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Alexandra: A West Village Bistro, Definitely Not Part Of The NYC Scene

Dining Alexandra Restaurant West Village

The other day we did has a pretty awesome brunch at Alexandra, a West Village bistro known for it’s happy service and music.

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We went to Alexandra restaurant, located in the West Village and bumped Eran, the owner. Eran was born in Israel and moved to NYC 14 years ago!

He decided to open a small West Village bistro with American cuisine, happy service and music. Besides, the restaurant, Eran works in the super cool NYC film industry.

Everything at Alexandra is very fresh sine they go to the market every other day! Plus, it’s all cooked “a la minute”, so they don’t prepare anything before hand. It’s the type of place where they certainly don’t try too hard and do get it right on point!

This is for sure our type of place, since it’s not part of the NYC Scene.

What to try? Everything! We were in a big group, so we were able to try several dishes.

Their Calamari is definitely the b-e-s-t we’ve ever had. It’s not fried! It’s pan-seared and the taste is heavenly.

The buttermilk fried chicken with amish farm cage free chicken, marscarpone mashed potatoes and asparagus was a big success. The Burger is a very simple tasty burger and worth it, if you’re into burgers.

The omelets, salads and desserts are all very good too!

Drink? Oh! Eran did this great Frozen Margarita that was perfect for this crazy hot and humid weather. The girls were into wine and couldn’t stop the “refill”.

Plus, They have live Jazz music every now and then, so call them to see when the next show will happen!

If you enjoy the neighborhood, you can visit a few spots we love!

Go grab a coffee at The Elk after lunch! Then, go shopping for beauty products at Cap Beauty and at Enfleurage, the best essencial oils store. Lastly, go for drinks at the coveted Wilfie & Nell.

Location: 455 Hudson Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Alexandra

Fernanda Feher: Art in a Bushwick Chocolate Factory

Events Up Coming Fernanda Feher Bushwick Chocolate Factory Luisa Possas

Are you an art lover? New York City is a city with countless amazing emerging artists, and we love sharing their inspiring stories! Fernanda Feher is putting a show inside a Bushwick chocolate factory.

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Besides their stories, we also go to their events not only to support, but because their work is definitely worth seeing live and learning about!

We’ve interviewed a while ago an amazing artist called Fernanda Feher. In no time, she became a really close friend and we became huge fans of her work!

Fernanda is hosting a 1 month exhibition of her latest work called “While you were Sleeping“. It’s a project curated by the one and only Janaina Tschape!

The opening reception will be on October 22nd. It will happen from 6pm – 9pm at the Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn! The place is the coolest Bushwick chocolate factory and everything there is delicious!

The exhibition will be on until November 22nd!

See you all there!

Location: 288 Seigel Street

Events Up Coming Fernanda Feher Bushwick Chocolate Factory Flyer

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fernanda Feher

Interview With The Best NYC Spots For Style City

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Style City Braszil

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, was interviewed by Style City, a Brazilian travel website. She shares the places she loves the most in New York City. So check out some of the best NYC spots!

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Style City BraszilOur founder, Fê, loves to share the story of her journey to New York City. But, she also loved participating in interviews that ask about the best NYC spots. There are so many more, but she had to pick only a hand full to share…

For this interview, Fê (like our Founder’s friends call her), talks about:

  • the best neighborhood to stay and explore
  • a spot for people watching
  • she describes a perfect day in NYC
  • where true New Yorkers go for dinner
  • where to go on cold nights
  • what you can’t forget to pack
  • …and much more!

So, here is an excerpt of the interview:

“BTSNYC is one of the most popular accounts in New York – and very interesting for tourists that want to get away from the traditional routes.

It was created by a group of friends that lives in New York City that had the desire to share the best things that we hardly ever found in common travel guides.

And, since this team really are experts on the subject ‘New York’, we reached out and talked with their creators to see what are the best upcoming spots to explore during this upcoming season!

Come and see…”

Furthermore, take a look at the full Interview! Note: Even though it’s in Portuguese, we highlighted the posts, so you can definitely jot them down to explore!!

Don’t miss out on these city tips!

In addition, if you want to see where the most renowned Influencers and hottest names in the planet go to in New York City, be sure to read the posts on Insider Interviews!

You’ll certainly be enlightened with new spots to explore!



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