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VR World NYC: A Virtual Reality Experience

Culture Music VR World NYC

As we wake up each day, Virtual Reality is becoming more and more parts of our daily lives, and obviously, our future! Come explore what VR World NYC is all about!

As we wake up each day, Virtual Reality, or VR as we most commonly say, is becoming more and more parts of our daily lives, and obviously, our future!

Today I’m sharing with you my experience at VR World NYC. They are the biggest virtual reality center on this side of the globe with 2 floors and over 50 games, films and experiences for you to try!

The video above shows you some of the ones I have the most fun with, but I do have to say, they are all quite entertaining. You can definitely spend several hours there, since there is just so much to see.

So, what is Virtual Reality?

In a very simples way, it’s an interactive technology that is computer generated and creates experiences that are not possible in the real world, using many of our senses.

And, in the middle of New York’s chaotic 34th Street, you’d never expect to find a place like this. It’s not only super amusing for kids and I’m sure all adults will love it too! I certainly had a great time!

Oh! It’s also a great spot to host a party! There are several cool spaces for groups from 20 and over 400! So be sure to contact them for more details. You can also contact us to help you out or even organize a corporate/team experience.

One of the highlights at VR World NYC: Moveo

You can me inside this one in the video! It’s the first 360º free-rotation VR simulator. You go through fully immersive 3D worlds, flying through space and you experience the gravitational pull of objects nearby.

Exclusive to VR World NYC, MOVEO is harnessing cutting edge technology to create a truly immersive experience.

The simulator is the first of its kind to use independent three axis rotation, connecting the human experience with a responsive audial, visual and physical environment.

I also really enjoyed the experiences on the 2nd floor, once specifically that I was rock climbing in Thailand. It was just SO real. My legs literally got numb by virtually climbing up a cliff and looking down!

It’s crazy how you literally feel everything as if you were actually there!

As I said above, it’s a great place for kids! But, if you’re coming to New York City with kids, but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea, take a look to see all the infinite reasons why NYC is great for kids!

More information:

  • All visitors are required to purchase tickets for entry
  • Payments by credit/debit cards only
  • No outside food, drinks or strollers
  • Children under 7 not permitted including infants
  • 14 years old and under require adult supervision

2 hour Pass: $39
All day Pass: $59
Moveo Pass: $25 

Hours: 7 days a week!
Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 9pm
Friday: 12pm – 10pm
Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Location: 8 East 34th Street


Videography & Photography: Renata Meirelles
Leila Soldeira
Camilla Adão

*Last Update on March/2020.*

15 Great Places To Visit In Astoria by Untapped New York

Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Sidewalk

Our friends at Untapped New York shared a list of 15 great places to visit in Astoria, Queens! What are you waiting for!?

Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Sidewalk











Just a few decades ago, the two major ethnic groups in Astoria were Greeks and Italians but today, it’s one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Queens. Certainly, the most diverse of the 5 New York City’s boroughs.

According to recent Census data people from nearly 100 countries live in Astoria. Nationalities range from Greeks, Italians and Mexicans to Ecuadorians, Moroccans and Egyptians–plus, everything in between.

Here are the 15 must-go-to spots in the neighborhood:

1. Architecture: Steinway Mansion
2. Architecture: Modern Art Foundry
3. Coffee Shop: Omonia Cafe
4. Endless Hookah Places: Hookah lounges along Steinway Street
5. Museum: Museum of the Moving Image
6. Museum: Noguchi Museum
7. Restaurant: Queens Comfort
8. Restaurant: El Basuero
9. Parks: Socrates Sculpture Park
10. Parks: Athens Park
11. Parks: Astoria Park
12. Historical Sites: Steinway & Sons Factory
13. Shopping: Ukulele at the Uke Hut
14. Cool Street: Steinway Street
15. Quirky Spot: Ingraham’s Mountain

Read more about each of spot on the full post by Untapped Cities!

Astoria can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been there, but it’s an amazing neighborhood. We have readers and clients that have been with us to private day tours and loved it all.

See how our Concierge Services and Corporate Services (for corporate groups) works!

Oh! Not sure where Astoria is located? We’ll help you out!

15 Must See Places in Astoria by Untapped Cities

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Peter Aaron/Esto and the Museum of Moving Image
Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Ready, Set, Action! Sunshine Cinema In The East Village

Culture & Music Sunshine Cinema

Built in 1898, the Sunshine Cinema in the East Village had a quite turbulent and interesting historical path, going back to its first tenant. Now, unfortunately it closed it doors for good back in 2018.

Culture & Music Sunshine Cinema
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Landmark Theaters


The building where once was the famous Sunshine Cinema in the East Village was the home of a Protestant Church in its very early days back in 1844.

It had quite a few “lives” after that. A meeting hall for immigrants arriving in New York was there for a while and, for a short time, it was a venue that featured boxing nights. It was also a Yiddish vaudeville house, a hardware warehouse for over 50 years, within a few other things! Phiuf!

One of its most famous businesses was the Houston Hippodrome motion picture theatre. Charles Steiner purchased the place and in 1909 opened its doors to the public. The place didn’t have the necessary safety requirements to house a theater, but Mr. Steiner purchased the place and in 1909 opened its doors to the public. The place didn’t have the necessary safety requirements to house a theater, but Mr. Steiner promptly worked in figuring everything out.

It was a place that neighbors and people from all over came to have a pleasant and entertaining movie night. Unfortunately, something unexpected happen in 1913 that changed its future.

During a movie screening, a small (yes, small) fire started in the projection booth and a child from the audience got scared, yelling “Fire!”.

Panic spread throughout the theatre. Spectators rushed to flee the space, while staff went unheard yelling that everything was fine. The tragic death of 2 women in the middle of the chaos, plus over 30 injured people was deadly to it’s’ reputation.

After a $7,000 renovation in the summer of 2013, Houston Hippodrome operated for another 4 years. In 1917 is was permanently closed down.

The building was demolished to put together the new home that was finally named Sunshine Cinema. It was much bigger, now accommodating 600 guests (versus the previous 299 capacity). It was a dear cinema in the East Village

In time, the novelty died out and in 1945 it transformed into a hardware warehouse, owned by the Goldman family.

And finally the Landmark Theatres brought back to life Sunshine Cinema. Doors opened in December 21st of 2001.

“Landmark has restored the theatre back to its artistic roots and now offers the art-house film lover five state-of-the-art screens dedicated to first-run independent and foreign film as well as non-traditional studio programming.

The Sunshine Cinema has exceptional presentation and amenities including stadium seating, Dolby Digital Surround EX sound and gourmet concessions. The theatre also offers attractions such as a Japanese rock garden and a viewing bridge that offers breathtaking city views from the third story spectacular glass annex.”

Be sure to see their schedule of independent films. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience, specially after learning about it’s history, right?

Enjoy your night out in this cinema in the East Village!

Lastly, if you want to enjoy and explore the neighborhood, you have go to the Jamaican-inspired, Miss Lily’s Café.  You might want to have dinner at Avant Garden, a fine dining Vegan restaurant. Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, Ray’s Candy Store is opened 24 hours and they serve the best fried Oreos!

For the night owls, you can see what’s going on at Piano’s. And for the culture crowd, Nuyorican Poet Café is our top local pick! Be sure to ask for Raul when going there, and mention Fernanda Paronetto, our Founder, to him!

Unfortunately, our friends at Untapped Cities posted an update about Sunshine Cinema and informed that it’s slated to demolition.

Read to see why they are closing down.

We are devastated to loose, yet another independent cinema in New York City.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Landmark Theaters
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

The New York Public Library in Numbers

Curiosities City Secrets NYPL New York Public Library Paulleclerc

One of the most amazing renowned building in NYC is the one that houses the New York Public Library (NYPL)! Now, let’s talk about the NYPL in numbers.

Curiosities City Secrets NYPL New York Public Library Paulleclerc
Curiosities City Secrets NYPL New York Public Library Massimiliano Cerra
Curiosities City Secrets NYPL New York Public Library by Bronx Banter Blog
Curiosities City Secrets NYPL New York Public Library Wikipedia
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The New York Public Library (NYPL) was founded in 1895. It’s located at Bryant Park and a few blocks from Grand Central Terminal.

“It is the nation’s largest public library system, featuring a unique combination of 88 neighborhood branches and four scholarly research centers, bringing together an extraordinary richness of resources”.

But, we didn’t come to day to talk about the library’s historical facts. We are here to put the New York Public Library in number, so you can see how amazing it is.

So, here it goes:

  • Has been an education center for over 100 years
  • Housed in the iconic 42nd Street library, and 5th Avenue
  • 125 miles of shelving
  • 530,000 cubic feet of white Vermont marble
  • Façade has marble 12 inches thick
  • Unique combination of 88 neighborhood branches
  • 92 Locations: The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island
  • 4 scholarly research centers
  • Has 3 other research centers
  • Serves more than 17 million patrons a year
  • Millions of other patrons are served online
  • Hold more than 51 million items that ranges from books, e-books, and DVDs to renowned research collections used by scholars from around the world
  • 125 miles of book stacks
  • Heaviest book weighs 61 pounds
  • The historical collections hold such treasures as Columbus’s 1493 letter announcing his discovery of the New World
  • More than 30,000 classic feature films, documentaries, and educational programs for free
  • More than 700,000 items in their award-winning Digital Collections
  • The Library’s new e-reader SimpleE app has more than 300,000 free e-books
  • 103,000 free programs annually, serving everyone from toddlers to teens to seniors
  • Educators can borrow as many as 100 books for 60 days, with no late fees
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley’s skull fragments are in room 319
  • 40,000 restaurant menus, the world’s largest collection, dates back to the 1850’s
  • Norbert Pearlrot visited the library almost every single day. For 52 years, he sat at the same table
  • For it’s 100th anniversary, it received a $1.2 billion renovation

If you want to read more details about the fact above, be sure to check out the NYPL’s website and an article from the New York Times, that also had some great secrets.

The NYPL is a place that you can visit countless times, since there is so much rich content to uncover!

Be sure to enjoy it as much as you can!

Location: 5th Avenue at 42nd Street


Text Excerpts: Facts compiled from the NYPL and NYTimes
Credits: Courtesy of Massimiliano Cerra, Paulleclerc, Bronx Banter Blog and Wikipedia
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Curiosities of Grand Central Terminal, A New York Landmark

Curiosities City Secrets Curiosities of Grand Central Terminal New York Landmark by Anu Mahendran

Grand Central Terminal is a New York landmark that we just can’t ignore. This is actually one of our favorite spots in the city and the secret stories behind this monumental place is incredible. Below are some curiosities you will enjoy!

Curiosities City Secrets Curiosities of Grand Central Terminal New York Landmark by Anu Mahendran
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Anu Mahendran

We have to confess: we are a little obsessed with the Grand Central Terminal and its story.  There is just so many behind the scenes secret stories to share…

Everything is thrilling, from all the secrets it holds, to the uncovered mysterious places in it, to the breathtaking architecture and the startling number of people that passed by it daily – 750,000!

That is to say, our friends at Untapped New York have put together a sensational post with 10 quick curiosities about the Grand Central Terminal. We decided to share it with you!

So, did you know that:

  1. You can play tennis in Grand Central;
  2. There is a top secret room that doesn’t even appear on maps or blueprints;
  3. A hidden brick is an effective, if unintentional, anti-smoking ad;
  4. Some of the iron eagles have gone missing;
  5. No one knows if the “whispering gallery” was built to whisper on purpose;
  6. Grand Central houses a hidden bar;
  7. The sculptor who designed the statue in front of the building was kind of a snob;
  8. Track 61 still serves as a means of clandestine transportation;
  9. Grand Central has the largest basement of any building in New York City;
  10. And last, the ceiling is backwards!

If you enjoy uncovering these types of spots when you travel, we offer a fantastic Secret Behind The Scenes Grand Central Terminal Tour that will blow your mind. You will have an experience that not everyone is able to have. Plus, we visit many of the spots that we mentioned on the list above!

Super cool, right?

Lastly, if you are looking for corporate concierge services and need help organizing a unique experience for your executives or clients, we are also able to assist you. For private tours & experiences, contact us.

Location: 89 East 42nd Street


Text Excerpts: Originally by Untapped New York
Photo Credit: Anu Mahendran from anoomaggie.blogspot.com
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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