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Exploring The 5 Best Bars In Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Beer and Ale Fernanda Paronetto

Explore with our Founder, Fê Paronetto, the 5 best bars in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! She takes you on a short and sweet walk around this upcoming neighborhood, with bars you should go visit with your friends!

There are so many awesome neighborhoods spread throughout Brooklyn and it’s always a thrill to explore them!

Greenpoint is one of the neighborhoods that has been attracting everyone’s attention and eyes, from locals to our type of tourist – the curious ones that want to explore New York off-the-beaten-track.

The neighborhood is not big, making it pretty easy to explore it all on foot. You’ll find everything from independently owned stores and fantastic restaurants to pretty cool bars and delicious coffee shops!

And, since we know that everyone loves uncovering the best bars spread around town, so we decided to give a little hand!

Today we decided to share with you our selection of the 5 best bars in Greenpoint, so be sure to tell your friends and go check it out!

Ok, ok…we agree that there are countless other bar that are amazing! So, if you liked this video, we can maybe do another one with more spots, in the near future! Leave us a message below, if that’s a YES!

Northern Territory

Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Northern Territory

During the hot months, Northern Territory is the place to go.

Why? Well, it’s rooftop area has an amazing view of Manhattan’s skyline, drinks are great and it’s always attracts a pretty group of people.

Monday – Friday: 4pm – close
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – close

Location: 12 Franklin Street


Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Troost

One of Greenpoint’s hidden gems is called Troost. Besides having a full bar with great drink selection, great music that attracts a laid-back crowd, it also has a beautiful green garden in the back, perfect now that the weather is getting hotter!

Plus, do you like wine? The owners John Ortiz and Jaime Eldredge opened this place due to the lack of a good wine bar in the neighborhood.

Read more about them here.

Happy Hour: 4pm – 8pm
Daily: 4pm – Close
*Close between Midnight – 2am*

Location: 1011 Manhattan Avenue


Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Brokenland

Brokenland is pretty low-key and also has a great list of creative cocktails. Plus, it’s another bar with a great back garden!

In addition, if you enjoy a low key, laid back environment, you’ll love it here. As they explain, they are a hip bar with wood floors and tin ceilings!

Monday – Friday:  4pm – 4am
Saturday & Sunday: 2pm – 4am
Happy Hour: Monday – Friday: 4pm – 8pm

Backyard Hours (open year round):
Sunday – Thursday: Open until 11pm
Friday & Saturday: Open until 1am

Location: 105 Franklin Street


Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Ramona

As soon as you walk into Ramona, you’ll be in awe. The amazing full bar is definitely something to see! This family owned bar serves innovative original cocktails and re-imagined classics.

The house’s main barista, Jeremy, made us a delicious one named The Handsome Grandson. It’s basically gin, bay leaf syrup, pomegranate, basil, lime, topped with soda and goes for $13.

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 4am
Saturday & Sunday: 2pm – 4am

Location: 113 Franklin Street

Greenpoint Beer and Ale

Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Beer and Ale Fernanda Paronetto

Greenpoint Beer & Ale is our last stop! While exploring Greenpoint, it’s hard to miss this place.

You’ll see countless communal tables on the sidewalks, with beautiful people hanging out in this German-style brewpub. Be sure to come early to get your seat outside.

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday: 2pm – 2am
Saturday: 12pm – 2am
Sunday: 12pm – 12am

Location: 7 North 15th Street

For other great cocktail spots, you might want to check out a super cool interview we did with the hippest Brooklyn couple that know everything about cocktails! Rachel and Kyle Ford shared with us their 7 Best Cocktail Places In NY.

And last, if you enjoyed this post and you’re also the type of local, or tourist, that simply loves exploring New York off-the-beaten-path, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be part of our Founder’s adventure around NY!

Videography: Renata Meirelles
Photo CreditsRenata Meirelles and courtesy of the venues
Beauty: Leila Soldeira

The Standing Room: One Of The Best Stand-Up Comedy Spots In LIC

Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC

We all know that New York City is the home to some of the best stand-up comedy spots, but finding them is not necessarily easy.  The Standing Room in Long Island City – a.k.a. LIC, is one of our to-go spots for a fun night, with fantastic drinks and cool, low-key people.

Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC Entrance
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC Spirits
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC Cocktail Smoke
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC Cocktails
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC Drinks
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC StandUp Comedy Mic
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC StandUp Comedy
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC StandUp Comedy Performance
Nightlife Bars The Standing Room LIC Long Island View
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There are some very well-known venues, but the behind the scenes, secret ones are surely our preference, as you know!

The Standing Room is actually the “little sister” to The Stand Comedy Club in Gramercy – that has been named by the NY Magazine, the “Best Comedy Club”.

The Standing Room is an intimate speakeasy style cocktail bar that has definitely called our attention for numerous reasons. After going there once, for a night that we weren’t really sure what to expect, we became totally obsessed with the place.

As you enter a small door (we loved it already!), you’ll find an beautiful long wooden full bar. Lights are very dim, music is pretty good, sitting area is scarce with only a few stools around the bar, but it’s actually just perfect. The bartenders are all pretty stylish and very friendly folks that’ll help you out figuring out the best drink for you.

The house is known for offering Long Island City’s premier cocktail experience, and their signature cocktails are surely worth trying! The recipes were created by the award winning Mixologists, Joji Watanabe.

One of the cocktails we always order is the “Flower” made with dry gin, lavender, elderflower and cranberry. The best? It’s served inside a super cool lightbulb (picture on image gallery)!

We’ve also tried other cocktails like the “Smoke”, made with bourbon, ancho chile, cyan and house bitters. “Truffle” is quite interesting, mixing bison grass vodka, truffle honey, muscat and grapefruit.

The list is endless, so you’ll definitely have a great time trying them all! Prices range from $11 – $13, which is pretty good too!

They don’t really serve food, except for a few bites like:

  • Cheese Board – A selection of 3 cheeses sourced from beecher’s handmade cheeses
  • Charcuterie Board – A selection of 3 cheeses sourced from beecher’s handmade cheeses accompanied by a pairing 3 artisan cured meats
  • Beef / Pork Jerky – House cured sweet pork and beef jerky
  • Steamed Cheeburger – Served on egg challah roll with vermont sharp chedder

Now! Lets talk about the Comedy Nights! To start, it’s free!

So, what to expect from their comedians? Well, they are surely some of the best up and coming stand-up comedians in Queens, so it’s practically impossible to go wrong. Their line up is always fantastic and they usually have around 4 different performances at 2 different times – 8pm and 10pm.

Even if you decide to just hang around the see the 2nd performance, you’ll definitely see the beauty of how improve can change the course of their show.

We are sure you’ll have one of the best nights, so just grab your drink and enjoy!

If you want to take off a day to experience the neighborhood, you might want to see the 7 Best Places in LIC for Art Lovers.

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 9pm
Friday – Sunday: 5pm – 11pm

4738 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, Queens


Photo Credits: Courtesy of The Standing Room

Lua Bar: The Newest Hot Spot In Bushwick

Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Noodles Close Up

Brooklyn is a neighborhoods we love exploring. There are so many places opening that it’s literally hard to keep track. One of our newest favorite hot spots in Bushwick is called Lua Bar.

Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Tap
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Bar
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Behind the Counter
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Night Vibe
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Chef
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Yakitori
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Spicy Sesame Cold Noodle
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Spicy Boys
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Noodles
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Cauliflower
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Egg
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Noodles Close Up
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Full Table
Dining Lua Bar Brooklyn Chandeliers
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If you love behind the scenes spots to explore, then you’ll mostly certainly love Lua Bar!

After the success of the restaurants Beco and Suzume in Williamsburg, the founders of these hype spots decided to join forces and open this ramen party bar, in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Chef Manny Salazar is in charge of the kitchen and has done a fantastic job with the menu! It’s a very interesting mix of Japanese and Hawaiian dishes. As they say: “delicious, affordable, unfussy food”. Sound perfec, right?

Without a doubt, the place was an instant success attracting foodies & food connoisseurs not only from all over the city, but even from other cities. The news spread, they heard about the launch and added the spot to their “must-see” list, while in New York City.

What to expect? Drinks, beers, snacks and noodles! In addition, if you’re one of the night owls that just love being out till late hours, Lua is open every day up though 2am (except Sundays)!

Their menu is made up of small, but delicious and filling dishes. They have a friendly menu for the Vegetarian ones (like our founder), so don’t worry!

See some of the our top pick dishes below.

For Snacks:

  • Brussel Sprouts spicy peanut, lime, fish sauce vin
  • Spicy Boys! Apam corndogs, spicy sauce, party on a stick
  • Ovos Akuma deviled soy sauce egg, spicy garlic mayo, tobiko
  • Fried Fingerling Potato beurre blanc, garlic, lemongrass, thai basil

Sandos – Choose two to mix’n’match, so we chose:

  • Mexican Chorizo thai style slaw, garlic aoili, crispy shallots
  • Roasted Shiitake chili, hoisin, pickled cucumber, scallions


  • Lua Ramen soy sauce tare, pork belly, negi, burnt garlic oil
  • TanTan Ramen spicy veggie soup: eggplant, tomato, chili, peanuts

The food is great, as we mentioned, and the price is fantastic. Very affordable! Noodles go for only $10/each!

“Our pork is from hormone/antibiotic-free berkshire pigs from the Eden farms collective. Our chicken wings come from organic D’Artagnan chickens in NJ. We make the best food we can with the best stuff we can afford.” ~ Henrique Stangorlini, Founder of Beco and Lua Bar

For drinks, try everything from the famous Brazilian cachaça to rums, tequilas, beers and wines. Their full bar will certainly be able to fulfill any of the desires and cocktail cravings. Plus, the guys behind the bar are cocktail experts.

And lastly, the place has a chill atmosphere. Dim lights, great music, good space even when it gets pretty full and some private booths too.

The bar area is always our top pick to sit, but the small table right at the front of the restaurant with individual sofas, is the runner up. It’s certainly the most coveted spot of the entire place, so be sure to arrive early if you want to sit there.

Oh, it’s a cash-only restaurant, so be sure to have money on you! If you forget, they’ve got an ATM at the back!

Enjoy the newest hot stop in Bushwick, and we sure to also check out Beco and Suzume!

Tuesday – Saturday: 6pm – 2am
Sunday: 6pm – 12am

1006 Flushing Avenue, Bushwick


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lua Bar

Donna: A refined spot for the Dirty Kids in Brooklyn

Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Bar Seating Area

Located just south of the Williamsburg Bridge, Donna was founded in 2012 by Leif Huckman and designed by the brothers Evan and Oliver Haslegrave. As the owner themselves say, this is for the dirty kids in Brooklyn.

Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Bar
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Bar Seating Area
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Guests
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Salad
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Appetizers
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Food Drinks
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Red Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Small Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Fruits
Nightlife Bars Donna Brooklyn Cocktails Food Coffee
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Huckman described his dream to the Gothamist by saying:

“I felt there was a lack of late-night places on the Southside to grab a bite to eat and drink. I wanted to create a place for ‘dirty kids.’ I love places with a dilapidated elegance, that look like they’ve been lived in, that aren’t too pristine.”

By “dirty kids”, he meant that there are tons of cool people that enjoy really good stuff, but aren’t into dressing up that much. We definitely can relate! Plus, many of our reading love a cool spot, but this a laid back vibe.

The building chosen to house the place, dates back to 1850. Inside is definitely something! A domed ceiling, an ArtDeco bar that is gorgeous, reclaimed-pine floors, a unique lightning project, wooden tables and chairs! Ah…and the vintage mood. Love it!

The cuisine is Central American style where you’ll find fantastic tacos. Most of the menus on the item are gluten-free!

We recommend, for vegetarians, the Roasted Root Veg with beets, yams, carrots, guacamole, pico de gallo and cilantro. For the meat eaters, the Slow-Roasted Pork with salsa verde, pickled cabbage, pickled onion, cotija, chicharron and tajin.

They still have several small dishes to share, so you might want to order a few, to taste them all. We like the ceviche and the guacamole.

Don’t skip dessert! Their Churros with cinnamon, sugar and salted chipotle honey are worth every calorie. They also serve Van Leuween Ice Cream with vegan flavors. 

Their cocktail list is great with interesting options for all taste buds. They still have wine, beer, draft and other options, so you’ll find your perfect match.

As they say: “Donna is the mini-vacation you can take any day of the week.

It’s a great spot to host private events and even corporate gatherings. The place is relatively big, so don’t worry about “over-inviting” people. You’ll be fine!

There are other great spots around that you might be interested. Sunday in Brooklyn for one of the coolest weekend brunches. For a afternoon lunch, coffee or an exciting night out, go to Freehold. And last, if you’re a massive meat eater, Peter Luger Steakhouse is a place you might want to visit.

Sunday: 4pm – 12am (last call)
Monday – Thursday: 5pm–1am (last call)
Friday: 5pm – 3am (last call)
Saturday: 4pm – 3am (last call)

Location: 27 Broadway, South Williamsburg



Photo Credit: Alexander Thompson

A variety show with emerging artists to experience: First Time Out

Nightlife Bars First Time Out Sisters Bklyn Musicians

This is a post if you’re into singing or if you enjoy upcoming talents! We’ve written about Sisters Bklyn a while ago and we really enjoy everything that they do! First Time Out is a variety show with emerging artists and talents!

Nightlife Bars First Time Out Sisters Bklyn Musicians

Sisters Bklyn is not only known for their craft beer, cocktails, but also for nice wine.

Most important, they are well known throughout the cool artists/singer community. Why? They encourage these artists by hosting events where they perform and show their talent to the world.

What this event series, called First Time Out, all about?

“We’re going back to our roots with genuine first timers and first time performances (is that you?). This is one for the books so come give your love, meet new friends, and support budding artists.”

This great idea came to life a few years back in 2014. The idea was to help emerging actors, singers and talents in different industries that have never performed and shown their art to the world, to share it!

Today, with over 100 different performances, they recruit and organize events where these talents present themselves to curious crowds.

Also, the guests are some of the coolest and most cultural-oriented people out there. They appreciate different forms of art, they celebrate diversity and they are supporters by heart to these brave souls that put themselves out there.

Therefore, we do have to agree, they do have to be courageous to open up to a “strange” audience. Our Founder, , loves engaging with these artists. For one, she is a fantastic networker and can talk forever with you, but has opened up about her fear of public speaking.

Anyway, getting back on track, be sure to see their upcoming shows. This one, will be hosted at Pete’s Candy Store.

Tickets: $6.27 – $11.54

Location: Sisters – 900 Fulton Street | Pete’s Candy Store – 709 Lorimer Street

Nightlife Bars First Time Out Sisters Bklyn Guests

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sisters Bklyn

A new hotspot in New York City called Kola House

Nightlife Bars Kola House Signature Cocktail

The new hotspot in New York City is called Kola House! With American dishes and great artisanal cocktails they recently launched in the Meatpacking District.

Nightlife Bars Kola House Inside
Nightlife Bars Kola House Signature Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Kola House Orange Drink
Nightlife Bars Kola House Cocktails
Nightlife Bars Kola House Cheers Drinks
Nightlife Bars Kola House Seating Area
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We are always looking to find the best new hotspot in New York City to share with you guys! This one, we heard about, tried it, hosted a huge corporate group of a client we worked with and love it all. So, we do recommend the experience!

Kola House hosted a great party with a top A-list crowd for their launch. They brought in names like the power duo Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis. Paul Sevigny, Chloe’s brother, was also part of this incredible group of guests.

The place opened in partnership with Pepsi Co. Eric Marx and Lisle Richards of The Metric – a the super well-known and respected hospitality group behind the Gilded Lily, LeGrande, The Wayfarer and other strong names – are also part of this project.

The American cuisine is crafted by Chef Jon Feshan and the cocktail list curated by the renowned mixologist, Alex Ott.

The house also organizes great events related to Art, Fashion and Music. Plus, the are always in search of collaborations and working with emerging artists and musicians.

Take a look at their website to see what are the upcoming attractions and which one(s) you’d like to attend!

Stay tuned, since we are always searching for the next new hotspot in New York City!

For private events, they offer separate and private spaces, but you can also reserve tables for smaller parties.

Also, they are great for companies that want to host meeting, presentations and cocktail parties. We have personally organized a corporate event there for 90+ executives coming from overseas. After the 1 hour presentation we put together, they all were led to the bar area for drinks and appetizers. It was simply perfect!

Monday: 5:30pm – 10pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 5:30pm – 11pm
Thursday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 12am

Location: 408 West 15th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kola House

One of Greenpoint’s Treasures: Troost Bar

Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Appetizers

Troost Bar is one of Greenpoint’s treasures and we’re there, a lot. Yes…we love it! It’s one of these place you walk in and never expect to see what’s inside!

Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Whiskey Cheese
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Details
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Garden
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Outdoor Seating
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Decor
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Cheese Tasting
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Oysters
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Appetizers
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Large Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Night Time
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Vintage Pic
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Yes, we’ve said it a thousand time, and we repeat: We Love Greenpoint! The so many new places always opening that we are always UnCovering, the older, traditional spots are some of our favorites.

Troost Bar is one of them. They have a relatively small, but great place, with a beautiful outdoor garden. It’s completely full of plants and flowers everywhere you look.

At night they get pretty full with very good music, a great crowd, a full bar, coffee till 2am and a the relaxing outdoor area is obviously super coveted.

It’s an unpretentious, low-key place, with lots of charm where you’ll have great bites and drinks!

If you like wine, this is the place to go in Greenpoint. Why? Well, the owners John Ortiz and Jaime Eldredge opened this place due to the lack of a good wine bar in the neighborhood. And, they’ve done a great job!

They don’t have an extensive food list, but they do offer a few snacks, as they call it. You’ll be able to nibble on something, while drinking to help you hold your alcohol. They have, for example, a very nice cheese platter with a meat of choice, also sardines and mixed olives.

They have a no wifi and laptop policy, that we think it’s perfect! It makes people actually talk and enjoy the present moment with friends, right?

Take a look at their Music Calendar and plan your visit. Plus, you might want to consider a reservation for any upcoming celebration you might have.

Happy Hour: 4pm – 8pm
Daily: 4pm – Close
*Close = between Midnight – 2am*

Location: 1011 Manhattan Avenue

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Troost

The Brooklyn Barge: Greenpoint Gem with a Manhattan Skyline View

Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Sunset Manhattan

With one of the most astounding views of the Manhattan skyline, The Brooklyn Barge is one of our favorite to-go spots. The place is totally off-the-beaten-track, just like we love. Even getting there is an adventure making it one of Greenpoint’s gems.

Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Night Guests
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Sunset Manhattan
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Seating Area
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Table Area
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Draft
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Friends
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Hot Dog
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Mini Burgers
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Tacos
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Harmburgers
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Pickle
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Sunset
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Canoe
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Even getting there – at night – looks a bit sketchy since you need to walk through a long, dark alley, with huge warehouses on both sides with abandoned old cars. We even found an abandoned yellow cab that reminded us of the movie “The Bone Collector“. We love it!

The Brooklyn Barge is quite big, with huge communal wooden tables that accommodates big parties without a problem.

Drinks are served on a floating deck or barge. If you pay attention, you can slightly feel the rocking of the platform on the water. Don’t worry, you won’t feel sick…

This Greenpoint gem serves a few dishes like:

  • Tacos with different fillings (garlic shrimp/adobo chicken/chipotle pork/grilled fish/marinated skirt steak)
  • One the most amazing fries you will ever eat
  • Guacamole with pickled jalapeño
  • Grilled and chilled corn in a cup (yummy!)
  • Hotdogs
  • Harpooned shrimp
  • A few salad options
  • A couple sandwiches including a veggie burger for vegetarians (like us!)
  • And to finish in great style…churros for dessert!

During the Summer, they offer during the day super cool Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons. It happens from 10am – sunset. How stunning would it be to find yourself on a stand up paddle, while the sun is setting behind Manhattan!?

Sunsets there are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, so you can go there during the day. But, if you’re the type that can continue having fun for hours and hours…and hours, stay there to enjoy their nightlife! Certainly, a Greenpoint gem.

You might think also about celebrating your birthday there. Your friends will surely talk about it for weeks and weeks.

They are opened 7 days a week!

Greenpoint is amazing and you might want to explore other 30 fantastic spots, curated by us, of course! Plus, other spots like Troost!

Monday – Tuesday: 4pm – close
Wednesday – Sunday: 11am – 1am

Location: 3 Milton Street

Photo Credits: Courtesy of The Brooklyn Barge

Explore one of the top 10 Rooftops in NYC called Gallow Green

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Benches

We simply love rooftops in NYC during spring time. Even during the cruel summer, we’re always looking for the best spots. Gallow Green is a rooftop garden restaurant and bar located in The McKittrick Hotel, in Chelsea.

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Benches
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Sign
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Sunset
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Decoration
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Entrance
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Gallow Green is definitely a must-go, must-see in town! The view is great, the place is beautiful and the atmosphere has a nature-vibe to it.

When you arrive downstairs, just mention that you’re going up to the rooftop and they’ll let you in.

It’s definitely a different experience! With this hot spring-summer weather, the place makes everything refreshing with it’s countless plants and flowers. Surely makes everything more pleasant and also, gorgeous to the eyes.

The place was ranked as one of the top 10 rooftop bars & restaurants in New York City to visit! This is a pretty big thing, since the city has so many other rooftops.

The are currently offering every Saturday and Sunday a Rooftop Garden Brunch. There you’ll have great live music, special craft cocktails and sweet and savory open buffet.

Gallow Green also offers a dinner menu and a prix-fixe menu that are made with seasonal ingredients.

You can go online for reservations, which we do encourage. The place can get quite crowded and overflowing with beautiful people.

Are you searching for a place for a Private Event? This is definitely a great spot! We can give you a hand, if you need. It’s also great for corporate groups and nights.

Lastly, the hotel houses one of the most amazing long-running interactive theatre productions in the city, called Sleep No More. We wrote about them a while ago and we do recommend attending it! It’s pretty awesome!

We just love these rooftops in NYC.

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday: 5pm – 3am
Saturday: 11am – 3am
Sunday: 11am – 12am

Location: 542 West 27th Street



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gallow Green

Nuyorican Poetry Cafe: A true New Yorker Experience in the East Village

Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Façade

We recently went to the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe for a live poetry slam night and we were in complete “awe”! It’s definitely a true New Yorker experience you have to try.

Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Entrance Line
Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Show Time
Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Seating
Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Piano Performance
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The Nuyorican Poetry Cafe is located in the East Village, close to East Houston Street.

The entrance of the place has some pretty awesome graffiti work on the walls and you’ll notice only a very local crowd hanging out there.

It was amazing to see the upcoming poets performing for the first time and definitely amusing to see the veteran poets rockin’ on stage!

Some of these veterans are the top Poets in the Country! They do mix poetry with music, uniting a great creative community in a dim lighted, beautiful brick walled, kinda dirty-cool space.

The space was founded by Miguel Algarin back in 1973. At that time, the magic happened inside his own living room, also in the East Village. Obviously, the neighborhood was very different back then.

Society was also very different and segregation was definitely more intense. There is a great group that is part of the founding artists behind the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

These guys were fantastic musicians of color, poets and some were playwrights. Their work was very unique and groundbreaking, but back then, it wasn’t accepted in the entertainment industry, as well as in other industries.

A bit over two years later, the space became small to host the rising number of artists eager to be part of this community. They expanded into an Iren Bar that was called Sunshine Cafe, but that lasted only another few years.

The space got small, once again, and they finally purchased and moved into their current location in 1981. They were able to bring in all the artists, expand the programs and the various activities they offered.

“Our Latin Jazz Jams on Thursday nights fill the space with stellar tunes by celebrated musicians. Our Hip Hop events include open mics and competitions for poets, freestylers and emcees, as well as collaborations for storytellers and jazz musicians.”

This is one of the most unique spots in the East Village and we are sure you’ll have a fantastic and enlightening time there!

For their full list of events, take a look online.

Last, but surely not least, at the door, ask for our dear friend Raul! He’s definitely THE guy to talk to and one of the responsible for making this place so special!

He also runs a special charity program called Latinos NYC. Check them out, if you’re interested in doing some service and using your time to help communities in need. We are always working with them on their feeding programs!

Get ready to immerse into a true New Yorker experience!

See online hours for specific night and shows.

Location: 236 East 3rd Street



Text: Excerpts from their website
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nuyorican Poetry Cafe

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