Oh, New York (sigh…), with your vibrant real estate market and astronomical prices…! But don’t worry. Let us help you find true gems to buy or rent for reasonable and accessible prices.

BTSNYC Concierge Services Real Estate

Neighborhoods, for example in Brooklyn, have grown significantly and have become extremely attractive places, with great transportation services and great quality of life.

But, if you’re a city person, Manhattan has countless options too.

We can help your search for short and long term rentals, plus we offer real estate consultation sales services through our partners, if you’re interested in purchasing a property in the State of New York or a corporate space.

We can also provide security to visit your second home periodically.

And still, we are able to connect you with interior designers to help renovate or redecorate your current home, or work on a brand new project.

We offer services in English.

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