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The Hidden World Of Hudson Clearwater In The West Village

Dining Hudson Clearwater Bar

The hidden world of Hudson Clearwater, a mysterious and secluded dining experience is impossible to find, unless you know exactly where to look!

Dining Hudson Clearwater Bar
Dining Hudson Clearwater Outdoor Area
Dining Hudson Clearwater Cappuccino Cinnamon Buns Brunch
Dining Hudson Clearwater Burger
Dining Hudson Clearwater Biscuits Lox Poached Eggs
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And the good news? We do!!! HA! So you came to the right place for the most unique NYC spots!

As you walk down Hudson Street in the West Village, you might see a common restaurant façade that doesn’t say much. When you walk in, and head to the back of the restaurant, you’ll find with beautiful courtyard, nestled in the middle of Manhattan.

We all know how crazy about outdoor areas New Yorkers are, and even though, we’d love to keep this spot a secret, it’s our job to share it! Lucky you!

The food can be characterized as American Nouveau with Chef Wes Long and Chef Peter Phillips at the helms.

Therefore, do try the seared duck breast; the ricotta gnocchi with hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, herb romesco, charred leek vinaigrette, piave cheese; their lunch time sandwiches are a great option; and during the weekends, for brunch, we love the poached eggs & roasted tomatoes with crème fraîche and grilled country bread; and the hudson scrambled eggs with cheese, tomato, avocado, chives, mushrooms and grilled country bread.

Aren’t you already salivating, just reading about the dishes above? Well, we are, just by writing!

In the warmer months, tables are set up in the courtyard for al fresco dining and cocktailing, as we mentioned above.

Oh! You can make a reservation for the even-more-hidden private dining room downstairs. A perfect option for a private event.

Do you need help in organizing your private party? Take a look at our Concierge Services.

Wait! Are you a company, and need help in putting together a dinner for your team? Read about our Corporate Services!

We are sure you will enjoy exploring the hidden world of Hudson Clearwater!

Mondays: 7:30am – 12am
Tuesday – Thursday: 7:30am – 1am
Fridays: 7:30am – 2am
Saturdays: 9am – 2am
Sundays: 9am – 11pm

Location: 447 Hudson Street


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Hudson Clearwater, GrandLife Hotels, the-e-list, H.L., Smita S., Ryna D.

Concord Hill: Seasonal American Food And A Great Wine List

Dining Concord Hill Restaurant Façade

Quite a while ago we went explore Concord Hill with seasonal american food, located in East Williamsburg. We were amazed with what Kate – one of the owners – did with the place.

Dining Concord Hill Restaurant Façade
Dining Concord Hill Restaurant Friends Eating
Dining Concord Hill Chicken
Dining Concord Hill Restaurant Main Dish
Dining Concord Hill Restaurant Salad
Dining Concord Hill Restaurant Salad Details
Dining Concord Hill Restaurant Façade Dishes
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They opened in November 2014 and serve delicious seasonal American food!

To start, the place is extremely charming! When Kate told me that the restaurant was actually built by family and friends, I was stunned!

We mean, when you’re with a tight budget, there is nothing more gratifying and precious than having your family and friends get hand-on and help out, right?

Also, the décor has metal chairs, beautiful reclaimed wooden tables and the details are scattered mostly in white and blue color.

Kate talked to us and gave us a full explanation of how it all came to life:

My dad and my friends helped build the restaurant. We built the tables, the bar, redid the storefront, we made the wooden boards for our toast plates and our dutch door, all from reclaimed wood from our third partners house upstate.

In conclusion, it was an amazing experience for us to make everything and it was most certainly a labor of love. We set out to serve the kind of food that we want to eat when we go out: super fresh with high quality ingredients and an approachable wine list.

Essentially we wanted to please people in a creative manner through food.”

Well, we have to agree that they’ve achieved their goal! Everything we ate made us extremely pleased!

Plus, the avocado toast is instantly addictive . OMG, so good! You’ll definitely love the place!

Lastly, if you want a place to go for drinks later in the day, a few blocks from there is Beco – a place where the cool Brooklyn kids hang!

Hours: Every day from 11am – 11pm; serve $1 oysters & drink specials every day 4pm – 6pm!!!

Location: 374 Graham Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Concord Hill

Sunday in Brooklyn restaurant is where you’ll find the cool kids

Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Squash

Last Friday, I had an incredible dinner at Sunday in Brooklyn, a new restaurant that opened just around 1 month ago, in South Williamsburg. This is the place where the cool kids hang, so be sure to check it out!

I loved every single detail, from the house they’re in, the décor, the R&B style music with a fantastic playlist…to the drinks, the food, and certainly the dessert!

The space is beautiful, with a full bar, rustic wood decor, dim light (but not too dark…just perfect) and a great counter at the front, where you can see the preparation of the dishes.

The entire staff is very polite and happy…the original Brooklyn service style!

I was lucky enough to meet the owners of the restaurant, Todd Enany and Adam Landsman, that were mingled within the waiters and staff, serving every table and making sure everything was working seamlessly! Jaime Young, the Chef, was at full speed in the kitchen!

They told a bit about their story and how it all started.

Both of them worked in the restaurant business and had a great background on how the entire business works.

Back then, Sundays was their only “day off”, and they were tired of trying to find a place where you’d have a great cup of coffee, amazing cocktails, good food, beautiful crowd and a unique playlist…all in one!

Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Façade
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Founderd
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Rooftop Garden
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Bar Room
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Squash
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Buns
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Avocado Toast
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Pastrami Cod
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Breakfast Sandwich
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Pancakes
Dining Sunday in Brooklyn Restaurant Exterior
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This is what Adam told us about how it all started:

So, for my former job at Major Food Group, walking through the green markets were always good inspirations for food and trying to figure out what is was. One day I suddenly I hear someone calling my name and I turn around at it was Jaime. He was working at one of the farmer market stands helping out one of the farmers since he had just left his job.

He wanted to open a restaurant in Brooklyn that was very vegetable focused, that was something close to home and that was relatable, fun and accessible.

I thought it was all very crazy and serendipitous. I hadn’t seen him in years. We saw that our our values were the same, the sustainability practices and our relationship with farmers and foragers was so important. Right after that, he came to cook for us and just crushed it. This dish (FYI: the one I was eating – the honey nut squash), was the second dish he did, and it was created during a 5 minute conversation. We just couldn’t believe it. It was awesome!

Here is what we had:

  • Buckwheat sourdough with beet butter
  • Black cod pastrami, rye sour cream and garden pickles
  • Honey squash, cultured cheese, crushed nuts and seeds
  • Minute steak, spigarello and charred red onions
  • and an “off the menu special, made with cabbage, that was to die for

I was so amazed with the entire dinner experience that I decided to go back for their first brunch weekend…so, Sunday of that same week I went back!

And guess what?! Everything obviously exceeded my expectations.

This is what I had (sharing with a friend, of course, lol):

  • Carrot bread with ginger cheese
  • Grain bowl with barley, eggs, spices kale, mustard greens and avocado
  • Cheddar scrambled eggs with home fries and sausage
  • Special version of the avocado toast
  • Malted pancakes, hazelnut maple praline, brown butter
  • Black coffee

There were countless tables ordering their famous Bloody Mary, which is one of the best sellers, called Sunday Bloody Sunday! So, you should try it if you’re into cocktails!

Be sure you add them to your top places to visit when you come to New York and visit Williamsburg, in Brooklyn!

Maybe, you’ll even bump into me, since I just became their #1 fan!

If you feel like exploring the area, you can head up a few blocks to Greenpoint!

Breakfast: Monday – Friday: 8am – 11am

Monday – Friday: 11am – 3:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 3:30pm

Sunday – Thursday: 6pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 6pm – 11pm

Magnum Happy Hour: Weekdays 6pm – 7:30pm

Bar Is Open Late

Location: 348 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn


VideographyRenata Meirelles
Photo Credits
Renata Meirelles and courtesy of 
Gary Landsman and Bess Adler
: Leila Soldeira

Another Italian restaurant in Greenpoint: Milk and Roses

Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Garden

This restaurant in Greenpoint, located at the far tip of Brooklyn is one of our favorites. Milk & Roses offers a fine American cuisine with a Southern Italian influence, in a fantastic, low back environment.

Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Red Sofa
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Garden Flowers
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Menu
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Garden Guests
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Corner Table
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Poached Eggs Avocado Toast
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Toast
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Sweet Toast
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Fruits
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The restaurant is one of the delicious Italian cuisine spots in the Greenpoint and it certainly one of the neighborhood’s sweethearts.

Their decor is amazing and quite unique! Inside it looks like an old library, with a wall full of books and a beautiful grand piano.

At the back they have a gorgeous garden that will make you stay want to hang there for hours. It’s definitely perfect for a special night far away from the chaos of Manhattan. But note: The garden area gets obviously super busy, so be sure to arrive early or call for a reservation.

All the ingredients are carefully sourced and they make sure they come from the best suppliers on the market.

One of the dishes we always order there is the poached eggs with avocado toast! We’re always in search of the best one in NY, and their avocado does have a very tasty spice mixed in it, making it rank on the top of our list! It’s really fantastic!

If you enjoy cocktail drinks you will have a great time with their mixologists. They are pretty creative and the might just get you started on a great, long, Brooklyn-night! Plus, they offer boutique wines and craft beer too.

You can go there for brunch, lunch or dinner. If you just want to grab a drink, be sure to get a spot at their beautiful, rustic, library-décor bar!

Are you’re looking for a unique place to celebrate your birthday or even a small, intimate wedding?

This can be the right place for you! It’s surely very charming and we’re sure you’re going to love this restaurant in Greenpoint!

If you need help organizing your private event, let us know! We will certainly make it memorable!

Lastly, since you will already be in the neighborhood, why not take the day to explore it! Be sure to download our Self-Guided Tour to explore the best hidden secrets and spots in Greenpoint.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 12am (kitchen closes at 11pm)
Saturday: 10am – 1am  (kitchen closes at 12am)
Sunday: 10am – 11pm (kitchen closes at 10pm)

Location: 1110 Manhattan Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Milk & Roses

A new hotspot in New York City called Kola House

Nightlife Bars Kola House Signature Cocktail

The new hotspot in New York City is called Kola House! With American dishes and great artisanal cocktails they recently launched in the Meatpacking District.

Nightlife Bars Kola House Inside
Nightlife Bars Kola House Signature Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Kola House Orange Drink
Nightlife Bars Kola House Cocktails
Nightlife Bars Kola House Cheers Drinks
Nightlife Bars Kola House Seating Area
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We are always looking to find the best new hotspot in New York City to share with you guys! This one, we heard about, tried it, hosted a huge corporate group of a client we worked with and love it all. So, we do recommend the experience!

Kola House hosted a great party with a top A-list crowd for their launch. They brought in names like the power duo Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis. Paul Sevigny, Chloe’s brother, was also part of this incredible group of guests.

The place opened in partnership with Pepsi Co. Eric Marx and Lisle Richards of The Metric – a the super well-known and respected hospitality group behind the Gilded Lily, LeGrande, The Wayfarer and other strong names – are also part of this project.

The American cuisine is crafted by Chef Jon Feshan and the cocktail list curated by the renowned mixologist, Alex Ott.

The house also organizes great events related to Art, Fashion and Music. Plus, the are always in search of collaborations and working with emerging artists and musicians.

Take a look at their website to see what are the upcoming attractions and which one(s) you’d like to attend!

Stay tuned, since we are always searching for the next new hotspot in New York City!

For private events, they offer separate and private spaces, but you can also reserve tables for smaller parties.

Also, they are great for companies that want to host meeting, presentations and cocktail parties. We have personally organized a corporate event there for 90+ executives coming from overseas. After the 1 hour presentation we put together, they all were led to the bar area for drinks and appetizers. It was simply perfect!

Monday: 5:30pm – 10pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 5:30pm – 11pm
Thursday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 12am

Location: 408 West 15th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kola House

Alexandra: A West Village Bistro, Definitely Not Part Of The NYC Scene

Dining Alexandra Restaurant West Village

The other day we did has a pretty awesome brunch at Alexandra, a West Village bistro known for it’s happy service and music.

Dining Alexandra Restaurant West Village Outdoor
Dining Alexandra Restaurant West Village Bar
Dining Alexandra Restaurant West Village Sunset
Dining Alexandra Restaurant West Village Street
Dining Alexandra Restaurant West Village
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We went to Alexandra restaurant, located in the West Village and bumped Eran, the owner. Eran was born in Israel and moved to NYC 14 years ago!

He decided to open a small West Village bistro with American cuisine, happy service and music. Besides, the restaurant, Eran works in the super cool NYC film industry.

Everything at Alexandra is very fresh sine they go to the market every other day! Plus, it’s all cooked “a la minute”, so they don’t prepare anything before hand. It’s the type of place where they certainly don’t try too hard and do get it right on point!

This is for sure our type of place, since it’s not part of the NYC Scene.

What to try? Everything! We were in a big group, so we were able to try several dishes.

Their Calamari is definitely the b-e-s-t we’ve ever had. It’s not fried! It’s pan-seared and the taste is heavenly.

The buttermilk fried chicken with amish farm cage free chicken, marscarpone mashed potatoes and asparagus was a big success. The Burger is a very simple tasty burger and worth it, if you’re into burgers.

The omelets, salads and desserts are all very good too!

Drink? Oh! Eran did this great Frozen Margarita that was perfect for this crazy hot and humid weather. The girls were into wine and couldn’t stop the “refill”.

Plus, They have live Jazz music every now and then, so call them to see when the next show will happen!

If you enjoy the neighborhood, you can visit a few spots we love!

Go grab a coffee at The Elk after lunch! Then, go shopping for beauty products at Cap Beauty and at Enfleurage, the best essencial oils store. Lastly, go for drinks at the coveted Wilfie & Nell.

Location: 455 Hudson Street




Photo Credit: Courtesy of Alexandra

The Ship NYC: A Secret Soho Restaurant In A Basement

Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Counter

If you are walking through Lafayette Street, in SoHo, and see a little door saying The Ship NYC, do walk in and you’ll surely have a pleasant surprise! This secret Soho restaurant, in a basement, will take you on a journey!

Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Counter
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Corner Tables
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Inside Seating
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Sea Bass Ceviche
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Cocktail
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Cocktail Mixers
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Martini
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Restroom
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One of our Contributors, Lygia Santos, went to The Ship NYC the other night and tried their amazing drinks and delicious food. This Soho restaurant is a great option of a special night! Owned by Michael Auerbach, it’s definitely an experience worth having in NYC!

“As I walked into the bar founded in 2014, I was immediately approached by one of the owners, Cervantes Ramirez, that gave me a fantastic tour around the place. He is also the head bartender there and very well known in the New York bar scene.

The drinks were both very refreshing and perfect for the NY summer. I tried the sangria with gin, allspice dram, pinot noir, orange, lemon, served on cracked ice and a super traditional pina colada.

If you are not a huge fan of cocktail drinks, it’s ok! You can have one of their excellent draft beers or try their wine list. Oh! The “Bartender’s Choice” is always a good pick if you’re the adventurous type!

The kitchen, managed by Chef Lucas Cerqueira (Brazilian born), is simple, yet extremely tasty.

I started with a slow cooked octopus with celery root puree, horseradish and sunomono. Then I tried the citric ceviche served with red onion, fluke, cilantro and leech de tigre. They were both amazing.

But, if you don’t really enjoy seafood, they have other great options too!

You can order dishes like the chicken liver foie gras, charcuterie and a Korean style BBQ called kalbi sliders. They also offer small bites like the artichoke feta cheese spread and the homemade ricotta.

Robert Jamieson, the owner’s friend, is responsible for the unique and intriguing décor, that portrays the inside of a Ship. Very cool!”

They accept reservation only from Monday – Wednesday, with 24 hours advance. We do recommend!

If you have a sweet tooth, you can head for an additional dessert and coffee at a few places close by. We love Maman, the super famous and traditional Eileen’s Special Cheesecake (that as you can see is a blogger haven), and also Cha Cha Matcha, that has been a sensation since it’s launch!

We also recommend simply getting lost around SoHo! It’s the best way to discover new places!

Opening Hours: 
Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 6pm – 3am

Location: 158 Lafayette Street


*Cervantes Ramirez is no longer one of the owners at The Ship NYC.*


Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Ship NYC

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