, and continue to affect, all of us.’
  • April 18th – Queer & Trans Artists of Color, Volume 2 Launch Party: ‘A night of readings by queer and trans artists of color.’
  • April 20th – Women’s / Trans’ Poetry Jam & Open Mike: ‘Hosted by Vittoria Repetto—the hardest working guinea butch dyke poet on the Lower East Side.’
  • April 21st – Pimps Down Ho’s Up: A Night of Stories on Sex Work, Trafficking and the Divide Between: ‘Pimps Down Ho’s Up is a multi city venture addressing issues related to sex work, trafficking and notions of “choice.’
  • April 28th – “Those Crazy 20-somethings” Audio Documentar: ‘A 24-year-old radio producer sets out to find out how other 20-somethings are learning to become adults.’

Enjoy mingling with interesting minded people that actually have something important and relevant to share!

We’re huge fans and definitely recommend the visit!

Location: 172 Allen Street



Photo Credit and Text Excerpts: Courtesy of Bluestockings

Telling Human Stories with Super Human Circus: The 7 Fingers

Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions Act

The 7 Fingers is a contemporary circus collective founded in 2002 by 7 artistic directors with 7 unique visions, telling human stories with super human circus.

Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions 2 Actors
Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions Finalle
Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions Circus Act
Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions Act
Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions Dance
Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions Flyer
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Sounds intriguing, right?!

With over 500 alluring and extraordinary show a year, these outstanding minds are ‘fascinated by the human condition and create performances that speak about our world and our time’.

They are now in NYC, with a spectacle called: Cuisine & Confessions.

Here’s what it’s all about:

“As individuals, we are ourselves composed of ingredients, a unique recipe of blood memories. The Kitchen. Blood memories. A recipe passed through generations. A memory so deeply embedded in our conscious, it takes carefully concocted smells and tastes to bring it to the surface.

Storytelling through food… this is the sweet taste of my childhood, of a summer breeze through a screen door. Or the hot-chocolate-dampened lips of a first kiss. Life happens in the kitchen. Late night confessionals over tisane and a pot of Nutella. Elaborately choreographed family meals. Lessons learned, secrets exchanged, bonds forged, reinforced by our most visceral of senses.

Accompanying the usual eye-popping flight of acrobatic choreography and pulsating music are the other three senses — the touch of hands in batter, the smell of cookies baking, the taste of roasted oregano — leading us through a span of times and countries, all the while the iconic kitchen our common meeting point.”

On The 7 Fingers website lists you can see the countless shows, artistic collaborations and other special events.

We also recommend going to the House of Yes, in Bushwick. They have some pretty unique events and shows if you enjoyed the super human circus.

The Greenwich Village is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan and there’s just so much to do there. Here are a few of our top picks.

For shows with upcoming bands, you can check out The Bitter End. If you want to go for dinner, you can try Rockin’ Raw for the vegans and Buvette if you enjoy a cool French cuisine. Banter Bar is great for a light meal and coffee! And, to see and be seen, go for a drink at Bar Pitti.

Dates: 11 – 16 April, 2017

Location: NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts – 566 LaGuardia Place

See who these creatives are:

Culture Music 7 Fingers Cuisine and Confessions Team

Photo Credit and Text Excerpts: Courtesy of 7 Fingers

Your Next Go-To Music Spot: Brooklyn Steel in East Williamsburg

Culture Music Brooklyn Steel Entrance Box Office

We are so excited with this new music venue that opens tonight in Brooklyn! The Brooklyn Steel in East Williamsburg debuts tonight and is the newest venue, part of Bowery Presents’ amazing portfolio!

Culture Music Brooklyn Steel Entrance Box Office

For tonight, they hand picked, of course, a local band called LCD Soundsystem – and tickets sold out in a few minutes for all the nights they perform! Wow! What they play? They explain their music to have a ‘new romantic with an industrial edge’.

Tonight’s show is completely sold out, but don’t hesitate to check their website. There are other amazing upcoming events you can still attend!

When the founders of Bowery Presents, John Moore and Jim Glancy, found this former steel manufacturing factory, their excitement was evident.

After getting the approval to start construction, their baby was born, literally 9 months later – definitely a record for a space like this!

Their new home can host up to 1,800 lively, animated guests and is certainly a unique project.

From bars created out of repurposed steel, super high ceiling, very simple gorgeous rustic decor… to a movable stage and large gorgeous bathrooms (which is definitely a plus to support a place this size), they will certainly offer priceless experiences and will be the new paradise for NYC concertgoers.

If you want to be part of the local Brooklyn scene, this is certainly your next go-to spot!

More about them:

The Bowery Presents is the leading New York City-based independent concert promoter. Its business is built around great music and its mission is to bring the best bands to the NYC metropolitan area and the rest of the Northeast, while providing the best concert experience for both fans and artists at reasonable ticket prices. 
Bowery has established itself as a dynamic entertainment experience and is the ultimate music tastemaker. The Bowery has been on music’s cutting edge since its inception, and it produced more concerts in 2010 than any other organization in New York.

The Brooklyn Steel in East Williamsburg is definitely bringing a new life to our hood!

If you want to have an early dinner or if you’re hungry after the show, we’d recommend going to Concord Hill. It’s just a 8-10 minute walk from there. For drinks, try Beco or Night of Joy!

The area is fantastic, so we also recommend you exploring the neighbor neighborhood called Greenpoint. Another spot where the cool Brooklyn kids hang. We created a fantastic Guide of what to do there, plus a surprise at the end!

Location: 319 Frost Street


Photo Credit and Text Excerpts : Courtesy of Brooklyn Steel

Creative & Cultural Trendsetters Meet at the Northside Festival in Williamsburg

Culture Music Northside Festival Bedford Street

We love the Northside Festival in Williamsburg that happens every month of June! These guys really know how to curate an outstanding cultural and creative event.

Culture Music Northside Festival Bedford Street
Culture Music Northside Festival Williamsburg
Culture Music Northside Festival Kid Dancing
Culture Music Northside Festival Miguel Singer
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I think that by this point you all know how we love Brooklyn and all the super cool neighborhoods that are part of this Borough.

Williamsburg has changed tremendously in the past few years and is still in contant change. They are pioneers in bringing some of the coolest events in town related to music, art, food and new ideas!

The Northside Music Festival happens once a year, during the month of June, for 5 days. The event bring in some of the best, upcoming and established bands, great food, a beautiful crowd and a fantastic vibe!

Not only their line up is great, but you should plan on attending the Block Parties too. On June 10th and 11th, you’ll find beautiful installations, sculptures, are works and countless other activities.

More about them and their upcoming show with the R&B superstar Miguel:

For one week every June, over 100,000 creative and cultural trendsetters meet in Brooklyn to uncover the future of music, innovation and content.
With over 300 bands, 100 speakers and 100 content creators, attendees venture to Northside to say – I saw it here first.
We’re excited to present Miguel + special guests for Northside Festival on Saturday, June 10th at 5pm, in McCarren Park!
This is a benefit show for the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA), a nonprofit dedicated to building a stronger North Brooklyn by improving 45 parks and playgrounds and getting neighbors involved in their community parks.

We’re sure you will enjoy the Northside Festival in Williamsburg!

If you’d like to explore more of what Brooklyn is about, take a look at our unique experiences like the Bushwick Graffiti, Bites & Drinks Photo Tour, or contact our experts to help you (our your company), out.

Date: June 7th – 11th, but Miguel’s show is on the 10th!

Location: McCarren Park – Bedford Avenue and N12th

To purchase tickets, click here.



Photo and Text Credits: Northside Festival and Brooklyn Vegan

Record the Mantra OM to the World at the Rubin Museum in Chelsea

Culture Music Rubin Museum of Art OM Lab Booth

How about recording your own voice saying the powerful mantra OM and having it combined with thousands of other voices that will be showcased in a remarkable exhibition in June!? This is an outstanding exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art.

So cool, right? You can do that until May 8th!

This past week, I went to the Rubin Museum in Chelsea to check out the Om Lab that Michelle from City Wellness Collective told me about during a meeting.

They are having a several amazing exhibitions that we will soon post on our website, but this one we’d decided to share now!

The “OM Lab” is an installation located on the 6th Floor. If you study meditation or other practices and religions, you probably know that “OM” is referred to as: “The Universal Sound”.

As they explain it:

A Cosmic Vibration. ‘OM’ is believed to contain the power of all other mantras and the elemental sound of creation. Its three phonetic components (A-U-M) and ensuing silence cover the entire spectrum of the human vocal mechanism, from the throat to the lips. The mantra OM is considered the embodiment of the ultimate, omnipotent, and all-pervading essence of existence.

While I recorded my voice, the line shaking in the back (see video!) showed the vibration of my “OM”! Soooo cool!

All the voices recorded will be compiled into one single, universal voice. Then, they’ll be showcased at “The World Is Sound“, opening June 16, 2017.

After doing the recordings, you can walk around the floor to read the explanations about the power of this mantra. It goes back to the Big Bang and how it all correlates. It’s simply fantastic.

Run to the Rubin Museum in Chelsea to record your voice and be part of the unique project!

I’ve done my recording! Actually, 3 times already!

Location: 150 West 17th Street

Fê is our Founder & CEO! She’s Brazilian (Yup! Not a New Yorker!), but her indescribable passion and curiosity for NY makes her a New Yorker by heart. Fê worked in companies like Kimberly Clark, Quintessentially, Vogue Brazil and Iguatemi Group, and after 12 years of working for these fantastic companies, she decided to go solo and move to NYC!
She lives in Brooklyn since April of ’15 and has been tirelessly working on BTSNYC, working with huge companies on corporate projects, practicing her Arhatic Yoga meditations, finding time for gym and friends! Phiuf!

Dance ‘till the World Ends: Martha Graham, a Modern Dance Queen

Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Nycdanceproject

Our dear friend, contributor and famous Brazilian Singer, Aline Muniz, shares an amazing story and an event for those that like to dance, dance, dance! Get inspired by the Modern Dance Queen called Martha Graham.

Culture Music Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Danceinsoul
Photo Credit: Danceinsoul

If you enjoy Pop Music you probably know: Michael Jackson. If you like F1 Racing, you know: Michael Schumacher. And…if you like Modern Dance you need know another name that also starts with “M” and has revolutionized the craft of dancing.

She has made her mark in history, just like the two other “masters” I’ve mentioned above.

Her name is Martha Graham and, trust me, you really need to learn about her.

Born in 1894, in Allegheny, Pittsburgh, she became one of the most influential artists and choreographers of the 20th Century, and her work is a real beauty.

It doesn’t matter in what era we live in, it has been always of crucial importance for art mavens, like Martha, to make people access their feelings. Not only was Martha an expert in that, but she transformed modern dance, as well as disseminated it around the world.

Intensity, freedom, passion, anger…you can easily find it all in Graham’s movements and choreography. I guess that is the job of modern dance, right? To make the dancers and the audience focus on the core. The heart.

She urges us to refrain the shortness of breath and present the inner will to move freely using the breath in the same intensity and extension as a movement.

Contract and release”: two words that definitely rule her vocabulary.

Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Nycdanceproject
Photo Credit: Nycdanceproject

Since the launch of the “Martha Graham Dance Company” in 1926, they’ve been showcasing the best of the Contemporary Dance to world. From the classic masterworks to the new pieces from contemporary choreographers, the company brings to New York the “New York Season at The Joyce”, on February 14th – 26th and the “Graham Studio Series: Sacred/Profane Project”, on May 2nd and 3rd.

The Joyce theater will host it with the charm that only a specialized dance theater possesses.

In the heart of Chelsea, you’ll immerse yourself into the Modern Dance Queen’s World.

Culture Music Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham, the Joyce Theatre, by Grandlifehotels
Photo Credit: Grandlifehotels

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” ~ Martha Graham


New York Season at The Joyce
When: February 14th – 26th
Where: The Joyce NYC, 175 Eighth Avenue, Chelsea
Tickets: Starts at $10

Check Joyce Theater’s website for further information.


Graham Studio Series: Sacred/Profane Project
When: May 2nd and 3rd
Where: Martha Graham Studio Theater – 55 Bethune Street, 11th Floor
Tickets: Starts at $25

Website, for further information.

If you need assistance to organize a great cultural itinerary during your trip to NYC, or for your company gathering, contact our experts to help you out!

Culture Music Modern Dance Queen Martha Graham by Lois-Greenfield
Photo Credit: Lois-Greenfield


Photo Credits: Courtesy of danceinsoul, nycdanceproject, Lois-Greenfield and grandlifehotels

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